Would you die for me

Would you ...?

* Harley *

Joker kissed me. It was fabulous. The butterflies in my stomach went roller coaster. I smiled. Then he broke away from me and grinned psychotically. "So let's take a shower!" I nodded and let him wash me and soap my hair. His touch was beautiful. I just didn't let him touch my genital area. It was too early. He accepted that. After half an hour we were done and I was wrapped in a towel in front of the mirror to blow dry my hair. Joker stood behind me, only in a blue and red boxer, and presented his six-pack. I stared at myself all the time. When I was done I lay naked in bed with him and snuggled up against him.


Harley fell asleep. She looked beautiful. My girl. I smiled. It was a real one. It hadn't been in ages. She made me happy. But something bothered me. She still looked like Harleen. From the outside it was still the same. That had to be changed. I already knew how. But she wouldn't like that. I let her sleep until the evening, she was really exhausted. When it was getting dark I woke her up. "Harley?" She looked at me with sparkling eyes and nodded. "We're going on a trip, come with us!" She nodded and clapped her hands excitedly. I gave her a blue shirt and leggings. I myself put on a purple shirt and black pants. So we left the club. I put Harley on the motorcycle and drove off. A few minutes later we were at the factory. She lay there calm and abandoned. I took Harley's hand and we ran to the door. I broke it open and we climbed in.

* Harley *

How exciting. Joker broke into a factory with me. What would that be? We went up the stairs and stopped at the top of the platform. A look down told me the height and there were acid tanks down there. I looked at Joker intently. "Question ... would you die for me?" "Yes" "That's too easy. Would you ... would you live for me?" I looked at him spellbound. My life wasn't really good anymore, but with him ... "Yes", was my answer. " Be careful, you should not take this oath rashly. Desire turns into devotion, devotion turns into power. "He gently stroked my lips." Do you want that? "" I do! "I said in a firm voice." Say it , say it, say it .... please please please! "He whispered softly. He was so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off him." Please, "came softly from my lips." God, you are so. .. good! "Good? Why is it good? In the eyes of the Joker, only the sister of shit was good. I wanted to be ... angry. He grinned at me. I saw the acid barrels and knew what to do. Which he might even want. I turned to Joker and spread my arms. Then a lot of me.