A double mtech from the IIT is possible


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  • The program is usually completed in four semesters, part-time;
  • A study period of 14-16 months is possible, however;
  • The maximum duration of study is 6 semesters.
  • In the first 3 semesters, technical skills are imparted in lectures, seminars and block courses.
  • The attendance time is 12 hours per week.
  • The courses take place i.R. between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • The 4th semester is mainly used for the preparation of a master's thesis. The master's thesis can be written full-time (10 weeks) or part-time (16 weeks).

If the program is completed part-time, we recommend reducing the level of professional activity to 60-70% during the course.

  • The program starts in September each year.
  • All semester dates can be found in the ETH academic calendar.
  • There is no age limit for the program. However, the MAS degree is a qualification that is more likely to be acquired at an earlier stage in one's career.
  • The age range of the program participants usually ranges from around 30 to 40 years.

Most MAS students have 4-6 years of professional experience.

The continuing education program builds on the technical and scientific knowledge of the students. The aim of the program is to enable the participants to develop systematic solutions for complex entrepreneurial challenges and to present them in an understandable manner.

Successful graduates of the MAS program are able to take on challenging tasks in all areas of business.

You ...

  • are able to structure complex business tasks and present them in an understandable manner;
  • are able to plan and implement interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with specialists;
  • have a creative and innovative effect in the fulfillment of their tasks;
  • take on leading functions in organizations, e.g. as project manager of a large project, technology manager, product and production manager, management consultant or company founder.
  • Acquisition of a "Master of Advanced Studies" degree from ETH Zurich;
  • High academic standard combined with a strong practical orientation and a focus on technology management;
  • Access to in-depth economic expertise and methods that enable you to take on management responsibility in large international corporations;
  • Courses can be chosen according to individual specialization and supplemented by electives, block courses and a module abroad;
  • International module in China (optional).

In accordance with the Bologna Declaration (standardization of the European higher education area), the academic degree "Diplom" is no longer awarded, so the designation "Postgraduate Studies" has been changed. In Switzerland, postgraduate courses are now called "Master of Advanced Studies", or "MAS" for short. This designation was adopted by the CRUS (Conferénce des Recteurs des Universités) in 2004 and has been binding for all Swiss universities since then. ETH Zurich awards successful graduates this title in accordance with the Bologna system (declaration by the ETH school management dated May 19, 2005).

  • The academic calendar gives you a comprehensive overview of all relevant semester dates.
  • The MAS MTEC calendar (available as a download) also contains all MAS MTEC-specific dates and dates.
  • You can find both calendars here

Information for prospective students

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  • We look forward to answering your questions about the MAS ETH MTEC program.
  • Please contact Mr. Altman, by phone or email.

Every year in March, the MAS ETH MTEC organizes an information event that gives you the opportunity to get to know the program management, the MAS team, students and alumni in person and to find out more about the management program.

We regularly present our program atadvance ING fairin Zurich. We cordially invite you to visit us at our exhibition stand to find out firsthand about management training.

  • The information material is also available for download
  • You can order printed information material here
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Start of studies in autumn semester 2021

  • Tuition fee: CHF 23,700.
  • Material costs: CHF 200 - 300 per semester.
  • Costs for flight and accommodation for the international module (optional): approx. CHF 3,000.
  • Half of the tuition fees are invoiced within the first two semesters (October and March).
  • Payment in further installments is not possible.
  • In general, ETH Zurich cannot provide scholarships for further training programs.
  • However, people from countries that are classified as Least Developed Countries or countries with low incomes according to the DAC list of the OECD can apply for the E4D scholarship program for further education.


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  • The application phase starts every year on January 1st and ends April 30th.

To be admitted to the MAS MTEC program at ETH Zurich, you need:

  • a master’s degree from ETH or EPFL or an equivalent degree from an internationally recognized university in a scientific or technical subject
  • A bachelor's degree can be considered subject to proof of additional qualifications
  • At least two years of professional experience
  • Good English knowledge

A limited number of applicants with excellent academic performance at a technical university and relevant professional knowledge can also be admitted after a case-by-case examination ('sur dossier').

Yes, you do not need to enclose a special certificate with your application.

The registration takes place in two steps:

  1. You submit your web registration online and pay the registration and processing fee with your credit card. Applicants with a degree from a Swiss university or technical college pay CHF 50, applicants from another university CHF 150.
  2. As soon as you have submitted your application online, open your form as a PDF, print it out and mail the signed copy along with the necessary documents to the School for Continuing Education.

The documents you need to submit depend on:

  • the university at which you obtained your master’s degree (or an adequate degree),
  • Your nationality and permanent residence,
  • the program you want to apply for.

You can find detailed information on the generally required registration documents here

We recommend that you also submit the following documents for an application:

  • job references
  • Letter of recommendation from your current or previous employer
  • If you have a doctorate: abstract of the dissertation

Please send all documents together with the signed registration form toSchool for Continuing Education

  1. Checking of all registrations for completeness and formal criteria by the School for Continuing Education.
  2. Assessment of the applications by the delegate of the program and the program coordinator and application for admission or rejection to the School for Continuing Education.

On the basis of the admission requirements, around 60 to 70 candidates are admitted per academic year.

You will receive a final decision about eight weeks after the application deadline. You will be informed of this in writing. We ask you not to contact us regarding the current status of the approval process before we have contacted you.

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You have to acquire 48 credit points (CP) for courses (max. 53 CP). The courses can largely be chosen freely.

The following requirements must be met:

  • Core subjects: You must successfully complete at least 5 of the 6 competence areas with 3 CP each.
  • Skill-based training: You must successfully pass at least 2 courses in this category.

Further information on the courses can be found here

  • MAS MTEC students can have a maximum of 6 credit points from other ETH courses recognized.
  • Courses from institutions that do not belong to the ETH are not recognized.
  • Before registering for the course, an application must be sent to be asked.
  • No credit points can be awarded for language courses.

You may not attend more than 8 courses per semester.

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We recommend starting your master's thesis in the 12th calendar week of the 4th semester at the latest.

The master's thesis is written in cooperation with an industrial partner, organization or institution. It is supervised by an MTEC professor and the company.

In order to be able to register for a master’s thesis, students must meet certain requirements:

Please register for the master's thesis in myStudies and proceed as follows:

  • open myStudies,
  • under «functions» select «work»,
  • follow the further instructions. Enter the start and submission date, name of the supervising MTEC professor, external supervisor and co-supervisor, as well as the title of the master's thesis,
  • complete the registration by clicking on "definitely register".
  • The master's thesis can be written full-time (10 weeks) or part-time (16 weeks).
  • In justified cases, the management of the training program can approve exceptions to this rule. Please contact the.
  • The master's thesis is passed if the grade is at least 4.
  • A failed master's thesis can only be repeated once.
  • If it is repeated, a new topic must be dealt with.
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Usually in English.

  • You must have a good command of English (fluent in writing and language).
  • Basic knowledge of German is recommended for all non-native speakers.
  • No other language skills are required.


You have the ability to understand complex issues and also to communicate.

"Basic knowledge"

They have the ability to understand simple information.

“The MAS ETH MTEC program prepared me to deal effectively with a group of people who had extremely diverse professional backgrounds. It opened up ideas and gave me inspiration for my future career. "

Claudio Arnold, Project Manager Real Estate for one of the largest project developers and general contractors in Switzerland.