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However, I had to avoid my favorite director Terry Gilliam stepping on his feet. His films are full of such optical gimmicks and at least emulate the fullness of detail that ensures freshness even with repeated viewing.
The trick what to not step on the toes of a personal hero of mine, Terry Gilliam, whose films are densely laden with those sight gags, but at least emulate the richness of detail that would hold up to repeated viewings and stay fresh.

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The first confrontation with Anatahan by Josef von Sternberg, my later favorite film and Favorite director, also fell at this time.
My first confrontation with Anatahan, by Josef von Sternberg, later my favorite film and favorite director, also came at this time.
I'm a huge Jason Voorhees fan and then of course there is John Carpenter, who is probably my absolute one Favorite director is in the genre.
I'm a huge Jason Voorhees fan for instance and then there's John Carpenter of course who I think is probably my favorite horror filmmaker.
Is he your Italian Favorite director?
And is he your favorite Italian director?
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