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Anarcho-Primitivism and Allied Directions

1. Being. Sham. Reality: Who is who in German-speaking anarchism?
2. Workers' struggle and syndicalism
3. Grass-root anarchism and nonviolent action
4. Basic libertarian groups and individuals without a permanent (large) group
5. Anarcho-Primitivism and Allied Directions
6. Anarchy as a danger at a stage of life: Lifestyle and fashionable protest design
7. Further directions

From the combination of ecological goals, sometimes just animal rights, with the rejection of domination, anarchist currents emerged and emerged that understand civilization or parts of it as the cause of domination and oppression between humans and between humans and nature (or animals). In the German-speaking countries, however, after a brief soaring in the 1990s, such trends have largely disappeared again. They are stronger in other parts of the world, especially in the Anglo-American region. One of the first groups of this kind to define themselves anarchistically and to take decisive action in public was Earth first! Their criticism of civilization was combined with the incapacitation of people and a sympathy for compulsions that people should bring into their ideologies. That brought Earth first! a reputation for being anti-emancipatory or even right-wing.

In the original: Definitions of anarcho-primitivism
On Anarchopedia
Anarcho-primitivism (Latin primitivus "simply") describes the anarchist criticism of the origins and excesses of civilization. Primitivists see the neolithic revolution from the hunter-gatherer society to the agrarian sedentary lifestyle as the origin of social constraints, division and alienation. They advocate a return to a non-civilized way of life through deindustrialization, abandonment of the division of labor or specialization and the banishment of any technology. However, there are many forms of primitivism that are not explicitly anarchist and not all proponents of this ideology see the origin of civilized problems in the same phenomenon.

The world of anarcho-primitivism could have extreme excesses. This is how the head of the Friends of Primitive Peoples, Hartmut Heller, "that world Jewry poses a huge danger to the whole world"and it"no clear distinction between the animal world and the naked monkey"would exist. Heller was an ardent supporter of the ideologies of extermination, e.g. of the Khmer Rouge, saw homosexuality as"Perversity"and migration as"global mishmash".

In the original: Hartmut Heller, Friends of Primitive People
From various mails from Heller (error in the original)
... there is no clear difference between the animal world and the naked monkey.
... the consistent left in Germany had also understood that world Jewry poses a huge threat to the whole world.
Progress and development are common evil values ​​of the Nazi Democrats and the US-oriented Democratic world, which I reject and fight ... if I am a Nazi in this sense, then I wish for many, many Nazis.
The subsequent democracies after the Hitler democracy - I try to point this out again and again - are much more vicious ...
It is important that nature - wild animals, wild plants, wild people - is not destroyed ...
... perversity "homosexual" ...
Nature protection must be directed against the exploitative and destructive people of civilization and completely integrate the people of nature into the protection, since they are part of nature.
... classic nature conservation approach ...: Create artificial areas in which wild animals and plants, but not wild people, are allowed to live.
... global mishmash ... (related to migration and civilization etc.)

Thoughts on the trip to the administrative structure of Cambodia
The aim of my trip to the state structure of Cambodia at the end of 2001 was to find traces of the former indigenous people there who belonged to the Negritoid race. I did not find any concrete clues, and because of the mine hazard I did not penetrate into the Kadamum Mountains, the former habitat of the Pearr, under which Negritoid trains could be found.
I therefore had the opportunity to deal with the now no longer active Khmer Rouge, who, as I found out, apparently have considerable spmpathy among the poor and peasant society in Cambodia, despite all the massive counter-propaganda.
Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge had ideas and goals very close to mine.
They wanted to go back to the exploitation-free way of life, as it has ruled over millions of years of human history and is still there today among primitive peoples.
The Khmer Rouge, like me, would be enemies of industrial and monetary society.
1. They brought down the parasitic city juggernaut Pnom Phen by reducing the population from several hundred thousand to less than 30,000.
2. They achieved that people should only eat what they really grew and produced themselves.
3. They destroyed big industry.
4. They finally got rid of the money so that more equitable barter could take place again.
5. They destroyed many of the monasteries, prisons for child monks for life.
6. They let the road system go to waste. In doing so, they prevented domination, including that by themselves.
7. They demolished the famous ancient temple complex Angkor Wat, symbol and evidence of a brutal hierarchical and nature-despising exploitative society.

The achievement of these goals, and this in a very short period of time, naturally produced tremendous resistance among the followers of the civilized world. In particular, the resistance came from the industrial centers of the world, especially from the US killer society. Of the now more than 6 billion people, at least 5 billion should be school and media damaged and would be ready to use all brutality to defend the peaceful small cultures and nature against the extremely destructive domesticated world.
So the Khmer Rouge had been forced to eliminate these parasites. Now the remaining parasites have returned and can continue their ominous craft. They have returned with hosts of missionaries, mostly from America, who attack the Buddhist population like blowflies. Hosts of development agents have also returned to build roads and other evils in nature.
The trick of the US killer society is to defame the systems they do not like as much as possible, be it through reports of actually occurring or invented incidents. A few examples of many are the defamation of the German Hitler democracy, the largely anarchist way of life in Somalia, the alleged killing of small children in Iraq in order to make the US killer society willing to go to war, or the permanent defamation of the politics of Fidel Castro.
In Cambodia, the killing fields are part of what is exploited for tourism and politics to defame the Khmer Rouge regime. But: how much higher would the mountains of bones be from the millions of natives of North America who were killed? How much higher would the piles of corpses of the at least 800,000 Papuans murdered by US terrorism in West Papua or that of the millions of Hutu murdered be? How much higher would the piles of corpses of the at least 40 million starvation deaths annually caused by the terror of the World Trade Organization be if they were stacked in a heap?
It is deeply regrettable and shameful that anti-imperialist social classes in Europe and around the world paid so very little attention to the Khmer Rouge. As a result, the parasites have succeeded in reversing their successes and regaining their brutal and destructive power.
By the way, primitive peoples are very racist, me too. I tried to make this clear with an example in Lüneburg. Indians, Yanomami, for example, sometimes still act like this to this day: if one of their wives has sexual contact with an ethno-European, e.g. a Brazilian, and maybe even has a child from him, then they kill the woman and child. I think that the armchair bumpers among you fashion anarchos would vehemently condemn this, as the chair bumpers in Lüneburg did. We friends of primitive peoples, anarchist primitive peoples, should respect our friends in all their differences.

Anarcho-primitivists rarely appear as extreme as Hartmut Heller. Many only criticize parts of technical developments. Mostly they lack a useful theory on domination and technology, so that they base their views on concrete everyday relationships, e.g. the rejection of all animal husbandry and use.
Some have made population growth their theme. This creates intense overlaps with right-wing ideologies and bourgeois positions. In all of them, the criticism is directed unilaterally against the number of people and not the type of economy, for example. It is suggested that the amount of people causes hunger, global warming or the consumption of raw materials instead of the highly convenient distribution processes and the form of industrial production characterized by the pursuit of profit.
Strange contradictions also arouse many critics of civilization, who with cell phones, cars and laptops resemble cyborgs rather than noble savages. Technology criticism and anarchy are more of a lifestyle than a theory-based belief.

Since the currents that reject civilization in the German-speaking area are only small, but very different and mostly temporary, a uniform representation is not possible.


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