Is your third eye open or closed

Third Eye

The third eye is a chakra.

Third Eye

Associated skills:

Knowledge and truth opens this chakra. We go through life with prejudice. Life is like that. These people are like that, etc.

Even when we know someone well, we have prejudices. Because prejudices arise from experiences that only showed us certain things. If we let go of prejudices and go through life without them, we will achieve great growth idk lol

When the third eye opens you get the following skills one after the other, because it keeps opening: Clairvoyance (this also includes psychometry, remote viewing and the other clairvoyant senses). You also get telepathic, empatic and telekinetic powers. One can see spirits, elemental beings, dead bodies, auras, etc. immediately. You see on another level. But you can still see with the other two normal eyes. Telepathy and especially clairvoyance are associated with the third eye. You can feel whether someone is lying because every sentence that is pronounced, every word emits a certain vibration. An object is surrounded by a certain oscillation frequency. When someone touches the object, an energy residue of the person remains on the object. The third eye can absorb this energy and make it visible to the user. In this way, the user can obtain information about the person who touched this object. With the third eye open one can consciously perceive the structures, energies and beings of other dimensions. You also learn to feel and locate dark and light energy and beings.

The third eye is a tool that has been tortured almost to the point of unconsciousness in esotericism. A while ago I did an experiment. I asked in my forum what one would see if one looked at the sky with the third eye. There were a relatively large number of adventurous answers. Most of these were more romanticized than what you actually see. Some of the descriptions were wild fantasies, aloof writing, and completely without any real experience. So far, only one person has roughly described what can be seen.

When I taught myself how to properly open the third eye, there was only one sentence that stuck in my mind and which precisely described my efforts: "Pretend that the third eye is open until it is really open."

So I started by simply trying the mind game whenever the opportunity arose. Sometimes I was able to get feedback that confirmed what I saw. At some point the quality of the exercise changed and I suddenly really opened the third eye.

The difference was that from one moment to the next I experienced a kind of superimposition of senses, in which the everyday normal optical impressions were superimposed by a kind of inner impression that was not added by the two optical receptor systems but by an inner sense. In doing so, I saw a lot of things that so far not many people seem to be able to really see. For example, it was relatively easy for me to find old places of strength even while driving a car: They radiate a column of energy directly upwards. I see other things just as quickly, like leylines where energy really flows. The sky is a completely different color and the entire scene is bathed in a strange light, night and day, which I can compare to the light of a laser, but which is much finer and seems to come from everywhere. This light looks exactly the same during the day as it does at night. The vital force trajectories of living beings are then just as visible, which leads to a very bright and confusing environment if I allow these perceptions in a forest. My previous tests to find my way around without any visual stimulus, however, have so far failed. It will then open automatically Alles Sensory channels at the same time and at the moment I have only succeeded to a limited extent in restricting myself to the three-dimensional world.

It is possible to tune the third eye to different energetic levels like a radio receiver. The level closest to the physical showed a rather gray and monotonous world without colors, blandly luminous. When I got involved, only occasionally slightly fluorescent phenomena appear. A forum member of the poll at the time described this layer closest to us. So far I have not noticed anything special at this level of perception. I also call it the "etheric plane". In the next shift I immediately noticed the life force. I already brought them closer to you in the last paragraph. This level of perception is also often called the "astral level" because the omnipresent light appeared to be similar to the light of the stars. It is the most normal layer for my perception. The other layers that follow then go over the emotional vibration level, the mental level, on to the conceptual level, the world of ideas and finally the so-called "level of the spirit".

A motorway - viewed at the level of the ideas - shows me the idea of ​​the transport route in a three-dimensional way: Many colored strands that embody the ideas that are linked to the motorway outside of the time axis. I can hardly describe what an idea of ​​a living being looks like, since all variants are contained in the idea. The higher energy layers are seldom of practical use. It makes much more sense, for example, to teach yourself to see in the infrared or UV spectrum, to perceive X-rays or radioactive radiation. However, for exercise purposes it is again not advisable to put a lump of uranium on the table or to go into a nuclear reactor.

