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Nogaisch (German) [edit]

Noun, n[To edit]


The form "the Nogai" is only used with certain articles. The form “Nogaisch” is used both with and without a specific article.

Word separation:

No ga isch, singular 2: the No ga ische, no plural


IPA: [...]
Audio samples: Nogaisch (Info)


[1] Language spoken by the Nogai people in Karachay-Cherkessia and Dagestan (Russia)


[1] ISO 639-2 / 3:nog

Generic terms:

[1] Turkic language


[1] "For anyone who has not yet gotten to know the Nogai has done, this little-known language presents itself pleasantly and smoothly, especially if the reader can already fall back on knowledge of another Kipchak Turkic language. "[1]
[1] "In 1928 that was Nogaische declared a written language and designed an alphabet based on the Latin script [.] "[2]
[1] “The Indo-European languages ​​include Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Ossetian, Kurdish, Tātī, Tālyšī, and the Turkic languages ​​Azerbajdžan, Kumyk, Karačaj-Balkar and Nogaisch, to the Semitic languages ​​the (New Eastern Aramaic) Aysor. "[3]

Translations [edit]

References and further information:

[1] Wikipedia article "Nogai language"


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Similar words (German):

similarly written and / or pronounced:nogaisch