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4 ways to find your personal strengths

The key to having fun at the job is asking yourself one simple question: "What is my greatest strength?"

Think about it: Countless people are stuck in jobs they hate because they haven't discovered their true passion. They're not bad at enough things, so they just do it now, but aren't sure what the thing is that they could like to do for the rest of their lives.

Here's what I have to say: stop it. Be aware of your strengths so that you can find your purpose.

Only four steps that I hope will get you further. I get an infinite number of emails and comments on the subject of "How do I find out my strengths?" Or "How do I know which job is right for me?" There are a lot of articles on this, but I want to give you four specific pieces of advice here.

What are my skills?

Put aside the five to ten people who know you best. You then divide them into two groups: on the one hand people with whom you are on a very personal level and on the other hand people who are close to you but may have a slightly different style or other character traits.

Then ask one person in each group to be honest about what they see as your strengths and weaknesses.

I am convinced that some kind of market analysis and the fact that you are completely honest with each other are the two crucial things. Sure, if someone is really close to you, they may not be completely honest for fear of hurting you. Still, the quickest way to find your strengths is to know your weaknesses - and to avoid them.

What are my strengths?

You can't just glorify the skills that made you this far. Maybe you are an A student who shows absolutely no interest in the school. Or you have a huge talent for basketball, even if you are sure that you will not do anything with it. But one of those strengths will come in handy at some point - using it as a kind of blueprint for topics that you may not have understood properly. Write down all of the things you need to be extraordinarily good at what you already got on top of. Don't just look at it as a gift - there are a thousand things you have to know to excel in any field. And your potential is certainly not limited to just one topic.

Read everything

Sure, it's a pretty sober world. But finding your personal strengths is, well, quite a personal matter. I just want to make sure I'm telling you something here that you can use as well.

So here's a piece of advice that can be put into practice: Take a vacation.

In earnest.

But not vacation-Vacation. Instead, in your free time, read through every email, letter or piece of paper that was written to you, in which your abilities were praised or poor performance was pointed out. As you read, ask yourself what skills you keep getting praised for. Or, in other words, what things you are pointed out over and over again that they could be better.

It could take a couple of hours. Maybe too long?

But think about it: You found your way here voluntarily. You clicked the link. A couple of hours is probably not that long because you seem to have real questions. In the end, you sacrifice a bit of time - and ideally you have many years ahead of you in which you will know more about yourself.

Ask strangers

Make a video or a post in which you ask your followers the same question that we have been chewing through the whole time: "What are my strengths?" You can of course adapt that to the followers. For example, I ask which of my activities people like. What do you find helpful? Which of my work has been the best so far? Where do you see my potential?

At the moment you can't continue to lay out the network to get information. Because these are the people who perceive you as a social media person, you can still incorporate this aspect of your personality into the decision on the right path.

Done all four steps? Then you should really have enough information together to take a new step. If you put all your thoughts together, you will definitely find skills and strengths that will help you. From then on, the path forks: New career? Start a new company? Find business partners with a different skill set and work for them? Or would you rather raise something with him?

When I think about your chances, I'm pretty excited myself.

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