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DC5m Germany mix in german 100 articles, created at: 03. Donald Trump: I will be President of all Americans


1 Articles DC5m Germany mix in german 100 articles, created at: 03 1/100 Donald Trump: I will be President of all Americans (10.99 / 11) Donald Trump's victory speech in full (translation by AFP):

2 After his election victory, Donald Trump promised to be president of all US citizens. He also reached out to his opponents to unite the country together, he said on Wednesday night in front of his supporters in New York. The wording of the victory speech: Thank you, thank you very much. () I just got a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us. It's about us. For our victory, and I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard campaign. She thought very hard. Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her great gratitude for her service to our country. I mean that very seriously. Now is the time for America to bind up the wounds of division, to come together as a united people. () I promise every citizen of our country that I will be president of all Americans, and that is very important to me. I hold out my hand to everyone who has chosen not to support me in the past, and there have been a few of them

3 to get your advice and help so that we can work together and reunite our great country. I have said from the start that we are not campaigning, rather we are an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and their families to wish. It is a movement of Americans of all races, religions, backgrounds, and beliefs who expect our government to serve the people and will serve the people. Together we will address the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream. I've lived in business my entire life and seen the untapped potential in projects and by people around the world. That is exactly what I want to do for our country now. () I got to know our country so well.

4 Huge potential. It will be a beautiful thing. Every single American will have the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. The forgotten men and women of our country will no longer be forgotten. We will beautify our inner cities and restore our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. We will rebuild our infrastructure () and we will create jobs for millions of people with the reconstruction. We will also finally take care of our great veterans who have been so loyal and I have met so many of them during my 18 month journey. The time I spent with them during this campaign was one of my greatest honors. Our veterans are amazing people. We will head for a project of national growth and renewal. I will use the creative talent of our citizens and we will call on the best and the brightest, you

Use 5 incredible talent for the benefit of all. () We will double our growth and have the strongest economy in the world. At the same time, we will get along with all countries that are willing to get along with us. () We will have great relationships. () No dream is too big, no challenge too big. Nothing we want for our future is out of reach. America will settle for nothing less than the best. () I want to say to the world community that while we always prioritize American interests, we are fair to everyone, everyone. All peoples and all other states. We are looking for community, not enmity. Partnership, no conflict. And now I would like to take the opportunity to thank some people who have helped me with this. () *** Order the daily newsletter of Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: The most important current news and exclusive stories already

6 in the early morning. Get a head start on information. Register for the free newsletter here. *** German economic experts fear Donald Trump deutsche-wirtschaftsnachrichten.de Elections in the USA: Donald Trump's march through tagesspiegel.de Twitter reaction to Donald Trump's election success now.de US President Trump: This man is not predictable sueddeutsche.de Election victory of Donald Trump: The Republicans' joy nzz.ch US cartoon series: “The Simpsons warned 16 years ago of Trump as President nzz.ch

7 Donald Trump: The triumphant advance of aggressive populism sueddeutsche.de Election victory of Donald Trump: "This is the USA, this is not Europe tagesspiegel.de: 30 Http Deutsche deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de 2/100 Berlin and the US -Option: Michael Müller: "A bitter result" (8.99 / 11) The night was a long head-to-head race

8 For a long time the night was dominated by the head-to-head race between the two presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In the early hours of the morning, Trump saw a lead that Clinton could no longer make up - probably much to the chagrin of the American community in Berlin, because most of the exiles in Berlin are likely to be close to the Democrats. About US-Americans live here, all over Germany there are around. How did you, how did Berlin experience the election night between election parties, hope and fear? And how does political Berlin react to Trump? You can read all developments of the night in the large Tagesspiegel election blog. - US stars on Trump's election victory sueddeutsche.de US election President Troll sueddeutsche.de

9 US election - "We are the silent majority" sueddeutsche.de After the US election: TTIP between "actually dead" and "rather dead" diepresse.com Reactions to the US election: The axis of the concerned tagesschau.de What Donald Trump victory in US election for financial markets means faz.net This is how US voters celebrate and mourn now.de US election: Clinton's fateful affair sueddeutsche.de: 18 Malte Lehming

10 3/100 Live blog on the election of Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton wants to speak out today (6.99 / 11) The election in the United States shook the world. The financial markets collapsed, economists are warning of the consequences of the decision for the economy (more on this in our live blog on the economy). Populists in Europe celebrate Donald Trump's victory. In a first reaction, the future president presents himself as a reconciler. Here we document how politics and society react to the outcome of the US election and what follows from it. Our blog from election day and election night

11 You can read it here. (with dpa, AFP, rtr, KNA, epd) Hillary Clinton announces statement stern.de Merkel offers Trump cooperation stern.de Economy after US election: Dollar plummeting, European financial markets stabilize tagesspiegel.de Elections in the USA: Donald Trump's march through tagesspiegel.de Statements from the election campaign: Donald Trump's economic program nzz.ch US election 2016: Donald Trump boosts arms and pharmaceutical stocks rp-online.de

12 Election victory of Donald Trump: The Republicans are happy nzz.ch Election victory of Donald Trump: "This is the USA, this is not Europe tagesspiegel.de: 05 Christian Tretbar 4/100 HeidelbergCement sees advantages with US President Trump (6.73 / 11) At second glance, HeidelbergCement boss Bernd Scheifele can see positive sides from Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election. In the short term, investor uncertainty will be great and will have a braking effect on the American economy by the coming year, Scheifele said on Wednesday according to Reuters. In the medium term, I am positive that it is to be expected that the state under Trump will invest more in infrastructure

