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Browser Detective: Using History Effectively

Arne Arnold

Did I really visit this url? Which side does this file come from? Typical everyday questions that the right browser tools can easily answer. That's how it's done.

EnlargeIf you want to know from which website a picture originates, for example (here: MagnusJackieCaroline2), you can find out with a cache viewer from Nirsoft.

If you need to know which web pages have been visited from a PC, you need special programs that can display the browser's cache and its history. This is done by the tools of the programmer Nir Sofer, which are available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

You need these programs: Browsing-History-View 1.25, free, for Internet Explorer: IE-Cache-View 1.46, free, for Firefox: Mozilla-Cache-View 1.57, free, for Chrome: Chrome-Cache-View 1.46, free .

All of these tools for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 can be found at Nirsoft.

View the browser history: For example, if you want to look at the browser history in Internet Explorer, you could of course start the browser and use the key combination Ctrl-H to display the history. But with this you change the history, because you add a new entry by the start. It is more elegant with the program Browsing-History-View. The tool works without installation and shows the complete history of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer after starting. The list can be sorted by date, URL, or the number of calls, for example.

These tools keep you anonymous on the Internet

Determine loaded files and associated websites: If you want to know from which website a certain file, such as an image, originates, the IE-Cache-View program can help with Internet Explorer. It also runs without installation and provides a list of all the files loaded and the associated websites. If the cache is large, the list is usually quite long. If you know the name of the file you are looking for, you can search for it using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F. Otherwise, however, you will need to be patient until you find what you are looking for. By default, a double click on an entry opens its properties. If you would like to open the entry instead, you can do so using the globe symbol in the toolbar. If you use the Firefox browser, use Mozilla-Cache-View, for Google Chrome Nirsoft has Chrome-Cache-View in its range.

By the way: Professionals who carry out such examinations no longer start the affected computer. Instead, they only examine a copy of the PC's hard drive. This also works with the aforementioned tools from Nirsoft. In some cases, however, you have to operate them via the command line. The necessary tips for operation can be found in English at Nirsoft.