What are Dilaudid worth


Trade name: Palladon®, Dilaudid®
English: hydromorphone, dihydromorphinone

1 definition

Hydromorphs is a semi-synthetic opioid analgesic approved for the treatment of moderate to severe acute and chronic pain conditions. The analgesic potency of hydromorphone is 7.5.

2 indication

Severe to very severe pain such as tumor pain, postoperative and traumatic pain, orthopedic diseases, neuropathies, etc.

Hydromorphone can also be used as a potent antitussive. For this indication, however, codeine and dihydrocodeine are more popular in Germany.

3 application forms

Hydromorphone is available for oral ingestion as a capsule or sustained release capsule and for parenteral administration as an injection solution.

4 dosage

The dosage and duration of use depend on the type and severity of the pain. Further information can be found in the information provided by the respective manufacturer.

5 pharmacokinetics

After enteral absorption, the hydromorphone is metabolized in the liver and is then only bioavailable to about 50% (first-pass effect). The maximum plasma concentration is reached after approx. 1 hour. The terminal half-life is relatively short and is also only 1 hour. For this reason, hydromorphone must be given at short intervals or in a retarded form in order to achieve a longer-lasting elimination of pain. The protein binding of the active ingredient is about 7%. The metabolites are mainly excreted renally.

6 side effects

The side effects correspond to those of the drug class (opioid analgesics). Among other things, it can be too


7 interactions

Sedating substances such as

can increase the effects of hydromorphone and at the same time affect the side effects in an unpredictable way.

8 contraindications

9 Others

In Germany, hydromorphone is subject to the Narcotics Act and must be prescribed on a BtM prescription.