Ultimately, this exercise can be extended to include the acoustic sense. You can also activate a third ear. You can use it to listen to radio waves, for example, if the visual sense does not seem particularly appropriate. As far as I know, there are some people who have activated this sense accidentally or spontaneously. I myself rarely use this inner ear, whereby I try to perceive the ultrasound and infrasound frequencies. I don't necessarily succeed. Once I was able to "hear" bats with my inner ear.

The most important thing in all of these exercises is to maintain the "neither-neither" mindset. Unfortunately, so far I mostly fail at the moment when I absolutely want to know something, or a test is pending. For me this is a sign that I have not developed the discipline long enough to simply activate these senses without desire and without attachment, despite such external circumstances. However, I have seen impressive correspondences with real situations so often that it is no longer a matter of discussion for me whether these senses are just my imagination. It's just damn difficult to use them the way we'd like them to. So I can only advise you to try it out yourself in order to gain your own experience. I have deliberately refrained from going into a more detailed description of the things that are noticeable when your third eye is really open: it would be easy for the usual free riders to say the same about themselves, even if they hardly really do so by the time you read this chapter used or known. Your own experience is still the most valuable part of it. Have fun practicing!

Exercises [edit | Edit source]

Opening technique with a candle[Edit | Edit source]

Try a lavender-scented purple candle, then meditate as you are used to.
But note that you only breathe through your nose and imagine that you are light and everything else too, with every inhalation you breathe pure light, it goes straight to your forehead, turns purple and forms a ball - and it increases with every breath.
When it doesn't get any bigger, stop meditating. Do this for fifteen minutes every day for a week and your third eye will become very strong.

Open the third eye[Edit | Edit source]

  1. Relax and meditate for ten to fifteen minutes; or as long as possible.
  2. Imagine a swirl of indigo paint that is between your eyebrows and is very bright.
  3. Focus on the vortex. Practice every day and you will know when it is open.

Second opening technique[Edit | Edit source]

Meditate Let the light that is above your head flow into the third eye. The third eye is located above the bridge of the nose.

Another technique is that you focus mentally on your third eye and you try to consciously open this level with divine light. At first it will run over shadowy colors. The first stage is reached when you can make the colors visible in different levels with your eyes closed. When you see the surface, try to form a shape or a being out of it.

Light point technology [edit | Edit source]

With this technique you have to be able to find a point of light.

  1. First you have to go to a room where you can stand and turn off the lights. (This can be done in a seated position in a room and if your best able, but the lights need to be turned off in a dark room preferably.)
  2. Lie down or find a comfortable sitting position in a relaxed place and close your eyes.
  3. Place one hand or both hands over the eyes including eyelids with one hand or with your thumb and forefinger, applying light but firm pressure to each eye or eyelid not too hard where it hurts but enough pressure on where you start See light starting points or objects that appear as a fuzzy TV type screen or multiple star light objects which appear as tiny points of light, sometimes they appear in different shapes or small objects each different on this beginning process and what they see. Note: Everything you see in this picture will be black and white with no color. The little white dots you see will come in the form of light the same way one looks into the room and sees the stars, the screen / background will be black as the night. [1]
  4. Focus on that reality and light when you see it start to appear. This can take anywhere from 5-20 seconds each different but usually starts happening within 5 seconds, continue to stay focused and kind of shut off the current reality of you feeling your in this world and put yourself in a new reality, imagine yourself you are visiting a new place in the room.
  5. Keep focused on this reality with your mind only and give zero attention to any other thing with the feeling of being outside the body. Well, if you see these little data / points of light appear focus and you will find a small point of light in the center of this image usually getting exactly between the eyes in the center of the image, focusing on that small point or point of light and neglect all other things, including whatever else is around them, put all your attention and focus in this center point of light. Don't think about your outside of your body, but continue to stay focused on that point of light found somewhere in the middle between your eyes. Find it in the middle you need to focus on an empty dark area at first until you see a point of light.
  6. Once it is found, then imagine it spinning with energy and it should slowly become available to visualize in that form. It will slowly appear clear as a light that is swirling in motion like the center of a galaxy and will put out tiny strands of light in all directions. As you can see this you have to imagine it spinning / twirling in the form of energy in order to consciously pick up on what it is really doing when it is not already visualized in that form. Imagine it spinning, swirling like a little galaxy light and then seeing it not be imaginary but it is a real spinning light and once you see it you will know it really is not imaginary but you have to imagine There spiders first consciously pick up on it. As you see this point of light and swirl around on it in a circle in the form of a tiny spiral galaxy it becomes spinning emitting faint strands of light in circular motions / directions.
  7. Now when the picture becomes clearer and you see this just relax stay focused and watch it focus on yourself. If you find that the light is swirling but not yet observing it keep trying again to imagine it swirling or spinning and you literally have to see it swirling and spin in motion, the picture won't get out of your head just the thought of spinning is necessary to consciously realize and that task will be seen and really viewed from in between your eyes somewhere in the center of the focused point on the screen or looking at the picture. I repeat, to make it clear, use your imagination and mind to figure this picture like you would have a thought of something else, like imagining the friend's face, but you really need to SEE this spinning in the form of a little spiral galaxy point of light with light energy flows around. The light is WHITE no other color. Your picture is just black and white. Experiment with these and most people can find this point of light right away, while others it might take a little time and practice to do, but it is a quick and easy move and only takes a brief few minutes to try. Finding this point of light is the beginning of finding your "Third Eye" and many other things that require more attention and practice, but you should take good care of getting this far and feeling at this object, it will also make you aware that you are do have potential for bigger things. I would add, I usually never share things of this nature or talk about certain things, but my intention to share this is none other than positive hope, someone will be helped and become more focused conscious and know what can be found in. Anyone can do this if they try and remember this point of light exercise can not be imaginary You need to really actually see this little spiral galaxy point of light from do not think it is. Find the point of light then imagine that it is spinning with light spirally pointing this object and watching what it does, after you have the target in mind, you can look around and see what is going on all around then focus on again them in the middle point. Good luck on this exercise!

