What are the best podcasts on iTunes

The 30 best German-language podcasts at a glance

Rubric: sex
Duration: approx. 30 min.
Free Download / Stream: Spotify

Let's talk about sex! Couple and sex therapist Ann-Marlene Henning talks to Caro Burchardt about love and sex in times of the pandemic. The podcast series is about insights, questions and answers about partnership, living together, loneliness and sexuality. There are new episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

11. Canakian Wave

Category: Talk
Duration: 30 - 45 min.
Free download / stream: Canakian Wave

Marcel Aburakia and Malcolm Ohanwe are German journalists with Palestinian roots and speak in a clever, thought-out but at the same time funny way about topics such as origin, homeland and religion, but also about racism and the Middle East conflict. It will not be easy as a German to get an insight into everyday life and reality of minorities and immigrant children.

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12. Radio Nucular

Category:Nostalgia talk
Duration: 2- 6 hours (!)
Free Download / Stream: Radio Nukular

Between politics podcasts and serious interview formats, there is of course room for classic, simple entertainment. Max (Rockstah), Chris and Dominik focus on one basic theme: nostalgia. Film classics, video games and pop culture from the 80s and 90s are dealt with, but there are also regular themed episodes with personal anecdotes from those involved. True to the motto "against forgetting childhood" and above all with the knowledge that you shouldn't hide your own nerdism.

In the past few years, a small "nukuversum" has formed around this podcast, which deals with gaming news, film & TV releases or simply the art of cooking in various formats.

13. Gentlemen's place setting

Category: gossip
Duration: 10 - 60 min.
Free Download / Stream:Gentlemen's place setting

The two radio presenters Ariana Baborie and Laura Larsson got to know and appreciate each other on the radio and with their big mouths drove their colleagues to white heat. Over their men's table setting, the two philosophize about God and the world. If the constantly good-humored chatter is not too much in the long run, the appeal of this format may open up. After all, Herrengedeck is one of the most successful podcasts in Germany.

14. Faking Hitler

Category: History
Duration: 30 - 45 min.
Free Download / Stream:Faking Hitler

We have deliberately avoided podcasts in the narrative or radio play style in this list as far as possible. "Faking Hitler" - you can hardly find a more plausible name - falls a bit into this category, but still works in a very unique way. The podcast deals with one of the most important media scandals in Germany: the faked Hitler diaries from 1983. The story with all its facets has actually been told often enough. Here, however, you can hear the recorded conversations between forger Konrad Kujau and the betrayed Stern reporter Gerd Heidemann. The conversations not only tell a lot about the relationship between the two, but also show in small details how people work.

15. Talk-O-Mat

Category: Talk
Duration: 40 - 60 min.
Free download / stream: Talk-O-Mat

The implementation of this Spotify original may not always work 100%, but the basic idea is excellent. Two celebrities from different areas meet for a conversation - but do not know until the beginning who will ultimately be sitting in front of them. If you don't fully understand the charm of this idea, you should just listen to a Fynn Kliemann falling out of breath when Chilly Gonzales suddenly sits in front of him. Small bonus: the golden moment at the beginning of many episodes when the "Who are you?" Question has to be asked in shame.

16. The mismatched

Rubric: Talk
Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Free Download / Stream: Spotify

Matze Hielscher (from Hotel Matze) meets unorthodox people and gives them an hour to talk about their lives. This is more exciting than some thriller and broadens the horizon.

17. Klamroth Calling

Rubric: Talk
Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Free Download / Stream: Spotify

Actor Louis Klamroth speaks in his podcast "Klamroth Calling" with his guests about the consequences of Corona on our society. What does the corona crisis mean for the music scene? How can you dance despite Corona? And what is actually happening in Africa right now? These are the topics that currently take up far too little space in the major media because they are still concerned with counting the dead.

18. Realities

Rubric: Talk
Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Free Download / Stream: Spotify

The two rappers Gizem Adiyaman and Lucia Luciano talk to colleagues about topics that are often neglected in the scene and thus make their contribution to sensitizing the community to topics such as masculinity, body shaming or self-determined sexuality.

19. On a bag

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes
Free Download / Stream: On a bag

Hengameh Yaghoobifarah recently got into a shit storm with a failed gloss about police and rubbish in the taz and was almost sued by the German interior minister. In her podcast you get to know the young journalist from a different perspective and in conversation with prominent guests who bring a bag of odds and ends with them to each episode that is important to them.

20. Gossip

Category: Talk
Duration: 30 - 60 min.
Free Download / Stream:Gossip

Everyone has to decide for themselves what exactly one expects from a self-proclaimed "Society Podcast". It becomes a bit clearer when the subtitle "Nobody has to be a celebrity" comes into play. Elena Gruschka and square treadmill frontman Max Richard Leßmann take a close look at the (German) "celebrity" and celebrity landscape with their very own charm, and sometimes they themselves probably don't know exactly why. Just a reason why you should listen to this podcast: fun. Just don't take everything so seriously.

