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New rules for Google Play: This is what the app store should look like soon

So far, the Android app store has been very colorful - and sometimes dubious. That should change. This is what the Google Play Store should look like in the future.

Free, top app or "Number 1": Users promise something, but often don't keep it, that's everyday life in many app stores. Full-bodied promises or misleading names are right and cheap for many providers, the main thing is that their application is installed as often as possible.

So that you can rely more on search hits and listings in the Play Store in the future, Google has announced new rules for the names and logos of Android apps. They should become clearer and easier to understand. An overview:

  • Maximum length: In future, the length of app titles may no longer exceed 30 characters.
  • Certain info: In the name, in the logo and also in the developer name, no information about the download rank or whether the app may be free of charge may appear. This means that designations such as "free travel planner" or "NoAdsTravelCompany" are prohibited in future, as the Android developers write.
  • Direct requests and actions: Direct requests like "Download now" or "Update now" as well as sales campaigns should also be taboo.
  • Emojis and characters: Emojis in or on the names of the app and developer should be prohibited, as should exclamation marks - or other punctuation marks that do not belong there.
  • App logo: New rules also apply to the little pictures next to titles and developer companies. Banderoles or banners above the logo are no longer permitted - such as "Sale" or "Update now".

Would you like a little less? There should be new rules for the Play Store. (Source: googleblog.com/dpa-tmn)

For application developers, the changes will come into force in the second half of 2021. When exactly, Google wants to inform about it soon.

Anyone who as a provider does not want to risk being thrown out of the Play Store with their app or not even being accepted must adhere to the new rules. For consumers, this means above all: The App Store may look a bit more sober - but this also means that they are more protected.

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