13 and provide employment. Should Trump actually have the wall built on the border with Mexico, HeidelbergCement, as a supplier in Texas and Arizona, could benefit from it. For the Dax Group, North America including Canada is an important market with a quarter of sales. Should the dollar rise in view of the uncertainty in the world financial markets, the cement and concrete manufacturer would also have currency gains. That goes well into the till, said Scheifele. The currency can have a tailwind

14 good use of the Palatinate people, because they have to handle the 3.7 billion euro takeover of the Italian cement manufacturer Italcementi. This burdened the construction materials group's balance sheet in the third quarter. With the integration of the acquisition, the group's net profit collapsed by 29 percent from July to September to 339 million euros, partly because of the costs of downsizing at Italcementi. Due to the payment of the purchase price and the assumption of the debts from Italcementi, the net debt to 8.87 billion euros at the end of the third quarter and was thus around 2.9 billion euros above the level at the end of the same quarter of the previous year. However, this should be reduced again quickly, explained CFO Lorenz Näger. After the last major takeover of the British building materials group Hanson in 2007, the Dax group had reduced its debt over the years with several austerity programs. CEO Scheifele has now also announced cost reductions. In the concrete division, the logistics and the recipe are to be improved,

15 whereby the result should increase by 120 million euros over three years. In addition, the Kurpfälzer want to leverage higher synergies with the Italcementi takeover than the previously announced 400 million euros. This year the savings to 135 million euros. Scheifele had announced that the family business from Bergamo in northern Italy would be trimmed for efficiency. For some of the employees, this means job creation that is progressing faster than planned. We have taken on a restructuring case, said Scheifele. What matters to HeidelCement, however, is the market share in southern Europe. Overall, at least 2500 of the more than jobs worldwide are to be cut, by the end of this year already 1500 and thus more than planned. This has already resulted in restructuring costs of 63 million euros. According to the manager, job cuts in Italy are going on silently. The operational business with cement, concrete or sand and gravel came on a comparable basis in

The 16th quarter hardly moved: with a two percent drop in sales to 4.52 billion euros, operating profit rose by one percent to 1.01 billion euros. HeidelCement thus fell slightly short of the expectations of the analysts surveyed by Reuters. The group confirmed the outlook for 2016 with a view to sales, operating profit and surplus, now including Italcementi: Before taxes and depreciation, profit should grow moderately to significantly, i.e. high single-digit to low double-digit. *** Order the daily newsletter from Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: The most important current news and exclusive stories early in the morning. Get a head start on information. Register for the free newsletter here. *** US President Trump: This man is not predictable sueddeutsche.de media react critically to the new US President haz.de

17 What the world expects from Trump as US President tt.com What is Trump allowed to do as US President - and what not? stern.de US President: Only 9/11 was worse than Trump welt.de "No dream is too big": Donald Trump will be the next US President diepresse.com Donald Trump wins: Putin invites US presidents for a dialogue German -wirtschaftsnachrichten .de: 42 Http Deutsche deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de

18 5/100 London: Dead and injured in tram accident (5.26 / 11) Five people were killed in a serious tram accident in London. More than 50 people were injured, said the British traffic police. The tram derailed early Wednesday morning at an intersection just before a tunnel in the Croyden district. The two cars fell on their side. Police said one person was arrested. According to media reports, it is the train driver. There was initially no confirmation for this. The

19 the exact cause of the accident is still being determined. According to the emergency services, 51 injured were taken to two nearby hospitals. 22 ambulances were in use. Some people were still treated on site, especially with minor injuries such as cuts, said an operations manager. One of the hospitals announced that four of the 20 patients admitted there were seriously injured. The fire brigade had to free several people who were trapped inside the tram. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the rescue workers were working "extremely hard" to get the situation under control and treat the injured. The London tram connects several suburbs in the south of the city. Millions of people use the tram every year, the rail network of which was only put into operation in 2000.

20 London: Five dead and 50 injured in tram accident diepresse.com Five people die in tram accident - over 50 injured augsburger-allgemeine.de Great Britain: Five dead in tram accident in London tagesspiegel.de Tram accident with five dead in London: Driver in custody tt.com Accident in the British capital: One dead in tram accident in London n-tv.de: 36 Süddeutsche.de

21 6/100 Trump victory: SZ authors on the reactions worldwide (4.61 / 11) With Donald Trump's election victory, a nightmare has come true for most Mexicans. The man who collectively denigrates her as a drug dealer and rapist is now her main business partner. Mexico expects further disrespect from Trump in the future. There is also the threat of strengthening a border wall that already exists, systematic deportations of migrants, but above all punitive tariffs, massive flight of capital, a currency in free fall. The Mexican peso has

22 already lost more than ten percent of its value against the dollar in the course of election night. "Trump is a devastating hurricane, especially if he keeps his election promises," says Augustín Carstens, head of the Bank of Mexico. The next US president has promised, among other things, to immediately terminate the North American free trade agreement NAFTA. That would be the greatest disaster to be expected for the Mexican economy. She is completely dependent on trading with her big neighbor. Almost 80 percent of exports go to the USA. The growth of the Mexican economy has already slowed down significantly recently. Analysts are now predicting a three percent recession for the first Trump year. Boris Herrmann

23 What Donald Trump's victory in the US election means for financial markets faz.net Reactions to Donald Trump's election victory bild.de VW sees Trump's victory with concern diepresse.com German reactions to Trump's victory: "Cooperation on the basis of democratic values" tagesschau .de reactions to Trump victory: Putin congratulates, Europeans appalled tagesschau.de Small stock market quake after Trump victory diepresse.com: 20 Süddeutsche.de

24 7/100 Press review on Donald Trump: Blender, racist, liar, fraudster! (4.37 / 11) Donald Trump's election victory is the topic of commentators in the German newspapers.