21. TIME: Crime

Category: Talk / crime
Duration: 40 - 60 min.
Free download / stream: Crime

True Crime the second? Not quite. "Crime" - big surprise - is about criminal cases, but mostly about contexts, backgrounds and developments. The story is not retold in audio book style, but the deputy editor-in-chief Sabine Rückert talks a lot with Andreas Sentker about her experiences as a crime journalist and the most important cases of her life.

22. Female adventurers

Category: documentation
Duration: 24 min.
Free Download / Stream:radioDoku

Names like Clärenore Stinnes, Eleonore Noll-Hasenclever and Isabelle Eberhardt mean nothing to you? They probably don't have to, but they should. As part of "radioDoku", Bayerischer Rundfunk tells of the lives and adventures of these women - whether it is a trip around the world by car or the 8-fold ascent of the Matterhorn. And whoever heard their way through the adventure will still get stuck in the radioDoku feed one way or another.

23. Friedemann & friends

Category: interview
Duration: 45 - 60 min.
Free Download / Stream:Friedemann & friends

Yes, there are plenty of discussion and interview podcasts and one can probably say that the Spotify original made use of the charm of "Hotel Matze". But none of this changes the fact that Friedemann Karig is simply very good at conversations and elicits a few details from his guests - including Kevin Kühnert and Schlecky Silberstein - that have probably never been heard before.

24. Crazy idea

Category: Talk / love
Duration: 60 - 180 min.
Free Download / Stream:crazy idea

The sex podcasts have fallen over the country like a plague and don't seem to want to say goodbye anytime soon. Anna Zimt and Paula have a charming approach to the subject areas "love, love & being sexy". If you want to know whether this podcast is for you, all you have to do is read the following titles - because the conversations are definitely entertaining.

25. Tupodcast

Tupoka Ogette from Leipzig is an anti-racism trainer and speaks in her podcast with black "sisters" about her experiences in "white" Germany. Anyone who wants to understand how racism and sexism is expressed in our country should simply listen to those who experience this every day.

26. Soccer MML

And what would a list of German podcasts be without a football podcast? After all, this topic - how could it be otherwise - was one of the first to attract a wider podcast fan base. Accordingly, there are now umpteen different approaches to the topic, but one of the highlights is definitely "Football MML". Because Micky Beisenherz, Maik Nöcker and Lucas Vogelsang are fans above all and therefore leave the aloof expert tone in the closet. The perfect football podcast for all those who can cope with the fact that it is more about the respective favorite clubs of those involved.

27. Baywatch Berlin

Does every TV nose really have to do a podcast? After Klaas Heufer-Umlauf put his Joko & Klaas show in the sand with fake stories, he now speaks to his fans every Saturday in the Baywatch Berlin podcast.

28. The broadcast with the mouse podcast

This mouse is simply indestructible. Every day 120 minutes of laughing and non-fiction stories about the mouse, the elephant. This not only pleases the hearts of the little ones, but also that of their parents.

29. Side by Side - The Literature Podcast

Since the end of the literary quartet, one no longer knows what to read today. In the podcast "Side by Side", two book dealers talk about the latest releases and give tips on what you should definitely read. The podcast is sponsored by the bookseller Hugendubel.

30. The call

Duration: 45 - 60 min.
Free Download / Stream:The calling

Many have never understood the fascination, others will probably cry over him and his show forever: Jürgen Domian. Johannes Sassenroth and Clemens Boekholt borrowed the simple and entertaining success concept for their podcast "The Call". You take a maximum of 60 minutes for a person and their story. Respect is always in the foreground, but the two are sometimes empathetic, sometimes provocative and ensure that the conversation remains entertaining. Especially when your own speaking share is getting smaller. "The Call" is for all those who regularly get lost in old Domian episodes on Youtube.

Is your favorite podcast missing?

Of course, we haven't heard every single podcast in Germany. So if we have forgotten one of the hidden pearls, just write us an email and tell us why your favorite should definitely not be missing from this list.

What are podcasts?

The word podcast is made up of “pod” from iPod and “cast” for “broadcast”. So it is a radio broadcast that is offered as a download and stream for mobile devices. In contrast to radio, podcasts are "on demand", that is, you can hear when you want and not at a given time.

Sometime around 2004 the term first appeared in connection with Apple's iPod, but after a brief hype, the format was declared dead and the few content creators were largely laughed at.

But the world has been looking a little different since the beginning of the 10s: the podcast scene seems to be growing faster than any other medium, there are dozens of podcasts on every imaginable topic and "podcaster" is a normal profession almost at the same time as "influencer" become. ITunes alone now has over 500,000 podcasts and the number is increasing every day.

Which German podcasts are recommended?

Podcasts are enjoying rapidly growing popularity. Around 33 percent of all users occasionally listen to podcasts. The advantage over classic radio: listeners put together their own individual program and then hear it when they have the time. But since the selection is increasing every day and every celebrity, every website and also every one of our neighbors now has a podcast to show, filtering is a little more difficult these days.

We therefore want to present you here regularly German-language podcasts, for which you can invest your time with a clear conscience.