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Corona crisis: employing children aged 3-5

Daycare centers and kindergartens are being closed across Germany due to COVID-19. With children and adolescents, this can become quite stressful in the long run. With these ideas you can keep your children from 3-5 years busy during the Corona crisis and thus avoid the camp fever.

The question that many parents are currently asking themselves is how they can keep their children busy for the next few days and weeks, now that the kindergartens are closed due to the corona virus. So that everyone doesn't just sit in front of the TV all the time, you should develop a certain routine for yourself and your children:

A structured daily routine with fixed sleeping and eating times is important. If you work in the home office, you should also plan fixed times for this. So your little ones know when they have to be alone and when you can be fully there for them. Whether it's a children's party with a ball pit, playing in the sandpit or cooking like the grown-ups in the children's kitchen, with these ideas you are ready for the time off school:


Children not only like to do handicrafts, it also promotes the imagination, creativity and concentration of your kids. Whether stamping, gluing or painting, doing handicrafts at home is a lot of fun. Above all, you can rely on the good, old coloring book. Your kids can use non-toxic paints to color in a wide variety of motifs.

A wide variety of things can also be tinkered with things that you may already have at home, such as toilet rolls, cardboard boxes or clothespins. How about, for example, your own finger paints made from starch and food coloring or the specially made bowling set made from plastic bottles and a tennis ball. The imagination knows no limits!

When doing handicrafts, always pay attention to the safety of your little ones, if you are unsure whether your children can already do handicrafts independently, you should only do handicrafts together with them. Children's scissors and non-toxic paint are an absolute must.

Build a cave

Who does not know it from their own childhood when the children's room suddenly turned into a cave or a hiding place. All you need is enough blankets and pillows that you can stretch over two chairs, a table or the clothes horse and the robber's den is perfect. You can create even more atmosphere with a string of lights or a flashlight. Your kids will love to hide inside the cave, eat something tasty in it, listen to audio books or spend the night there.

Dressing up and studying plays

Children love to dress up. So you can keep your children from 3-5 busy during the Corona quarantine. It doesn't always have to be a costume, shirts, hats and sunglasses or even mom and dad's wardrobe are usually enough.

If that's not enough for you, you can rehearse plays. Your children's favorite book, for example, is particularly suitable to play back once. The other siblings or one parent are of course always welcome as spectators!

Audio books, puzzles and board games

Now is the time to finally get the games out of the closet again. Have an afternoon of games together with your kids, where you can play your kids' favorite games or do jigsaw puzzles together. With a puzzle mat you are in the best position here, it is not only used for puzzling, but can also be used as a protective floor mat, seat cushion or play carpet.

Audio books are also a popular activity with children, which stimulate the imagination of the little ones. Cuddled up in a blanket, they can listen to a wide variety of stories that they may want to replay. There is a large selection of free audio books available on YouTube if you do not have a subscription to any of the music streaming services.

Cooking and baking together

Muffins, pancakes, waffles or the classic marble cake are very popular with children. So why not bake whatever they want with your kids. Your little ones can also take on a few tasks. A mess is not excluded, but it's still fun!

You can decorate the delicacies together and serve them at the children's party or in the robber's den. Pancakes are also a popular lunch, so you can cook and keep your kids busy at the same time.

Kids party

Exercise is important for children, even if they stay at home most of the day. So why not throw a party in the nursery? During the Corona crisis you can keep your children aged 3-5 busy by dancing to the music together, thinking up new dances and decorating the room for the party. If you still have balloons at home, you can also play party games such as balloon dancing with your children.

If your kids can no longer stand it at home, you can take them outside to get some fresh air. Just always be careful not to be in places where there are many people. For example, you can spend a few hours or even a day in the forest. If the forest is too far away, your own garden will do the same. When the weather is good, your kids can play in the sandpit while you get the garden ready for spring. So there is no storage fever!

In addition, you and your children shouldn't spend the days at home in pajamas and bathrobes, even if it sounds tempting, it helps the head enormously. The most important thing, however, is that you stay calm and make the most of the current situation, in which the kindergartens are closed due to Corona.

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