Did any clairvoyants predict Hitler before World War II

Brass talked about the future of Russia, but due to severe Soviet censorship, Körner reached the public, carefully filtered by it. Details of the mysterious prophecies of the famous Soviet spirit are now being revealed.

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Playing for the future of Russia - whether to believe the predictions

Brass said little about Russia's future. Unlike other predictors, it did not attempt to encode the secrets of the future as it was done in or. All Prophecies Wolf Messing spoke directly and openly.

Before you dig into Messing's predictions about Russia, however, you should make sure that the prophecies come true. There are facts about fulfilled prophecies recorded in Soviet times. There aren't many of them, however. He did not express any wrong options for the future. There were minor errors in the data.

The first known prediction by Messing about the future of Russia's Soviet Union was the participation of the USSR in World War II. This happened in 1940 when the non-aggression pact concluded between the USSR and Germany came into force. The clairvoyant's words that he saw tanks with Soviet red stars on the streets of ruined Berlin shocked the audience. Clairvoyant fans experienced a greater shock on July 22, 1941, when the Soviet Union entered war with Germany.

During the war, Wolf Messing continued touring in the Soviet Union and also performed for soldiers. On them the assistants collected notes with questions from the audience. When the show ended, the clairvoyant answered questions from the audience. One of them was the date of the end of the war with Germany. Wolf Messing did not name the year but said the war would end on May 8th. This answer was reported to Stalin and on May 9 he sent a telegram to the clairvoyant, where he wrote that he was mistaken for a day.

Wolf Messing's next prediction to come true was about Joseph Stalin. The clairvoyant, who was considered to be Stalin's hypnotist, asked to get rid of the persecution of Jews. Joseph Stalin refused, Messing said that he was then destined to die on a Jewish holiday. Stalin did not listen to him. He died of a cerebral haemorrhage on March 5, 1953 - a Jewish holiday Pyrum.

Messing's final prophecy is not about Russia, but about his own death. He predicted the date of his departure from the world of the living and died that same day - November 8, 1974.

Playing across Russia and China

In predictions about Russia, Messing mentioned that there is a future threat from China. Possibly one speaks of a military invasion of the Chinese army on the territory of the modern Russian Federation.

According to Messing, China will become a superpower in the future. Not only this clairvoyant spoke like that. Wanga sensed that China would be a great country and that other countries would gather around it. However, she did not talk about the war between Russia and China. The Bulgarian clairvoyant believed that Russia would cooperate with China.

According to Wolf Messing's prediction of the future of Russia, the Russians will soon find themselves in difficult times. China will take over the eastern part of the country and Russia will go on concessions. He didn't talk about the collapse of the Soviet Union. The clairvoyant did not see it, maybe the authorities have banned the dissemination of information. Given the accuracy of all other predictions, the second option seems reliable.

About the future of Russia and other countries

Russia's main competitor today is America. This rivalry began during the Soviet era and continues to this day. But according to Messing, the United States will not be the United States, it will be China. America will lose its position in the world, China will take the lead. The rivalry will lose its meaning for both sides.

China will show aggression towards other countries. The Soviet clairvoyant said that Taiwan and Japan would suffer from a nuclear strike ... This will be the result of these countries' conflict with Russia.

He also mentioned Ukraine in his predictions about Russia's future. He said that over a piece of land a crisis would begin in a large country that would lead to the ruin of the world. It is believed that they meant Crimea and the EU sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation.

Brass was asked about World War III. This issue worried people. He believed that there would be no war. And in a speech in the Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod, he said that the war would not take place no matter what the locals wanted, and that no action on their part would help. But he didn't say this is World War III, current events in Ukraine are an endorsement of talent.

Wolf Messing is a unique clairvoyant among other predictors - die-hard skeptics note the incredible accuracy of prophecy and specificity. Messing himself valued the scientific approach and willingly collaborated with scientists trained in the field of psychology.

In contact with

The confusion over the future of Russia brought a lot of information with it. Due to the severe Soviet censorship, however, only grains that were carefully filtered out by censorship officials reached the public. Now more and more details about the mysterious prophecies of the most famous Soviet ghost are being revealed.

