What are some of the virtues of industrialization

Features of industrialization - panel picture30.03.2017, 13:08

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This introductory panel depicts the essential features of industrialization; The focus is on the two innovations "machine" and "factory", which lead to completely changed production conditions.

You can also download this board image as a larger image file or as a PDF. It is part of a collection of teaching materials (blackboard pictures, teaching sample) on industrialization / industrial revolution.

This panel offers a very rough overview of the characteristics of industrialization. The resulting societal social conflicts as well as details of the changes in the world of work are only hinted at; You will find teaching materials and other blackboard pictures on these topics in the teaching series with blackboard pictures on industrialization / industrial revolution.

Two central features of industrialization are:

  • machinery - In production one is no longer dependent on the (limited and easily worn) human strength; the new machine power is only limited by the size of the machine and the availability of fuel (e.g. coal). The consequence of this change is an immense increase in production output - many fewer people can now produce many more goods. It comes to mass production.
  • Factories - Production is shifting away from the domestic stove to large-scale production facilities. The workplace is moving out of the country; "Work" splits off from the family, and accordingly the identification of the worker with the work decreases, especially since the worker is increasingly exploited at the workplace.

This development has undeniable advantages: At least for parts of the population there is prosperity, comfort and, in some cases, improved health. Of course, this only applies to a very limited extent to the workforce. This workforce has to endure the disadvantages above all - such as environmental pollution or exploitation in the workplace. Another unpleasant development is the modernization of warfare; Industrial forms of production mean that more and larger weapons can be manufactured. The possibility of mass production ultimately also leads to the possibility of mass extermination.