What does kkkkkkk etc.

What does kkkkk mean in chat? Meaning simply explained

What does the abbreviation "kkkkk" mean in the chat? If you often send text messages back and forth with foreign friends or acquaintances, you may have seen the letter combination. We explain what kkkkk means.

Kkkkk appears mostly in conversations with Brazilians. But you could also come across the abbreviation when chatting with Koreans, for example in online games like Dota or League of Legends. The meaning is basically quite harmless: kkkkk means that the person is laughing out loud.

Kkkkk: Meaning of the abbreviation in Brazil simply explained

The abbreviation Kkkkk in the chat is roughly comparable to ours Hahahaha. For example, one could read it in this context:

That video is so funny. Kkkkkk (This video is so funny. Kkkkk)

Since Brazilians like to laugh in other ways too, you read the abbreviation very often in conversations with them. There are many other ways of expressing laughter on the Internet. Well known are LOL, ROFL and Huehuehue.

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Kkkkk is mainly used by Brazilians whose national language is Portuguese. In Portugal, however, one would rather say “ahahaha” instead, similar to ours. Similar abbreviations, which you may also come across in written communication with Brazilians, are "rsrsrs" or "aushaush". In Spanish-speaking countries, one very often writes “jajajaja” instead.

We show you the most popular chat abbreviations in the video:

Kkkkk in online chat with Koreans

The abbreviation Kkkkk is also often found on social media in South Korea. Especially in the Cyword community, a page comparable to Facebook, there is no getting around the abbreviation.

Western users often come into contact with it through online games like League of Legends. Instead of Kkkkk, one often reads in the chat ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ. This is the spelling in Korean characters.

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