Crystal technology Edit source]

Another simple but effective method of opening the third eye is to use crystals. If you want an easy method to beginners, try getting hands on a clear quartz. Be sure to clean it in water first (from the faucet salt water or just plain water.) Then hold and and say out loud in your head on the quartz "Help me open my third eye." 3 times. After that, you can take it around with you in a velvet pouch, tuck it under your pillow while you sleep, or use them to create a crystal grid in your room. Another good crystal that does this is naturally amethyst, specifically chevron amethyst. Purple fluorite is also good for opening the third eye. If you are new to crystals and want to try this method of opening the third eye out, try and look for a local crystal shop, or at least one that is not too far away. Buy online, they are not bad, but tend to be expensive. And once you buy a mine or any crystal given, always remember to clean it, if only for 30 minutes.

This article is a work in progress. I decided to ask this because people always ask about anime-style sensing skills. I thought we could use a more comprehensive article on practical exploration methods that addresses ways to avoid deception.

Lake aura [edit | Edit source]

Sit in a comfortable position and meditate.

Open your third eye, see above.

Imagine your third eye forming an energy link with your eyes. Do this for 1 to 2 minutes.

Visualize how your third eye is really an eye.

You are mentally saying that you can look deep into your surroundings and that your new eye sees every energy in the molecule.

Open your eyes and stop meditating. You can see a green neon glow around objects. Do it every day or so on. You will then be able to see auras automatically.

Sign that the 3rd eye is already open Edit source]

Elemental beings, angels, ghosts, faces, beings, spaceships etc.

Pressure, tingling sensation, or heat in the center of the forehead, sometimes very severe.

See white lights, colored lights, or vortices of energy.

See geometric shapes in the air.

See pictures, places, etc., but you don't know the meaning. (Presumably it has something to do with clairvoyance / clairvoyance)

Seeing words that are actually not there

The crown chakra can also tingle.

Lost [edit | Edit source]

My third eye was open as long as I believed in magic and the supernatural. When, like every child, I lost this belief, it closed again. But after about 5 years, maybe 6, I don't know exactly anymore, I found Kinesen and Esp, and with that the belief that there is something supernatural awoke again, and since then I have an active 3rd eye.

I therefore think that a third eye only opens when one believes in the supernatural. But you have to honestly believe in it. If you just say you believe it but don't mean it, it won't work!