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Is the deletion worth watching? - A full review

Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi or BokuMachi) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kei Sanbe.

The story revolves around Satoru Fujinuma, who has the unique ability to rewind a few minutes in time. The series revolves around how he uses that special power that changes the course of his life.

An anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures aired January 8, 2016 through March 25, 2016.

1. Brief overview

Satoru Fujinama is a boring and aloof 29-year-old manga artist. Fujinama has the unique ability to turn back time by a few minutes and uses this power in the face of an impending tragedy. Fujinama soon used this supernatural ability that he called "resuscitation" to save many lives.

The story follows Satoru, who must use his power to go back in time when he is wrongly accused of murdering someone close to him. Instead of a few minutes, it goes back to 1988, 18 years in the past.

Things take an unpredictable turn when Satoru realizes that there is more to this murder than meets the eye. It turns out that the murder can be part of something much bigger. He decides this is his chance to do good by doing things right.

Erased follows Satoru on his mission to understand what happened 18 years ago and to change the tragic future that awaits those who interest him. The series is a gem in terms of character development and the smooth transition between past and present. The characters are full of life and the show emphasizes the harsh realities of life.

2. Info card


Flight date: January 8, 2016 Status: Done Studio: A-1 pictures Number of seasons: 1 Number of episodes: 12

3. Is it worth seeing?

Deleted is like a breath of fresh air from your usual isekai, ecchi or comedy concepts. The show gives you an original, down-to-earth perspective by highlighting real-world problems. The artwork on the show goes a long way in creating the emotional and fun moments that make you want it.

The series has some lovely animation and direction that add tension to the plot and leave you glued to your seat with anticipation for what's to come.

I. Action

The story follows the life of Satoru Fujinuma, a young man who, for reasons unknown, possesses an ability known as "resuscitation" that takes him back in time. He uses this power to prevent a lifelong moment from occurring.

The plot takes an unexpected path when Fujinama's mother is murdered. Satoru's ability suddenly sends him eighteen years back in time, where he learns of several events that have taken place in connection with his mother's murder. Satoru must uncover these secrets so that he can change the course of his life.

The series has a very interesting concept and a lot of philosophy. The art and animation styles are perfectly matched to a mystery genre. The highlights of the show are the realistic main characters and the wide range of soundtracks.

II. Characters

Satoru Fujinama

Satoru Fujinuma is the main protagonist of the series.

He is a 29 year old unsuccessful manga artist who works part time as a delivery man at Oasi Pizza. Satoru is an introvert and often pretends to get along with people in order to have healthy relationships since he was a child because he has always struggled to understand someone's feelings. He has the unique ability of "resuscitation" with which he travels into the past and saves many lives.

Sachiko Fujinuma

She is Satoru's mother and a former news anchor.

She is very attentive and knows a lot about the cold serial kidnapping cases in her city. However, she is silent to ensure the safety of her child. Sachiko is described as a kind, caring, and wonderful mother who would do anything for her son. If she is murdered, Satoru would do anything to uncover the truth about her murder and change the future so that they can be together again.

Airi Katagiri

Airi Katagiri is a high school student and employee of Satoru Fujinuma at Oasi Pizza.

She is one of the few characters who trust Satoru even when he is wrongly accused of murder. Airi is considered an optimistic and reliable girl who helps the main character in numerous situations. She believes it is important to express your hopes and desires out loud so that one day they will become a reality.

III. frame

The action of Erased takes place mainly in Japan. Satoru, the protagonist, is living in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, when the story begins. As the story progresses, he travels back to 1988, when the environment changes to the city where he spent his childhood, Hokkaido.

IV. Theme songs

The opening theme songs are "Re: Re:" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (episode 2-12) and the ending theme songs are "Re: Re:" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (episode 1) and "Sore wa Chiisana Hikari "no Youna" by Sayuri (episode 2-12)

The theme songs used in Erased set the mood for the show and, with their music, create the corresponding tones of loneliness, isolation and happiness that were depicted throughout the series.

4th grade: 4 out of 5

History: A +

Camera / animation: A +

Type: A +

Music: A.

5. Final thoughts

Erased is a psychological mystery anime that sheds light on reality and the enigmatic concept of time travel. The series contains a compelling and unique story. As a viewer, you become attached to the characters when you see how long they go through to change their fate.The magnetic concept is complemented by excellent animation and artwork that bring the story to life. Erased is the perfect companion for someone interested in mysterious or criminal shows.

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