Is visibly clean actually clean

10 places at home that really never stay clean & tidy

No home is perfect and besides: who cleans up voluntarily? You probably also know these ten corners that never stay completely clean and tidy.

Tidying up and cleaning take up a large part of our lives. In addition to the eight hours that many of us spend at work (or home office) five days a week, we spend far too much time keeping things tidy at home. Many of us are likely to have made this observation again very emphatically in times of the corona pandemic. There are so much nicer things that we could deal with during this time!

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On the one hand, it can therefore be liberating to allow a certain degree of disorder and not to be angry about every sock that is left behind. On the other hand, we feel confronted with our own failure through these untidy and long uncleaned corners. How am I supposed to give others the impression that I have my life under control if I can't even keep my home tidy?

Don't worry, it's not just you. Some parts of the house or apartment are never in a presentable condition. And even if they have just been cleaned, they will look the same as before after two days at the latest. We found ten places at home that really never get really clean.

1. Oven & Microwave

Two different household appliances, same problem: some things go wrong when preparing food. Above all, fat and sugar are the culprits here. The high temperatures ensure that the splashes and puddles of spill stick to such an extent that they can hardly be removed with the usual cleaning agents.

If a sparkling clean oven is really important to you, but you want to do without the chemical club from the drugstore, there are some home remedies that do the job just as well. And in the microwave, a cover that serves as a splash guard helps.

2. Bathroom mirror

The situation is completely different with the bathroom mirror: cleaning it is not a problem at all. Wipe with a damp microfiber cloth, wipe dry, done. Often it is even the first place you clean when someone spontaneously announces a visit. It is easy to clean and has a great effect.

The question is a completely different one: "Who the hell sucks the mirror up like that?" It doesn't help that you live alone. It must have been someone else. Actually, you should tackle the mirror every day - and that adds up. Who has the time for that, let alone desire?

Mirrors with infrared heating: No more fogged mirrors in the bathroom

3. Window

When cleaning windows, there is no relationship between effort and result. Don't get me wrong, clean window panes that let the sun into our homes, apartments and hearts are a fine thing. But the joy of the clear view doesn't last long. After the next rainfall at the latest, hardly anyone can tell whether the windows were last cleaned a week ago or a year ago. As a long-time hamburger, I have bad cards in this regard. Then I ask myself again whether it is the cloudy sky that makes the world out there appear so gray or whether it is just the dirty windows that cloud the view.

4. Under the bed

Nothing under the bed but bunnies. Even if you do your best, you won't get into all the corners under the bed really well with the vacuum cleaner. This assumes that you have a bed under which you can clean reasonably comfortably. One of the disadvantages of many box spring beds is precisely this lack of accessibility. What collects in the box under the mattress over time can be kept hidden.

A low-profile vacuum robot (available from Amazon *) can help with beds that stand on feet. Such a self-propelled vacuum cleaner is not the panacea that removes the dust from your home. But it is ideally suited for the space under the bed or under the sofa.

5. Fridge

What's the most unsanitary place in your home? The corridor? The toilet? No, it's the kitchen! Especially in the refrigerator you will find an accumulation of bacteria like almost nowhere else in the household. Too many bacteria can be found in almost half of all German refrigerators. More than 11 million germs are sometimes counted here per square centimeter. On the other hand, there are only about 100 germs per square centimeter on the toilet seat.

It is difficult to keep the refrigerator clean. Every now and then something leaks, some foods go bad before you know it and then there is the vegetable compartment: The vegetables are usually stored loosely, condensation also tends to form, which promotes the multiplication of bacteria. The best thing you can do here: Throw away spoiled food immediately and do not let the temperature of the refrigerator rise above 7 degrees. If you then also use the hygienic cleaner every few weeks, you are already doing everything in your power.

6. Sink & Bathtub

Wherever people wash themselves, they leave behind a lot of dirt. This applies to both the washbasin and the bathtub or shower. On the one hand, the soiling is visible, on the other hand, it can sometimes also be smelled. For example, when it smells from the drain again. At the latest when the water is up to your ankle, action is called for. You can solve this, for example, with a homemade organic drain cleaner.

But if the dust just collects on the edges and the fittings have numerous limescale stains, rest assured: it looks the same in other bathrooms. For quick cleaning in between, it is sufficient to wipe it with a wet hand and wipe it with the guest towel. You should urgently throw the latter in the laundry basket afterwards.

7. Rugs & carpets

Even if carpets are slowly becoming more widespread again: There are good reasons why classic carpeting has gone out of fashion at some point. Above all, it is not as easy to clean as laminate or other smooth floor coverings.

On the other hand, you can theoretically give individual carpets to the cleaning service. But that costs - and who does that regularly? The common living room carpet must primarily be satisfied with the vacuum cleaner. With deep pile carpets in particular, this is hardly enough to remove all the crumbs and all the dust from the material. That's only half as bad. You should only look under the rug regularly if you have a real problem with silverfish. The little critters like to romp around there. Fortunately, there are tricks you can use to fight silverfish.

8. sofa

If the TV remote control disappears, sofa crevices are quickly suspected of having devoured them. And so you look between the cushions and seat cushions and notice: "The remote control is not here, but I have found money and, moreover, someone should urgently clean it up at some point." Sometime. Someone. Not now, not you. At least not your current self.

This observation is quickly forgotten, it may also be a deliberate strategy of repression. The silent hope: "At some point I can buy something really nice with the money I find here."

9. Storage room & cleaning cupboard

Not unclean, but anything but tidy: there is always chaos in the storage room or the cleaning cupboard. Every time you open the door, you have to expect that half the content could come towards you. Like when you just wanted to get out a new kitchen roll. Suddenly both the clothes horse and all the spray bottles were in the hallway. You had to repair the vacuum cleaner pipe with tape. There are better days. But I digress.

Without going to too much trouble, you can do something about this distressing disorder. We present: Ten tips and ideas against the chaos in the cleaning cupboard.

10. Cable drawer

In the cable drawer, too, there is no lack of hygiene, but of transparency. This place is like a magical cabinet. As soon as you put in a cable - especially the headphones - and close the drawer, you can be sure that the cable has joined its drawer companions in a Gordian knot. Everything is lost the next time you open the drawer. Only angelic patience helps.

After careful consideration, the clutter doesn't have to be here. You probably no longer need at least half of the cables in the drawer. Your penultimate cell phone is a thing of the past, the associated charging cable has remained. In addition, every cable variant that a normal mortal needs is probably represented at least three times in the drawer.

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