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Mary Lacroix

Mary Lacroix


  • Works in a laundry


Mary Lacroix is the wife of Sebastian Lacroix. She is a supporting character in the second and third seasons of Anne with an E and is played by Cara Ricketts.

Background [edit | Edit source]

Mary lives in the swamp and works in a laundry. She also has a son named Elijah Hanford. She is friends with her work colleagues Constance and Jocelyn. She was born on a winter day in 1865 and died on April 6, 1899.

Personality and appearance edit source]

Mary is dark-skinned and has long hair and dark eyes.

History [edit | Edit source]

season 2[Edit | Edit source]

When Bash wants to drop off his clothes in the laundry in the swamp, he and Mary get to know each other.

season 3[Edit | Edit source]

Mary and Sebastian settle into domestic life and have a daughter named Delphine.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

  • Sebastian Lacroix: Mary meets Sebastian after he delivers his clothes to the laundry in the swamp where she works. Since Bash and Gilbert have already missed their train back to Avonlea that day, Mary offers them accommodation for money. Mary and Bash grow closer until they finally get married.
  • Gilbert Blythe: Mary offers Gilbert and Bash accommodation for money. Later, Gilbert has to deliver the terrible news to Mary that she will soon die.
  • Marilla Cuthbert: Marilla is a good friend of Mary and helps with cooking, for example, when Mary is seriously ill.

Episode appearances [edit | Edit source]

Season 2 appearances
Youth is a time of hope Symptoms are small things that can be measured; but the interpretation is unlimited True seeing happens with the spiritual eye The painfully passionate expression of hope that lacks nourishment
Those crucial acts of their lives I protest against any hasty conclusion Our memory has just as many moods as our minds To defend oneself against facts
What We Have Been Makes Us What We AreThe growing prosperity of the world

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