Unicorn startups pay dividends to shareholders

You can make a lot of money in stocks - but you can also lose a lot of money in the same way. Should I still dare? And isn't it too late to get in? OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer (42) explains current topics and trends on the stock exchange to us. This time it's about manufacturers of "green" hydrogen, bitcoins as an investment and Hamburg unicorns.

1. What's going on in the markets? Lots of movement beneath the surface

The stock exchanges seem to have barely moved this week. The Dax is roughly where it started on Monday. There's a lot going on beneath the surface, however. Money is reallocated, this is called "sector rotation". One consequence: lose digital stocks, gain travel stocks. Why is that?

Digital marketplaces like Zalando or Hello Fresh have doubled their value in the last year. That was also due to Corona. Shops are closed, online is open. Thanks to the vaccinations, the end of the pandemic is now in sight. We look forward to dining out and strolling in real shops. Investors seize the moment to realize their profits. As a result, prices have fallen by ten percent this week.

This money is invested in travel stocks, for example. At the latest after the English Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of all travel restrictions for June on Monday, there is optimism. Shares from Lufthansa, TUI or Fraport are taking off again and are gaining up to 15 percent.

With the "Online Marketing Rockstars" (OMR), Philipp Westermeyer (42) has been organizing one of the most important digital events in Europe since 2011. 52,000 participants came to the exhibition halls in Hamburg for the festival in 2019. The “Without Shares Will Be Difficult ”podcast is one of the latest offers from OMR. OMR sits in the ski jump and employs 140 people. Aside from its core business, OMR operates the Telemichel together with Messe Hamburg and the real estate company Imvest.

2. Bitcoin hype. How can you be there?

Bitcoin fluctuated between $ 45,000 and $ 58,000 this week. A year ago the price was less than $ 10,000. Bitcoin is hardly suitable as a means of payment, but perhaps as an investment. How exactly can you invest?

For example, buying shares in companies that make money with Bitcoin. This includes marketplaces for cryptocurrencies. It will be exciting next week, because the largest provider “Coinbase” is supposed to be listed on the stock exchange. Typically for hype, the valuation is expected at 100 billion dollars.

An uncomplicated option are "ETPs" (Exchange Traded Products), which show the value development of Bitcoin. Just like stocks or ETFs, you can put them in a securities account.

Or buy Bitcoin directly. For this you need a "wallet", which is a digital purse. You can get them at the crypto marketplaces. Important: remember the password carefully! It is estimated that 20 percent of all bitcoins, or a staggering $ 200 billion, is lost forever behind forgotten passwords.

The content of this column is provided for general information only and is not guaranteed and is not a recommendation to buy or sell specific financial instruments. It is not investment advice.

3. Another hype: hydrogen

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. Part of the solution is to be green hydrogen, which can be used to store electricity and drive engines. Giant government programs are promoting hydrogen all over the world. Here in Moorburg, one of the largest German production facilities will be built by 2025.

More and more investors also want to invest “green”. "Nel ASA" or "Ballard Power" stocks are among the most wanted stocks in trading apps. The star is the company PlugPower, which is now worth 20 billion euros, ten times more than a year ago.

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Now there were figures: in 2020 PlugPower made half a billion losses. At least sales are increasing and are expected to reach 1.5 billion in three years. Even with that, today's assessment would be very ambitious. The situation is similar for the other hydrogen companies: high valuation, low turnover. So it is questionable whether the real deals can keep up with the price of the stocks.

4. Are there unicorns in Hamburg?

Everyone has heard of it, nobody has ever seen one: unicorns. This is also the name given to start-ups that are worth over a billion. In Hamburg we have exactly one unicorn, the business contact platform Xing, which is called “New Work” on the stock exchange and is worth 1.25 billion.

Xing showed solid business figures this week: 280 million euros in sales, 37 million euros in profit. But the unicorn is in jeopardy, with the stock losing nearly 20 percent last year. LinkedIn puts pressure on. Fortunately, two unicorns are still hiding in Hamburg.

The first offers data on almost everything on a subscription basis. Sales should break the 100 million mark this year. According to the usual digital subscription standards: a unicorn. It's called Statista and belongs to the Ströer company, but could soon go public itself.

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Specifically, there is speculation about this IPO: The turnover should be well over one billion euros. Expect a valuation of around four billion in the eCommerce world. Hamburg's number 1 unicorn is… About You.

5. Music stocks: make money with memes?

Spotify wins more and more customers, now 350 million, but does not make a profit. The reason: A large part of the income has to be deducted from music labels. While Spotify gets the customers, the money flows there. How can you benefit from it?

The largest label is called Universal Music and is scheduled to go public this year. It still belongs to the French group Vivendi, which is worth around 30 billion euros. Vivendi plans to distribute the shares of Universal like a dividend to its shareholders. And you can become a shareholder at any time. The Chinese digital giant Tencent recently bought Vivendi ten percent of Universal, based on a valuation of: also 30 billion. Universal is already worth just as much as the whole group.

That could still increase. In addition to streaming, social media are becoming an important source of income: if a song goes viral on Instagram, Tiktok or Snap, the labels earn with it. And: after the last is before the next meme.

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