Baby Yoda is an alien

The Mandalorian: does Baby Yoda descend from Yoda?

He is already one of the fan favorites among Star Wars fans: Baby Yoda has taken the hearts of The Mandalorian viewers by storm. At the same time, the little green alien also raises several questions that need to be clarified. We'll tell you what we know about Baby Yoda so far.

We first met the character, who fans now refer to as Baby Yoda, in the first episode of season 1 of The Mandalorian. Mando is on a mission to kill some criminals on the planet Arvala-7. He receives support from a resident named Kuiil. This takes him to the hiding place of the bandits, where his bounty target is located.

Using the droid IG-11, he defeats the bad guys and finally finds Baby Yoda. Before IG-11 can kill the little creature, Mando shoots him. He takes the creature and protects it during the course of the first season. But what do we actually know about the extraterrestrial grimace with the sail ears?

Fans of the show have already hypothesized who Baby Yoda really is. Because in The Mandalorian he is only known as the child (The Child in the English-language original). So Baby Yoda is not the official name, as director Taika Waititi explains. So we will get to know Baby Yoda's real name as the story progresses.

According to the show's creator, Jon Favreau, there are many theories about the cute alien that are not true. In any case, it is impossible that it is about Jedi master Yoda in his younger years. After all, The Mandalorian plays in The Return of The Jedi after his death. The question still arises, however, whether it is actually a descendant of Jedi master Yoda from the original films. We hope that Season 2 of The Mandalorian will shed a little more light and set out the backstory of the beloved character.