What is your favorite nail polish

This is what your favorite nail polish color says about you

Who does not know that: It's Sunday evening, you are sitting on the sofa and wondering in which color you should paint your nails. In the end it will always be your favorite color anyway? Thanks to the American manicure specialist Michelle Saunders at Essie, we finally know what our weekly choice says about out.

Black: In addition to being edgy, black nails are complex and mean that you are very confident. They are a must for a real #girlboss.

Neon: Because neon paints are so colorful and loud, you will definitely get noticed. If you wear neon polishes, you are likely to be sociable and adventurous.

Pink: If your go-to paint is pink, you are considered flirty and very feminine. You also like to be a typical girl sometimes.

Blue: Due to the many different tones and depths, blue is super versatile and keen to experiment - blue paint means that you are creative and think ahead.

Oxblood: This dark red is considered to be the hottest nail polish of all - if this is your signature look, you can call yourself seductive.

Red: A purple manicure is classic and timeless - when you wear a color like this it means that you are elegant and effortlessly chic at the same time.

Pastel: Do you love a soft, lovely pastel lacquer? Then it means you like it romantic!

White: If you wear this trendy lacquer, you give your look something youthful and modern and appear trendy and cool.

Nude: Nudes are perfect for any occasion because they are very inconspicuous. If you prefer to wear these colors, it shows that you are rather straightforward and want to make little effort.

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