What's wrong with Jimin's back


"You can just sit down somewhere, I'll get some food and we can play something in the meantime," said Yoongi, who was already on the way to the kitchen while the others were still taking off their jackets and shoes.

• ᴊⁱᵐⁱⁿ •

"So. What do we want to play?" Jin asked after the meal.

"How about Truth or Dare?" Suggested Namjoon.

"I'm for it too," said Jungkook suddenly, whereupon he was given strange looks.

The others except Jimin nodded and shortly afterwards he agreed, as he didn't want to be a spoilsport.

"Okay, who is the first victim?" Jin asked with a grin.

"I", Jimin said suddenly, shortly afterwards he regretted it and he again, but now he had already agreed. "I take duty."

Jin started to grin. "OK. Take off your underwear and sit on Jungkook's lap until we play something else."

Jimin narrowed his eyes and looked at Jin as if he was about to stab his inner eye and take out the organs and let them dry in the sun.

"All right," Jimin grumbled. "Don't all stare at me, you can continue playing and I won't ask a question or do a compulsory task. A deal?"

The others nodded, wiggling their eyebrows, and continued playing, while Jimin stripped down to his boxer shorts and then went annoyed to Jungkook and sat on his lap. After a few minutes Jimin just wanted to throw up in the bathroom and the toilet, as Jungkook had put his arms around Jimin's waist and his head against Jimin's back.