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This is how you collect more user data for your online marketing

No successful online marketing without user data. Almost all the advantages of online marketing are based on collected data, which is evaluated and used for individualization. If you do e-mail marketing, for example, you need the e-mail address and the consent that advertising e-mails may be sent. In this article I'll give you advice on how to do it as possible collect a lot of user data - legally and in the interest of your customers.

  1. Create a data plan
  2. Simplify the registration process
  3. Allow a direct selection of various options
  4. Install a self-service center
  5. Ask your customers specifically
  6. Measure your performance
  7. Survey after deregistration

Create a data plan

Before you take any new action collect more user data, you should take stock.

  • What data do you currently save from customers, visitors and interested parties?
  • What is the quality and up-to-dateness of this data?
  • Is the information brought together and already used for marketing measures?
  • What additional data do you want to determine in the future?

After answering the questions, you can think about which use cases are possible with the data available in the future.

Simplify the registration process

Visitors need to graduate in as few steps as possible. Check your websitehow many clicks it takes to register or place an order. The more cumbersome this route, the greater the likelihood that the process will be aborted. You should remove any unnecessary fields to ensure a simple registration process.

Allow a direct selection of various options

If you have a large variety of topics and offers, you should offer these to the user separately. For example, subdivide your range of clothing into fashion for women and men and create for each target group a separate newsletter. Depending on the scope, subdivide further into work, leisure, sportswear or special offers.

You will then not only receive the current e-mail address from your user, you will also know directly which articles they are particularly interested in. Without much effort, you can send tailor-made offers that are guaranteed to meet the needs of the user . Alternatively, you just can't offer different newsletters, but let the user click which topics he will get for his subscription. This means that he only has to register once and can then select the topics about which he would like to be informed.

You have to make sure that the user data you collect comes from real people. The code shown must be entered by the user in order to be able to register on your website. Spambots cannot read the information and you prevent false profiles from being created automatically.

Install a self-service center

If you have multiple Collect data from the user, you should give your customers the opportunity to update their profile on their own. Information can be kept up-to-date and new user data collected in a clear interface. It is best to send a link to the self-service center in every e-mail so that your customers have access to it at all times and know what data is stored.

Ask your customers specifically

Many customers are willing to swap their data for better service. You shouldn't urge visitors to do so, because trust and seriousness play a decisive role here. I ask mine Newsletter subscribers after a certain amount of time, what information you would like. I can use the answers to determine the interests and then change the mailing list if necessary.

Measure your performance

Collect reaction and behavior data from your offers. Measure, for example, which newsletters were opened particularly often and for how many messages the link to your website was clicked. Hold on to what after Visitors to your website most often looking to identify needs. You can legally collect anonymized user data without any problems. You only need your consent when you assign the data to specific people.

Survey after deregistration

Interview userswho no longer want to use your service in the future. Why did you cancel the subscription? What are the reasons why the collaboration is terminated? You can use the information to prevent further unsubscribes and to find out which areas you should improve. It is best to use a selection form for a quick response. Do not send an extensive questionnaire for which a user does not take the time anyway.

Personal marketing advice

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