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Alkaline soil

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From a pH value over 7 the garden soil is called alkaline soil. An alkaline soil is basically the opposite of an acidic soil, which has a pH value below 7. If the ph value is exactly 7, one speaks of a neutral soil.

The pH value of the garden soil has a very strong impact on whether your plants will thrive or not.

Further product recommendations

Digital 4in1 floor tester

In order to choose the ideal location for a plant species or to determine the general soil condition, this soil tester measures the following important parameters:

  • the pH of the mother earth
  • the moisture of the soil
  • the soil temperature
  • the light intensity at the plant location

The values ​​determined by the test device are shown on a large, illuminated display.

With the 20cm long measuring probe, the data can also be determined directly at the roots of the plant.

A plant table supplied lists the soil requirements of various plants and helps with quick location control.

pH soil test from Neudorff

With the help of the Neudorff soil test set, you can determine the pH value of your garden soil, lawn or potting soil in just 3 minutes. The result shows you the following pH value in 4 different colors:

»Ph 4 - strongly acidic (yellow)
»Ph 5 - acidic (green)
»Ph 6 - slightly acidic (turquoise)
»Ph 7 - neutral (blue)

With this knowledge you can choose the right plants for your garden soil or temporarily change the soil texture in the desired direction with the help of lime or compost.

The set includes sealable test tubes and test tablets for 8 different tests.

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