Why is Instagram full of clickbait videos

YouTube SEO - How to optimize the placement of your videos

A meaningful video title is not automatically clickbait - so you should continue to attach great importance to the title of your video. It is important, however, that you do not promise your audience nothing. The title and content of the video should match so that your bounce rates don't rise and you are penalized in the search results.

So don't promise something like "How to become the next Bill Gates - super rich with our investment tips" in your video on investment tips with an average return of 2.3% in the title. As a result, viewers feel at most amused, but rather duped. A better title would be, for example, "Investment for beginners - good returns despite low interest rates".

The length of the title should be up to 60 characters. Longer titles are cut off in many previews, e.g. B. in the search. If a video title gets longer, at least the most important keyword should be at the beginning.

Right Keywords: These tools will help you choose

When it comes to the video title, which one plays a major role Keywords You want to optimize - in the specific example that would be Investment, Low interest rate or return. Researching tools like the free Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool can reveal which keywords are worthwhile. If you compare the three keywords mentioned, you quickly notice that investment is the term that is searched for much more often and therefore represents the most attractive keyword of the selection.

TubeBuddy is an alternative to Ahrefs. The tool's browser extension is available for Firefox and Chrome and shows you, among other things, keyword suggestions with an assessment. Even in the free basic version, you can assess to what extent a keyword is worthwhile.