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Pitch Black on TV Today - Will the Riddick franchise continue?

With Riddick: Chronicles of a Warrior and Riddick there are already two sequels to Pitch Black - Planet of Darkness. But will there be another one?

Update: We already published this article on an earlier broadcast of Pitch Black. A continuation of the series is still questionable.

Although Riddick - Chronicles of a Warrior, the sequel to Pitch Black - Planet of Darkness (today at 10:50 pm on Vox), received approval from most fans, the second film was about space mercenary played by Vin Diesel, Richard B. Bathing Riddick at the box office in 2004. All plans for another sequel were initially on hold and only in 2013, after the vehement commitment of Vin Diesel, who wanted to continue his heart project so badly that he even took out a mortgage on his house to finance the film, the second started with Riddick Pitch Black offshoots in theaters. With a production cost of only $ 38 million, it grossed around $ 100 million worldwide and later climbed to the top of the DVD charts - so it's no wonder that Universal knocked on Vin Diesel in 2014 and showed great interest in a fourth part.

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The American finally announced via his Instagram account on November 20, 2015 that the title of the fourth Riddick film would be Furia and that David Twohy, director of the previous three parts, would soon start writing the script. Shortly afterwards, in December 2015, Vin Diesel and David Twohy let it be known in a Facebook video that Furia was supposed to be a prequel and that it explored the origins and history of Riddick. In addition, the two confirmed that the film should get an R rating and filming could start in spring 2017.

But nothing has come of these ambitious plans so far and there has been no new information about the project for about two years. But that doesn't mean it has died - we just have to be patient and wait for an update from those responsible.

Spin-off series: Merc City

In addition to the continuation plans, Vin Diesel also announced in his December 2015 social media posts that a Riddick spin-off series called Merc City was planned. In it, other mercenaries should be followed on their forays into the universe. The Hollywood Reporter reported at the time that a contract to this effect had even been signed between Vin Diesel's production company One Race Productions and Universal Television. And in January 2017, the bald Hollywood star finally spoke up again on Instagram and announced there: "I got a pilot for the new Riddick-inspired series, Merc City. I've just been too busy to read it so far. Wow. We do know that Pauline (Editor's note: Vin Diesel's daughter, born in 2015) too young to return to the gritty role of Riddick, but it's still a big deal. "

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So in the case of Merc City, things actually seem to be moving forward. However, there is no information about the current status of production. But apparently we can even hope that Vin Diesel will again be seen as a mercenary in the spin-off - as soon as he has made extensive use of the time with his little daughter and is ready to dive back into the dark Riddick universe.

Do you wish the Riddick franchise continued?