25 Die Zeit comments online (also offers the comment in English): A totalitarian blender and fraudulent dilettante managed to get himself elected to the White House. Donald Trump is an epochal disaster that will not only change this great country and its democracy for years to come. The whole world will feel the effects of this mistake. Many thought it was a joke when Trump announced his candidacy last year: he should, as long as he and us enjoy it. That was almost a year and a half ago, today nobody laughs anymore. Now a sexually aggressive racist, pathological liar and nervous egomaniac is at the helm of the United States: out of the question for anyone who believes in democracy and human rights, or at least in the common sense of people in general, Americans in particular. Damn it, they only had one job: to prevent this man! The FAZ judges:

26 According to all the rules of a civilized society, this candidate should not have won. He lied during the election campaign that the bars were bent. He threatened to throw his opponent in jail and, for a unique time in American history, not to recognize the result of the election. He insulted minorities, presented himself as a rowdy and uneducated boob, as a top-class chauvinist. In the Süddeutsche, Heribert Prantl writes: His electoral success makes Trump a global leading figure of the new aggressive populism. His racism, his nationalism, his xenophobia and his contempt for the constitution are provocative and contagious. The success that Trump has had with it incites nationalists and racists in Europe to drop any reluctance, to break past boundaries of decency and to sell the breaking of taboos as a political recipe. Der Spiegel writes: Trump is a destroyer, a splitter. Who his

Having studied his biography and this election campaign, he sees that he is not trying to find constructive solutions, he is not looking for a balance, he just wants to selfishly and self-righteously assert his nationalistic interests and those of his supporters. According to AFP, SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel warns of the consequences for Europe: Trump is the pioneer of a new authoritarian and chauvinist international. It is also a warning to us. We find them not only with Putin in Russia or with Erdogan in Turkey, but also in the middle of Europe in France with Le Pen but also with Sarkozy, in Poland with Kaczynski, in the Netherlands with Wilders or in Germany with the AfD. In truth, this new authoritarian international is about much more: it is about a real rollback into the bad old days. In which women belong at the stove or in bed, gays in jail and unions at most at the table. And those who do not shut up will be publicly gutted.

28 *** Order the daily newsletter from Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: The most important current news and exclusive stories early in the morning. Get a head start on information. Register for the free newsletter here. *** The mob is already forming against Trump stern.de - US stars on Trump's election victory sueddeutsche.de - Violent protests after Trump's election victory in California sueddeutsche.de How does Donald Trump tick? augsburger-allgemeine.de

29 Hillary offside: Football fans react to Trump's election victory tt.com Steinmeier: "Relations with the USA are getting more difficult" stern.de: 47 Http Deutsche deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de 8/100 US elections 2016: Donald Trump's late response to Barack Obama's humiliation (3.78 / 11) While hardly anyone really thought he could

30, Trump has likely been carrying this plan around with him for years. Before the 2012 presidential election, he wanted to run for the Republicans, but rejected this idea again in May 2011. Shortly before that, there was an event that must have humiliated him deeply: The correspondents' dinner on April 20 Every year accredited journalists are invited to this occasion - Trump was one of the guests of honor that year. At that time, Barack Obama had been hearing for weeks that he might not even be a real US citizen.Trump was one of the most prominent representatives of the so-called Birther movement, which denied that the incumbent president was not born in the United States and was therefore never allowed to run. Trump and his wife Melania at the dinner in Washington in April 2011 before Obama gave his speech Source: pa / ap Photo Especially Trump had Obama several times

31 television attacked. You are not allowed to be president in this country if you were not born in this country, the then businessman said on the Today Show. On another program he asked: Why doesn't he just show his birth certificate? Apparently there is something on it that he does not like, criticized Trump and used every opportunity to accuse Obama of being a swindler. In the next two minutes or so, the President delivered a number of funny punchlines at the expense of Trump, who visibly had to pull himself together at his table. Obama alluded to other conspiracy theories, to the existence of UFOs and joked about the deceased US rap greats: And where are Biggie and Tupac? In the presence of Trump, Obama announced that he wanted to publish his birth video. He then had a cartoon recorded that showed the birth of the "Lion King" in Africa amidst zebras, elephants and giraffes. Another nod to Trump's allegations,

32 Obama's Kenyan grandmother claimed that her grandson was born in Africa. "For the Fox News table," the president then turned to the journalists at the cable broadcaster, which had extensively disseminated the conspiracy theory of Obama's African origins: "That was a joke. That wasn't my actual birth video. It was a children's film. "Trump after dinner - and after the humiliating speech by the incumbent US President Obama Source: REUTERS / X00035 After all, Obama devoted two minutes and 15 seconds to his 17-minute speech to Trump. All jokes aside, said Obama. We all know about your qualifications and your wealth of experience. After that, however, he made fun of Trump's casting show The Apprentice, in which the real estate tycoon gives management tips for entrepreneurs, among other things. Such decisions would keep me awake

33 Obama declared with a laugh. Numerous observers present, including many journalists, tell in a documentary by the broadcaster Arte how they perceived Trump at the time. He made a poker face, his expression was petrified, and he was seething with anger inside, they say in the film America Has a Choice. It never stopped and I just thought, oh my god, is something going on here that he can't stop? Said Omarosa Manigault, who was a participant on Trump's TV show The Apprentice and knew him well. Say what you want about Trump, but he would change the White House, Obama went one step further and had a trashy photo montage showing the historic building with Las Vegas kitsch, neon signs, golf course and women in bikini in the front yard. The White House photomontage that Obama featured in his speech

