Is chatting with a narcissist online dangerous?

This is how you recognize the "secret language" of a narcissist

The main signs:

1. Sarcasm and non-verbal signals

Sarcasm is their weapon, condescending comments, insults and blame are the order of the day as soon as they see you as a threat or they are simply bored. A sardonic grin, cold eyes (even during an expression of love) or condescending hissing are non-verbal signals to watch out for.

2. You walk on eggshells

Anyone who constantly has to be careful what they say next to their partner actually already knows that something is wrong. Because narcissists use confidential information to make fun of their partners later. And they use every opportunity to emphasize how worthless their partners are.

3. He constantly emphasizes your "mistakes"

Everyone has insecurities and flaws. Narcissists know exactly how to get these out. During the early stages of a relationship, trusting details of one's life are happy to be shared, but the narcissist will later use them against their victim. At first he will still pretend to empathize, but since he lacks this ability, he will dig out the "mistakes" whenever he can get an advantage for himself.

4. He's jealous of your successes

Another characteristic is the reaction to one's own successes. While a narcissist is proud and enthusiastic about you at the beginning, he later becomes a control addict and completely disagrees with you when you achieve more in life than he does. As long as you were a trophy for him that pushed his self-confidence, your successes were okay. But later they get annoying for him and he tries to turn them into negative. The dangerous thing about it: at some point, the victims themselves believe that they are worthless.

5. You feel like you have to keep him happy

At some point the victims are therefore dependent on the narcissist's praise. And they do everything to get it. Which unfortunately always means: they do everything that satisfies the narcissist. But they will never be satisfied, because nothing can live up to their "high" standards. Even things that they do wrong themselves will be blamed on their victims. They love to have the last word and are snappy when you speak against them. The feeling of not being good enough therefore accompanies the victims every day - and should be a big alarm signal.