Why does the head massage feel so good

VITAL: How does a classic massage work?
Julia Dördelmann:
A classic massage begins with stroking. Above all, the upper layers of the skin are treated with relatively little pressure and large-area contact with the hands. They shift against each other. The body becomes looser, warms up, and is better supplied with blood. This is followed by kneading to normalize muscle tension and frictions, these are circular movements that work on the deeper hardening by pressing with the fingertips. Tapping with the cupped hand, fingertips or the edge of the hand and finally shaking, a kind of loosening especially for arms and legs, are also possible.

What happens in the body?
Muscle tension is released under the warmth and the various grips. This affects the receptors. As a result of the stimuli, such as stretching, the tension in the muscle decreases and the muscle relaxes. The better blood circulation supplies the body with more oxygen. That also relaxes the muscles. It also stimulates the lymph flow and metabolism. Tapping can also loosen excessive mucus in the bronchi to make it easier to cough up.

Do the handles only affect the muscles?
The skin is connected to the organ zones via reflex arcs. An experienced therapist can identify where something is wrong in the body by looking at the tissue, dents and indentations. Hypersensitivity to pain, temperature, and touch can also occur in certain areas. The body is very refined, it sometimes redirects its sufferings. A therapist goes to work like a detective to find the source of the pain. So z. For example, the trigger for back pain could also be shortened abdominal muscles or hypersensitivity in the collarbone indicate a respiratory disease.