Which concealer is best for covering self-harming scars

Make up and cover up wounds

After an accident with injuries, the thought of trying to make up your wounds may seem natural - especially when it comes to going back to people. Sometimes the wounds can attract more attention than is desired. There are definitely ways to cover such areas with make-up and make them almost invisible. However, this should be done with caution so as not to take any health risks.

What to watch out for when applying make-up on wounds

You can get advice from a doctor in advance and, if you have little experience with make-up, the beautician will help afterwards. However, it is imperative to wait until healing has started and the wound is no longer open, bleeding, or oozing. For protection, the wound should be primed with medical powder or a healing ointment before make-up and finally layers of paint can be applied. The layer can later be carefully removed with water and a clean cloth.

Concealment with care

In general, covering wounds that have just been closed with make-up does not promote healing. In the worst case, these areas can become inflamed and even leave scars. In general, caution is always required and, in an emergency, a wound should simply be accepted and given the time it needs to heal. Last but not least, real wounds also tell personal stories that can quickly be used as icebreakers in unfamiliar social situations.