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Dispute with Roku: Google integrates YouTube TV into its video app

With a creative workaround, Google has prevented YouTube TV from being available for Roku devices in the future. The service has been integrated into the normal application of the streaming platform. This means that YouTube TV can still be used on all TV models. A dispute recently broke out between the search engine company Google and the hardware manufacturer Roku. After Google allegedly made unfair demands on the company and Roku failed to implement them, the YouTube TV app was blocked for the manufacturer's devices. Among other things, Google is said to have demanded that the Roku products manipulate all search results for the benefit of YouTube. According to Google, only an existing contract should be extended. Roku wanted to renegotiate. The manufacturer Roku offers streaming sticks with 4K and HDR support. In order to avoid the dispute between the corporations at the expense of the users, Google then decided to release YouTube TV for the owners of Roku devices via a detour. The service can now be found in the normal YouTube app so that users can still access the streaming platform. To access YouTube TV from the app, all you have to do is click on an entry in the application's sidebar. If the button does not appear, an update to the latest version of the app must be carried out.

Roku has criticized Google's move

As The Verge writes, Roku doesn't seem to welcome Google's move. The manufacturer describes the search engine group as an "unchecked monopoly who prevents fair competition". It is currently unclear whether the two companies will come to an agreement in the near future. You cannot take out new YouTube TV subscriptions with the normal YouTube app. Therefore, the workaround from Google is not a permanent solution.

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