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Germany's best employers 2019: who is top for schoolchildren & students?

For some people, the most important thing in their job is to get paid as well as possible. To others, a good work-life balance is worth more than impressive numbers on the bank statement. But do the two factors have to be mutually exclusive?

Top employer in the high salary sector.

If you also want to be among the top earners as a beginner, the global players are particularly interesting for you - above all those in the automotive industry. When it comes to the best employers, Daimler ranks second behind AUDI AG, followed by the BMW Group, Porsche and Volkswagen and MAN in third to sixth.

But you can also hope for high pay in the digital business and the technology industry. So Google leads the top of the ranking. Microsoft, Apple and SAP occupy the places behind.

Most popular employers in the salary sector: Click here for the top 100.

One tip: Find out in advance about the industry standard salary and whether your future employer is known to pay above average. If that is the case, you can play higher poker, but it should not be unrealistic. Excessive salary demands can have a negative impact on the application process.

Top employer in the field of work-life balance.

As much as you can earn at Daimler and Co .: Almost all of the top 10 employers in the area of ​​high salaries also score with a great work-life balance. AUDI AG, Volkswagen and Daimler, for example, all offer you flexible working hours, home office and childcare in order to balance your private life and career as well as possible.

Most popular employers in the field of work-life balance: Here you will find the top 100.

One tip: Communicate honestly what your ideas are. If you show commitment and are willing, for example, to work overtime if the completion of a project requires it, companies are often open to flexible working time models and home office days.