34 Source: Getty Images / Getty Images North America Trump, however, hardly moved, did not laugh, and did not turn to any of his table neighbors. I think that was the moment when he decided to become president, book author Michael D Antonio suspects in retrospect in the documentary. He wrote the reveal book The Truth About Donald Trump on Trump's 70th birthday this summer. Its political advisor Roger Stone is also sure that this evening was the trigger for the candidacy for the Republican Party: That motivated him. I do it. I will show everyone. The journalist Adam Gopnik later expressed a similar suspicion in the New Yorker. The evening of April 20, 2011 was an immense moment of public humiliation for Trump, which incited him to show it to Obama and all critics. Someday. He justified the fact that he rejected his candidacy plans at the time in a statement by stating that his business was more important to him and that he did not want to do anything half-heartedly.

35 Obama in his speech in April 2011 Source: pa / dpa / corbis / pool To become the most powerful man in the universe would be his greatest revenge, said show participant Manigault about Trump. Donald Trump's vision is that Barack Obama will hand him the key to the White House in 2017, D Antonio told Arte. It is a personal matter. A burning desire that releases him from being humiliated by the first black president. Five years later, after a two-year long and highly controversial election campaign, he has achieved his goal. A few hours after the victory, Obama picked up the phone and congratulated his successor. It was a very cordial conversation, said Trump's campaign manager at NBC. Trump's victory speech to his supporters: We want great relationships, but America comes first

36 What the result means for Germany: The dice are now falling completely new for Germany This was election night on German television: The only Trump fan on ARD is a woman The night in front of Trump Tower in New York: God wanted that Donald Trump becomes president Data analysis for the US election: Clinton's blue firewall is in ruins Election night in the quick check: How did that happen? US election President Troll sueddeutsche.de What Donald Trump victory in US election means for financial markets faz.net

37 US election 2016: Donald Trump boosts arms and pharmaceutical stocks rp-online.de Press review US elections 2016: This is the end of our world so far welt.de US election 2016: Why the pollsters were so wrong rp-online.de : 06 By Marcel 9/100 Elections in the USA: Praise for Trump's "meaningless phrases (3.67 / 11) Donald Trump is surprisingly the winner of the American presidential election. Most of the polls saw his competitor Hillary Clinton as the winner.

38 Trump now has 289 electoral votes - nominally 270 are necessary for a victory. Clinton elected 218 electors. The Republicans also retain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The international political reactions vary. While EU politicians are cautious, right-wing populists in Europe are enthusiastic about the result. Swiss politicians are skeptical about the outcome of the election, but they also emphasize their willingness to maintain good relations with the USA

39 entertain. People rub their hands in Melania Trump's hometown in Slovenia. In Sevnica, the election of her husband as US president on Wednesday sparked spontaneous joy. The mayor of Sevnicas said that people had been coming to the city since daybreak and had gathered briefly to show their happiness. Afterwards everyone went about their everyday life - “this is a normal working day here,” reported the mayor. The fact that a first lady from the USA will soon be among the town's daughters and sons has also raised economic hopes in the city located around 60 kilometers east of the capital Ljubljana. "That puts Sevnica on the world map, makes it visible among the Central European cities," said Ocvirk. This could help to market the region, which is particularly popular with nature sports such as fishing and cycling, as a travel destination. The Mexican government underlines its partnership with the neighboring country. "Mexico and the US are friends, partners and allies that

40 should continue to work together for the competitiveness and development of North America, ”wrote Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Twitter on Wednesday. "Our relationship with the USA does not end with the triumph of Donald Trump," emphasized Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz. Defending free trade is now Mexico's priority. According to her team, Hillary Clinton wants to give a speech in New York from 4:30 p.m. (CET). Immediately after the election, Clinton initially refused to speak publicly. The Czech Republic and the Philippines congratulate Trump on the victory. "I agree with Trump's views on migration and the fight against Islamic terrorism," said Czech President Milos Zeman. He praised Trump's demeanor as clear and understandable as well as "free of political correctness with their meaningless phrases". The election "demonstrated the will of the American people not to allow themselves to be manipulated by the mass media."

41 The government in the Philippines is also looking forward to working with the future US President Donald Trump. President Rodrigo Duterte wished him success in the next four years in office and hoped for better relations between the Philippines and the USA on the basis of “mutual respect” and “a common commitment to democratic ideals and the rule of law,” said government spokesman Martin Andanar. Federal President Johann Schneider-Ammann congratulates Donald Trump on his election. As is customary in the protocol, the Federal President conveyed the congratulations on the election in a letter. In this, Schneider-Ammann “acknowledged the close political, economic and cultural relationships between our countries and the shared values,” announced the Department of Economics, Education and Research. Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter made more words: Switzerland will continue to rely on free trade with the USA, he said in

42 of an initial reaction on Swiss television SRF. Protectionism and new tariffs, as announced by Donald Trump in his election campaign, are not in Switzerland's interests. The victory for Donald Trump in the presidential election is a defeat for the polls. Almost all 20 of the largest polling institutes, including the relevant departments of television stations and renowned newspapers, predicted a victory for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Part of the truth is, however, that dissenting surveys were simply not taken seriously in the media. The IBDT / IPP tracking system, which asked the current opinion of its sample group on a daily basis, was driven by Donald Trump, as was the University of Southern California in collaboration with the Los Angeles Times. For almost the entire election campaign, both were transverse to the mainstream - and therefore correct. IBD / TIPP even brought its reputation into the 2016 election, four years earlier one of the best

