What are Jack Nicholson's best films

Jack Nicholson

Nobody can grin so disgustingly deep. Nobody is so depraved and so beautifully characterless and psychopathic. In Bob Rafelsons "When the postman rings twice"(1980) based on the classic crime novel by James M. Cain, he assaults his beloved, the wife of the gas station owner, played by Jessica Lange, and takes her on the kitchen table in Stanley Kubrick's Stephen King film"Shining"(1979) he attacks his wife with an ax. Most diabolical, however, was the moviegoer's experience as the" Joker ", the devilish adversary of the smartBatman"(1989) or as the devilish Daryl Van Horne in"The Witches of Eastwick" (1986).

18-year-old Nicholson was a shrewd college graduate who worked as a messenger at Metro Goldwyn Mayer. He plays many small roles with horror master Roger Corman, who also directs one of his scripts: "The trip". Then Nicholson steps in for colleague Rip Torn in a motorcycle film at the side of Peter Fonda, and the cult film is made under the direction of Dennis Hopper"Easy rider"(1969). It grossed more than 30 million dollars, a multiple of its production costs. Also in 1969, Bob Rafelson's New Hollywood masterpiece was created."Five Easy Pieces - A man seeks himself"with Nicholson in the role of a gifted pianist who drifts aimlessly through life. His brilliant game between drunkenness and women earned him an Oscar nomination for best actor.

The next big step for Jack comes with the Czechoslovak boy prodigy Milos Forman. He occupies him as an inmate of a mental hospital in "One flew over the cuckoo's nest"(1975). Nicholson received the Oscar for best actor. In Roman Polanski's cult film"Chinatown"(1974) he is Jack J. Gittes, a lousy little snoop who gets into a dark matter without his doing anything: While doing research, he is confronted with a murder. The deeper he delves into the confusing story, the more uncomfortable it becomes for him and the audience. Polanski tells the detective story in a classic style with social and romantic components. Chandler and his alter ego Philip Marlowe are the inspiration for this fascinatingly beautiful thriller.

Photo: Warner In "Reds"Warren Beatty's film about the Russian Revolution, he convinces as the writer Eugene O'Neill, another Oscar for the best supporting role as the curious courtship lover of Shirley MacLaine in"Time of tenderness"follows in 1983. His best roles include appearing as partner of Kathleen Turner in John Hustons"The honor of the Prizzis". Again Nicholson wins the Oscar for best actor and the Golden Globe in 1998 for his rousing directing in James L. Brooks'"It doesn't get any better than that". And in 2003 there was another Golden Globe, this time for acting in a drama - Alexander Payne's tragic comedy"About Schmidt". Nicholson was delighted with the award, although he noted that he always thought he was in a comedy.

One of the most famous underdogs of American cinema, Monte Hellman, thanks Jack Nicholson for funding his early films "Ride in the whirlwind"(1966, also book) and"The shooting"(1966). Nicholson also tried his hand at directing. For example, he worked for the first time under Roger Corman - anonymous - as assistant director on" The Terror "(1963), with" Drive, He Said "in 1971 first sole directorial work, for which he also wrote the screenplay, staged the western in 1978 "The gallows rope"and in 1989 the" Chinatown "continuation"The trail leads back - The Two Jakes".

Other films with Jack Nicholson: "The Cry Baby Killer" (1958), "Too Soon To Love", "Studs Lonigan", "The Wild Ride", "Der kleine Horrorladen" (all 1960), "The Broken Land" ( 1962), "The raven - duel of the magicians"," Operation Pacific "(both 1963)," Flight To Fury "(also book)," Back Door To Hell "(both 1964),"The shooting"(1966, also producer)," Chicago Massacre "," The Wild Thugs of San Francisco "(both 1967)," Head "(also book)," Psych-Out "(both 1968)," Once upon a time the day will come "(1969)," Terror Vision "(1970)," A Safe Place "," The Art of Loving "(both 1971),"The King of Marvin Gardens" (1972), "Profession: reporter", "The last command"(both 1973),"Dowry hunter", "Tommy"(both 1974),"The last tycoon", "Duel on the Missouri"(both 1975),"Border patrol"(1980)," Notre Dame de la Croisette "(1981),"heartburn"(1985)," Spurge ","News fever"(both 1987),"Man Trouble - got down to the dog" (1991), "A question of honor", "Jimmy Hoffa"(both 1992),"Wolf - the animal in man" (1993), "Crossing Guard - It happened on the open road" (1995), "Blood & Wine - A deadly cocktail", "Years of tenderness", "Mars Attacks!"(all 1996), the documentation"Stanley Kubrick - A Life for Film", "The promise"(all 2000),"The anger test", "What your heart desires"(both 2003),"Departed - Among enemies" (2006), "The best comes last" (2007), "How do you know it's love", "I'm still here"(both 2010).

He also has various guest roles in TV series and shows such as "Mr. Lucky" (1960), "Tales Of Wells Fargo" (1961), "Bronco" (1961), "Hawaiian Eye" (1962), "Dr. Kildare "(1966, four episodes)," Andy Griffith Show "(1966 and 1967). He also wrote the screenplays for "Thunder Island" (1963) and "The Trip" (1967).