Which antivirus is compatible with Windows 10

Antivirus programs for Windows 10: This is the best protection for your PC


An up-to-date antivirus program is a must under Windows 10. The independent institute AV-Test regularly determines which software offers your PC the best protection. These are the top 5 best virus scanners for your Windows PC, plus a free alternative (as of February 2019).

Anyone who regularly uses their Windows PC to surf the Internet, send e-mails or download files should never do so without a reliable virus scanner. These protect your Windows system from dangerous viruses and secure your personal data. AV-Test regularly checks the best software for effective protection.

Windows security: test criteria for virus scanners

The main evaluation criterion of the current study is the protection factor of the respective software: In the current study, the programs were exposed to over 10,000 malware attacks and the corresponding detection rates were analyzed. In addition, special attention was paid to the clean removal and cleaning of the malware.

The consumption of resources and the usability of the respective applications are also taken into account. If an antivirus tool slows down Windows 10 significantly, this also affects the rating of a tool. The company also pays attention to possible false positives - the programs have also been fed harmless files to check how often false and unwanted warning messages are issued.

In the current report, the institute lists a total of 19 software solutions. We show you the top 5 of the tested antivirus programs below, as well as a free alternative (as of February 2019).

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