43 lying institutes. There are many reasons why the polls were wrong. Much is said about a “shy Trump effect” - the voters simply did not tell the polls the truth and did not agree with their position. A similar effect is known from Great Britain, where, among other things, it led to the Brexit vote. The EU has not yet given up the planned TTIP agreement with the USA. There are still good reasons for the trade agreement such as new jobs and a better investment climate, said Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen. But it is clear that with the change of government in Washington there is now a pause in the negotiations. Trump spoke out against international free trade agreements in the election campaign. He had described the USA's North American Nafta pact with Mexico and Canada as the “worst deal ever made”. Trump also sees trade with China in his current one

44 Form critical. Trudeau describes Canada's relationship with the United States as a "role model for the world". Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has congratulated Donald Trump on his surprising election victory. "Canada has no closer friend, partner and ally than the United States," Trudeau said on Wednesday. "We look forward to working with President-elect Trump, his administration and the United States Congress on issues such as trade, investment and international peace and stability in the years to come." Trudeau described the relationship between the USA and Canada as a "role model for the world". Ankara congratulates Trump and calls for Gülen to be extradited. The Turkish government has congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in the US presidential election. At the same time, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim reiterated Ankara's call for the extradition of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, who lives in exile in the USA.

45 Swiss politicians are skeptical about the election results in the USA. "Trump's election victory creates a climate of uncertainty, and that is detrimental for investment decisions," says National Council President Christa Markwalder (FDP) about the possible effects of Donald Trump's election victory on Switzerland. SP foreign politician Tim Guldimann speaks of a break with the values ​​of the European Enlightenment. The success of a candidate who openly presents himself as a sexist is also shocking. According to Guldimann, it is also important to consider why surveys are wrong. This is especially the case when frustrated men walk to the ballot box with their fists in the sack. "Opinion polls are not to be trusted," says Bernese SVP National Councilor Andreas Aebi. In Switzerland it would have to be checked how surveys are composed. "Or whether we shouldn't do any more". You got to know the candidate Trump, but you don't know the future of the US President Trump, says Claude Béglé (CVP / VD). How he will lead the US also depends on Trump's team. There will be no disputes between Switzerland and the USA.

46 Vienna is pushing for an independent foreign policy. According to Austria's Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, the EU must react to the American election by profiling its foreign policy. It is important that the EU in future formulate an independent European policy without prior consultation with Washington, said Kurz. "This old demand from me is more relevant than ever," said Kurz. The EU must continue to work on a common defense and security policy. Saudi's hope for stability in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdelaziz has congratulated Donald Trump on his election victory. In a message from the king to Trump, he wished Trump every success in his mission to establish security and stability in the Middle East and around the world, also on behalf of the Saudi government. In it, the monarch emphasized the "historically deep relationship between the two friendly countries". Merkel emphasizes what connects people. mac. Berlin In an appearance in the

47 The Federal Chancellery has congratulated German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Donald Trump's election as American President. She reminded not only that the USA was an old and venerable democracy, but also described its importance for Germany and the whole world and the responsibility that results from it. Germany is not more closely connected with any other country outside the European Union. Merkel also made it clear on what basis the close relationships are based. She named democracy and freedom as well as respect for human dignity as central unifying values, regardless of gender, skin color, sexual, political and religious orientation, among other things. "On the basis of these values, I offer Donald Trump a close partnership," she said, associating a specific expectation of the newly elected president. The partnership with America remains the basis of German foreign policy. It is important to work together for social and economic well-being,

48 Climate policy, the fight against terrorism and for peace and freedom in Germany, the EU and the world. In contrast to other German politicians, such as Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Federal President Joachim Gauck, who had expressed concern about Trump as a person, Merkel had always avoided speaking out in public about the American presidential candidates in recent months. However, concerns about unpredictability and a similar surprise to the Brexit, which was unexpected for Berlin, were around in the government district. Steinmeier said later that morning that the election result in the USA was also an occasion for self-reassurance in Germany and Europe, where one's own political culture had to be cultivated. Protest against Trump. Hundreds of Trump's opponents gathered in front of the White House and protested against his victory. The young people are shocked and worried about the future of their country.

49 Read the second part of our live blog about the US elections here. Elections in the USA: Donald Trump's march through tagesspiegel.de What Trump's election means for the EU and NATO haz.de Elections in the USA: American stock exchanges react calmly nzz.ch Elections in the USA: Republicans on the Trump wave nzz.ch Elections in the USA: horror and concern in Latin America about Trump's victory tagesspiegel.de Trump's election: Split Middle East nzz.ch

50 What Trump's election means for the financial markets faz.net Donald Trump's election victory: "This is the USA, this is not Europe tagesspiegel.de: 13 syc./ Agencies 10/100 Does Jens Lehmann hit a driver? (3.22 / 11 )

51 Starnberg. Ex-national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann (46) has been on trial with a driver since Wednesday. The public prosecutor's office accuses today's TV football expert of coercion and attempted bodily harm in road traffic. It's about a car trip two years ago near his home on Lake Starnberg. According to the penal order, Lehmann got out of his car and grabbed the opponent by the scarf after he overtook and braked his car out of annoyance about the way he was driving. For this, the wealthy ex-professional footballer should

