Moto X is it really good


I am not at all fund of the cell phone. I would definitely recommend it to Android users, but as an IOS user I am not satisfied. The migration of contacts and calendars did not work that well. I had to try more than 10 times so that my contacts would be synchronized .. But the calendar would not be synchronized, not once .. not so tragic, because I always have my pocket calendar made of paper with me anyway, the electrical devices can no longer have a battery, and so I still have my appointments to hand. BATTERY ... also a defect. I've read that a lot of people were enthusiastic about the battery life .. Seriously ?? I don't know what is meant by "normal" use .. The first few days I beautified the cell phone and only used it for calls, photos, Whatsapp and Facebook .. and the cell phone didn't even do it until 3pm to 4pm .. Then I did Put the charger in your handbag and continue to use your mobile phone as normal. And I have to admit that with a cell phone junkie like me, where I'm addicted to cell phones, it is unreasonable to have to charge the cell phone 2 to 3 times a day. I have to load it at noon in the afternoon and then at night before I go to bed .. The camera is also in great deficiency, because somehow it only makes blurry images for me .. how should you focus when I'm already printing a photo on the display becomes .. ?? Handy is too big .. I can't use it with ONLY one hand .. I am used to writing messages with only one hand .. and that is not possible with the Moto X. Maps, I have NEVER liked it. this is an app that has never made good navigation. Many apps hang up and the mobile phone doesn't rearrange anymore .. Creating multiple albums when I save photos, my opinion is not necessary, because I always have to look through all the different albums for my photos .. On the other hand, my pen daughter (9) and my friend got along very well with the cell phone. He is enthusiastic and she showed us functions that we had not yet discovered. These rounded edges make the mobile phone fit very well in the hand. if you put it on a flat surface, it is not so easy to use, but who does it? I am enthusiastic about the voice function at home or while driving .. which is often cooking / baking, taking a shower and you can't answer your cell phone .. and so it is said who calls and the messages are read out ..