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Biography of Lana Del Rey

The American singer Lana Del Rey (real name: Elizabeth "Lizzy" Grant) was born on June 21, 1986 in New York and grew up in Lake Placid near New York. She attended Fordham University in New York. Her stage name is a combination of Lana Turner (actress) and the mid-size car Del Rey from Ford.

Lana Del Rey began writing songs at a young age. Accompanied by her guitar, she appeared as Lizzy Grant in smaller clubs and won her first fans. In 2008 she released her first EP "Kill Kill" under the name Lizzy Grant. Eventually she adopted her current stage name and toured as Lana Del Rey a.k.a. Lizzy Grant through Brooklyn and the Lower East Side.

Lana Del Rey released her first album Lana Del Ray A.K.A. in 2010 under her real name Lizzy Grant. Lizzy Grant. The album was available as a download for a short time, but was withdrawn from sale a little later after Lana Del Rey bought back the rights to the album from her label at the time.

After signing her first record deal with a major label (Universal), things went uphill for the young singer in 2011. Her first single "Video Games" became known on YouTube and made it into the charts in several European countries.

Her debut album as Lana Del Rey "Born to Die" was released worldwide in late January 2012. "Born to Die" became an international success and made it into the top ten of the album charts in over two dozen countries. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland it even reached the top of the charts.

The second album "Ultraviolence" was released in 2014 and became the musician's first number one album in the USA.

Albums & hits

2015: Honeymoon , High by the Beach

2014: Ultraviolence , West Coast

2013: Young & Beautiful

2012: Born to Die , Lana Del Rey , Blue jeans , Summertime Sadness

2011: Video games , Video games , Blue jeans , Born to Die

2010: Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant

2008: Kill Kill (as Lizzy Grant)

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