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I can only briefly write something about Pop! _OS 04/18
I came across this when I visited the Delta Chat installation guide, and suddenly I found the said OS. Never heard of it before, so surfed a little.

I like the system itself very much, even if (at least for me) it is a matter of getting used to always clicking on "Activities" at the top, alternatively pressing Super (Windows) key + Tab to switch to another program that is running. Only the current visible window is displayed in the system tray, the others are not.

Version 19.10 is based on Ubuntu and therefore the same sources, so I didn't install it, because 19.10 includes Thunderbird 68.x, with which I only have problems in key management when I import (copy) my profile again, despite updating the add-ons.

Hardware there is quite expensive, Coreboot etc. is all well and good, but I sometimes have the 14-inch laptop (13-inch as I have, there is not there), sometimes about the same as my HP laptop, so I get more than double the price ...

Oh, I really like about Pop! _OS that data protection features are pointed out when setting up and you can deactivate everything possible using the "switch".