52 Paying 60 daily rates of 4,000 euros each makes a whopping euros. Lehmann appealed against the penalty order. In front of the Starnberg District Court (Upper Bavaria), he described the case as follows: He was harassed by his opponent, who drove past him very close. I had the feeling that he wanted to ram me, said the ex-professional footballer. I was scared to death. His opponent held as a witness against the fact that Lehmann had slowed him down with his car at the motorway exit. Then Lehmann got out, yelled something and grabbed my neck. The Starnberg-based car dealer described the incident from his point of view only when he pressed the horn as the attacked person. When judge Christine Conrad asked about Lehmann's state of mind, the witness replied that the ex-footballer was upset. The process involves two more traffic violations. The prosecutor throws

53 Lehmann proposed that last autumn as a passenger in his car after an accident in Munich he helped to escape the accident. He is also said to have been flashed during a speed control on the Salzburg-Munich (A8) motorway in the spring. According to the prosecution, when the police sent him a notice of the fine, he specified a different person as the driver. Lehmann was taciturn before the start of the process and refused to give camera teams any interviews. However, he willingly gave a fan an autograph in the front of the boardroom. He was accompanied by two lawyers. By dpa / rnd High fine for Lehmann - Football - Bild.de bild.de Dispute with drivers: Fine for Jens Lehmann haz.de

54 - Ex-national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann in court sueddeutsche.de Ex-national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is in court stern.de: 56 Hannoversche Allgemeine 11/100 BSI situation report: More and more cyber attacks in Germany (3.08 / 11) Cyber Attacks on IT systems drastic

55 increased. Public authorities or companies are more and more often the target of extortion software that encrypts data and only releases it again for a ransom. A new rapid reaction force is now to help important facilities in an emergency.The threat to computers, smartphones and IT systems from cyber attacks has increased significantly. Criminals are increasingly exploiting vulnerabilities in software and devices to spy out information, sabotage business and administrative processes or to enrich themselves. Above all, the threat from blackmail programs, so-called ransomware, has worked significantly since the end of last year, according to the management report of the Federal Office for Information Security, BSI. Ransomware blocks computers or encrypts data - mostly to extort a ransom. Act against cyber blackmailers "If information technology systems from hospitals, companies or the

56 The administration is paralyzed in order to extort 'ransom', this is a serious development that requires decisive action, "said Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière. There is also a need for action in view of the attacks on the Bundestag's IT systems or on the parties represented there "If they are successful, I see long-term dangers for the free society and our democracy," said the CDU politician. A major concern is that the federal election campaign could become the target of cyber attacks by hackers from Russia, for example Chancellor Angela Merkel warned. In the BSI management report it says: "The BSI has observed current attacks on political parties, the media and state institutions, which justify concerns about targeted manipulation of public opinion by third parties. "Large increase in malicious programs The experts are worried about the exorbitant increase in malicious programs

57 around new variants of malware were discovered. The number of spam messages with malware attached in the first half of 2016 rose explosively by 1270 percent compared to the previous year. At the same time, traditional defense measures are becoming less effective. Spam activity increased by around 73 percent. According to the report, spam with such programs was mainly sent from developing and emerging countries such as India, Vietnam and Mexico. Attackers now had powerful and flexible means of attack and methods at their disposal. This affects all companies, the state, administration and private users. New cyber security strategy In order to help the state, society and the economy defend themselves against cyber attacks, the capacities of the BSI will be expanded, announced de Maizière. The new cyber security strategy, which is being implemented today in parallel by the Federal Cabinet

58, provides for the establishment of so-called rapid reaction forces (Mobile Incident Response Teams). They are intended to support constitutional bodies, federal authorities and operators of critical infrastructure on site in defending against cyber attacks. In addition, the Federal Criminal Police Office is getting an investigative unit that targets cybercrime in a targeted manner. The new cyber security strategy replaces the one from 2011 and is to apply for the next five years. This is how the new show "Deutschland tanzt" is going to be stern.de climate protection plan: Germany becomes unbelievable zeit.de Cyber ​​attacks in Germany are increasing drastically at augsburger-allgemeine.de

59: 19 tagesschau.de 12/100 Amnesty calls for compliance with Trump's human rights (2.33 / 11) Washington. After his election victory, Trump should show respect in his administration to all people who live in the United States and strengthen their rights, said Kenneth Roth, director of Human Rights Watch in Washington on Wednesday. He made it to the White House through one

60 campaign marked by misogyny, racism and xenophobia. But that's not the way to a successful government, Ross warned. Amnesty International called on Trump to reaffirm and uphold United States' human rights commitments at home and abroad. The xenophobic, sexist and other hateful statements by Trump are completely out of place in the government, said Margaret Huang, head of the US section of Amnesty. There was outrage that Trump had labeled immigrants from Mexico as drug traffickers, criminals and rapists. He also suggested that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. His statement to allow the torture method waterboarding again made headlines. His attitude towards sexual assault on women also outraged many. Come on Trump, according to Human Rights Watch

61 faces a lot of human rights challenges when he takes office in January. This included the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, but also the commitment to human rights in countries such as Russia, North Korea, China and Egypt. Domestically, the human rights organization named a reform of immigration laws and action against racial discrimination as important projects. The US would only be credible if it also had a better record in the criminal justice system, in the US Guantánamo prison camp, in the use of drones and in punishing torture, said Roth. Epd / rnd Hillary Clinton messed it up stern.de Election shock lets the Dax slip down stern.de

62 How does Donald Trump tick? augsburger-allgemeine.de Shocked Clinton camp, celebrating Trump supporters: The pictures of the election stern.de Crazy West stern.de So far Trump had almost only insults left for Merkel augsburger-allgemeine.de: 14 Hannoversche Allgemeine 13/100 Trump's acceptance speech in full (2.20 / 11) Washington. Excerpts from his speech: Now is the time for America to close the wounds of division. (...) I say to all Republicans and Democrats and non-party members

63 all over the country that the time has come to come together as a united people. (...) I promise every citizen of our country that I will be a president for all Americans. And that is very important to me. To those who have chosen not to support me in the past - and there have been a few of them - I turn to you and ask for guidance and help so that we can work together and unite our great country. As I said from the start, we weren't campaigning, but rather an incredible and great movement of

64 million hardworking men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and their families. This movement includes Americans of all races, religions, origins, and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people. And that is exactly what it will do. We will work together to begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and reinvigorating the American Dream. I've lived in the business world, my entire life looking at the untapped potential of projects and people around the world. And that is exactly what I want to do for our country now. (...) Every single American will have the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. The forgotten men and women of our country will no longer be forgotten. We will take care of our hot spots and rebuild our roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools and hospitals. We will rebuild our infrastructure, which, by the way, will be superior to all. And we will at

65 this reconstruction will create jobs for millions of people. We will also finally take care of our great veterans who have been so loyal. (...) Our veterans are incredible people. We will tackle a national growth and renewal project. I will use the creative talents of our people and we will appeal to the best minds to use their enormous talents for the benefit of all. It will happen. We have a great business plan. We will double our growth and have the strongest economy in the whole world. At the same time we will get along with all other nations who want to get along with us. (...) No dream is too big, no challenge is too big. Nothing we want for our future is out of reach. America will no longer settle for less than the best. We must win back the fate of our country and dream big and bold and daring. We have to do that. We will dream of things for our country again, beautiful and successful things. I want to say to the global community: Even if we do

66 Will always put America's interests first, we will treat everyone fairly, everyone. All peoples and all other nations. We will seek common ground, not hostility. Partnership, not conflict. (...) It was said to have been a historic event. But to be really historic we have to do a great job. And I promise you that I won't let you down. We will do a great job. I am very much looking forward to being your President. (...) And I can only say that although the election campaign is over, our work on this movement is only now beginning. We will get to work for the American people immediately. And we are going to do such a job that hopefully you will be very proud of your President. (...) I'm honored. It was an unbelievable evening, it was an unbelievable two years. And I love this country. Many thanks. From RND / dpa

67 Hillary Clinton messed up stern.de Hillary Clinton announces statement stern.de Lady Gaga protests in front of Trump Tower stern.de Trump's election victory: At the bottom ... but not at the end zeit.de: 51 Hannoversche Allgemeine 14 / 100 Serious Accident in London: Five people die in a tram accident (2.16 / 11) In the early morning, a "huge crash" scares residents: a tram derails in the London borough of Croydon. At least five people die and dozen are injured.

68 According to new information, five people were killed in the serious accident of a tram in south London. This was announced by the police in the British capital. According to traffic police, more than 50 people were injured when the tram derailed at an intersection early in the morning and overturned on its side. There was an arrest - according to the media, it is the driver of the tram. The accident occurred in the Croydon district. How this came about is still unclear. Numerous rescue workers were on duty, including an air rescue trauma team.

69 A local resident said she heard "a tremendous crash". Paramedics had carried people away from the scene of the accident on stretchers, the woman told the British news agency PA. Some of them were seriously injured. The "London Ambulance Service" called on patients via Twitter to only report in an emergency. In the event of illness or less severe injuries, one should contact the family doctor. A spokesman for the London public transport company Transport for London (TfL) said tram traffic on the route in question had been temporarily suspended. London Mayor Sadiq Khan shared on Facebook, among other things, that his thoughts go with all those affected by the incident. He is in contact with the rescue workers who are working "extremely hard" to get the situation under their control. The London tram connects several suburbs in the south of the capital. That opened in 2000

70 rail network extends over a total of 28 kilometers. Millions of people use the system every year. Source: n-tv.de Five people die in tram accident - over 50 injured augsburger-allgemeine.de Great Britain: Five dead in accident with London tram tagesspiegel.de Accident in the British capital: One death in tram accident in London n- tv. de: 58 n-tv

71 15/100 Fine against Lehmann reduced by EUR (2.16 / 11) Germany's ex-national soccer goalkeeper Jens Lehmann received a considerably lower fine than initially intended in the process of three traffic offenses. Originally, the 46-year-old was supposed to pay euros (60 daily rates of 4,000 each) for coercion including attempted bodily harm. The district court in Starnberg reduced the sentence on Wednesday to (50 daily rates of 850 each).

72 The public prosecutor's office and defense had previously agreed that the proceedings should be discontinued because of the attempted assault two years ago. At that time Lehmann is said to have slowed down another motorist and grabbed the scarf. A case of false suspicion has also been discontinued: Lehmann is said to have been flashed at a speed control on the Salzburg-Munich (A8) motorway this spring, but indicated a different man as the driver. Lehmann, who worked as a TV expert - who had objected to the first sentence - was finally sentenced to the fine for helping to flee the accident. Lehmann was involved in a rear-end collision as a passenger in downtown Munich last autumn and refused to be recorded by the police. (APA)

73 Ex-national goalkeeper Lehmann sentenced to a fine haz.de High fine for Lehmann - Football - Bild.de bild.de Dispute with drivers: Fine for Jens Lehmann haz.de: 07 Tiroler Tageszeitung 16/100 Jens Lehmann gets away with a lighter fine (2.15 / 11) Ex-national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann (46) has to pay euros for assistance in escaping from an accident. The Starnberg District Court (Upper Bavaria) sentenced him to a fine of 50 on Wednesday

74 daily rates of 850 euros each. Lehmann was involved in a rear-end collision as a passenger in downtown Munich last autumn and refused to allow the police to record the collision. The trial initially concerned a crime related to another drive two years ago. The public prosecutor accused Lehmann of coercion and attempted bodily harm in traffic; However, this procedure has now been discontinued. According to a penal order, Lehmann got out of his car near his home on Lake Starnberg

75 and grabbed another driver by the scarf after overtaking his car because of anger about the way he was driving and slowing it down. For this, the wealthy ex-professional footballer should pay 60 daily rates of 4000 euros each - makes whopping euros. Because he did not accept the penalty order, a trial started. In court, Lehmann described the case as follows: He was harassed by his opponent, who drove past him very close. "I had the feeling that he wanted to ram me," said the ex-professional footballer. "I was scared to death." His opponent held as a witness against the fact that Lehmann had slowed him down with his car at the motorway exit. Then Lehmann got out, "something yelled and grabbed my neck". The Starnberg-based car dealer described the incident from his point of view only when he had pressed the horn as the attacked person "did he let go". Taking advantage of a break in the session at noon

76 Public prosecutor's office and defense reached an agreement: The proceedings over the dispute two years ago were discontinued. Likewise, a procedure for false suspicion: Lehmann is said to have been flashed at a speed control on the Salzburg-Munich (A8) motorway in the spring, but indicated another man as the driver. Ex-national goalkeeper Lehmann sentenced to fine haz.de High fine for Lehmann - Football - Bild.de bild.de Dispute with driver: Fine for Jens Lehmann haz.de: 19

77 17/100 web summit: horror in the tech scene after Trump's victory (2.07 / 11) The US internet elite discussed Trump at the web summit in Lisbon. Civil rights activist Cindy Cohn fears restrictions on "freedom and security" on the Internet, while others are looking for explanations for the election result. The US tech scene formed early and clearly against Trump, the greater the horror at the web summit in Lisbon. About participants from almost 170

78 countries meet at the Internet conference, millions more are watching online. On the stages, however, the speakers from the USA dominate. On Tuesday, the crowd in front of the main stage cheered confidently when Cisco boss John Chambers reported that he had voted for the Democrats for the first time in his life. MIT professor Andrew McAfee ("The Second Machine Age") also received great applause for his comment that "hopefully no populist will win tomorrow". Cindy Cohn, civil rights activist and head of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, warned on Tuesday in an interview with heise online: "Everything we have heard from Mr. Trump suggests that his politics will be much worse for freedom and security on the Internet than politics from Mr. Obama and that wasn't good. "On Tuesday, still confident: Cindy Cohn, Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation Trump had, for example, on the Apple-vs-FBI case

79 said: "Imagine that Apple does not want us to access the cell phone, who do they think they are?" Cohn emphasized that Hillary Clinton also sees backdoors in encryption "still as an option", compared to Trump, however is clearly preferable. Read also on heise online: Donald Trump elected 45th US President Brexit is followed by the next political shock for Berlin German IT associations: Fear of social division and protectionism On Wednesday, after Trump's victory, the Irish website founder Paddy Cosgrave on the crowd to light up the "dark night" with their cell phones. On the podium, the actress and activist Shailene Woodley ("Snowden"), the start-up advisor Bradley Tusk and the Guardian journalist Owen Jones should then arrange the election. All three pretended to be surprised and horrified, but found different explanations for

80 Trump's victory. The American Woodley gave the mainstream media the responsibility: "Whether good press or bad press, Trump was always in the media, and that was his greatest advantage." The Briton Jones, on the other hand, emphasized the role of filter bubbles in social media. Tusk, also a US citizen, said: Like Al Gore, Clinton gave the impression that she "just deserved the presidency" and that the Americans simply couldn't stand that attitude. The Democrats had built the perfect social media marketing machine, but Trump's message was better received. (cwo) Elections in the USA: Horror and concern in Latin America about Trump's victory tagesspiegel.de Press comments on Trump's victory: Time of the unknown begins tt.com: 15 Christian Wölbert

81 18/100 Hanover: Public prosecutor's office is investigating 96 keeper Sahin-Radlinger (2.04 / 11) Hanover. Senior Public Prosecutor Thomas Klinge confirmed corresponding media reports to the SID: "It is correct that we have started investigations against a 24-year-old athlete." The incident is said to have occurred on Tuesday night after Sahin-Radlinger and

82 his wife, the actress Sila Sahin, had been stopped by the police in her car. Sahin did not have her driver's license with her, which is why the police accompanied the couple to their apartment. The insults are said to have occurred there, in the course of which Sahin-Radlinger is said to have pushed an officer. It was the goalkeeper's birthday on Monday SID investigations against Sila Sahin & her husband - season 2016/17 - Bild.de bild.de Public prosecutor's office is investigating ÖFB goalkeeper Sahin-Radlinger tt.com: 39 Hannoversche Allgemeine 19-year-old is allowed to enter despite being insulted Stay rented apartment (2.04 / 11)

83 The almost centenarian has lived on Hohenzollernplatz in Schwabing for decades. New hope for a demented and bedridden almost centenarian: The woman is allowed to stay in her rented apartment for the time being, despite a bitter dispute about the behavior of her carer. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) overturned a judgment on Wednesday that sealed the eviction. The Munich Regional Court now has to renegotiate the case. The 97 year old woman has lived for more than six