Brass spoke little about the future of Russia, but to the point. Unlike other famous predictors, he did not try to encode the secrets of the future, as was the case with the predictions of Wanga or Nostradamus. Wolf Messing spoke all of his prophecies directly and frankly, without being ashamed of those who could hear it.
Before you become familiar with Messing's predictions about Russia, however, you should make sure that his prophecies will come true. So there are facts of prophecies that were recorded in Soviet times and have come true. There aren't that many of them, but everything Brass said came true. He did not express any wrong options for the future. There were only minor errors in the data.

The very first known prediction by Messing about the future of Russia, then the Soviet Union, was the prediction of the USSR's participation in World War II. That was in 1940 when the non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany came into force. The clairvoyant's words that he saw tanks with Soviet red stars on the streets of ruined Berlin shocked the audience. Clairvoyant fans experienced an even greater shock on July 22, 1941, when the Soviet Union went to war with Germany.

During the war, Wolf Messing continued touring the Soviet Union and also performed for soldiers. During the performances, the assistants collected notes with questions from the audience, and at the end of the show, the clairvoyant answered the audience's questions. One of these questions what the date of the end of the war with Germany. Wolf Messing couldn't name the year, but said the war would end on May 8th. Rumor has it that this response was reported to Stalin, and on May 9, he even sent a telegram to the clairvoyant in which he wrote that he was mistaken for only one day.

Wolf Messing's next prediction about Russia, which was then part of the Soviet Union, concerned Joseph Stalin personally. The clairvoyant, considered Stalin's personal hypnotist, asked him to get rid of the persecution of Jews. Joseph Stalin refused, and Wolf Messing said that he was then destined to die on the next Jewish holiday. Stalin did not listen to him. It is known that he died of a cerebral haemorrhage on March 5, 1953 on the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Most Last Prophecy Brassa was not about Russia, but about his own death. He predicted the date of his departure from the living world and died on that date - November 8, 1974.

Playing across Russia and China

In his predictions about Russia, Messing mentioned that there is a future threat from China. Perhaps there is a danger of a military invasion of the Chinese army into the territory of the modern Russian Federation.

In the future, according to Messing, China will become a superpower. Not only this clairvoyant spoke like that. Wanga sensed that China would be a great country and gather several other countries under its shadow. But she said nothing about the war between Russia and China. On the contrary, the Bulgarian clairvoyant believed that Russia would cooperate with China.

If you believe this prediction by Wolf Messing about the future of Russia, very soon all Russians will find themselves in difficult times. China will take over the eastern part of the country and the Russian government will have to make concessions. It is known that he did not say anything about the collapse of the Soviet Union. Perhaps the clairvoyant did not see him, or perhaps the authorities at the time for bath him to divulge this information. Given the accuracy of all other predictions, the second option seems more reliable.

Messing's predictions about the future of Russia and other countries

America is now Russia's main competitor. This rivalry began in the days of the Soviet Union and continues to this day. According to Messing's prophecies about Russia, China will soon be the main enemy instead of the United States. America will lose its position in the world, China will lead. Accordingly, the rivalry will lose all meaning for both sides.

China will not only be aggressive towards Russia. If the Soviet clairvoyant is to be believed, Taiwan and Japan could be hit by a nuclear attack. Perhaps this is the result of these countries' conflict with Russia.

In his predictions of Russia's future, Messing also mentioned Ukraine. He said that having a small piece of land in a large country would start a crisis that could wreak havoc around the world. It is now widely recognized that it was Crimea and the EU sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Brass was asked more than once about World War III. This topic, like the end of the world, has always troubled people who like to ask questions of famous clairvoyants. Brass believed that there would be no. And during a speech in the Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod, he said that no matter what the locals wanted, the war was still not going to happen and no action on their part would help. But he did not say that it would be exactly World War III, and current events in Ukraine are only an affirmation of his talent.

In general, Wolf Messing is unique even among other predictors - even the die-hard skeptics notice not only the incredible accuracy of his prophecies, but also the maximum specificity. Brass himself always valued a scientific approach first, and worked willingly with scientists, while having a very good education in psychology.


Recent Events in Light People are increasingly convinced of the falsehood and incompetence of the politicians who kindle the fires of World War III. When there is no trust in the rulers, it is time to turn to the prophecies, but not to those uttered daily by false media and imaginary oracles. On the agenda are the predictions of Wolf Messing - the man who foretold many important events of the 20th century. What did the seer know about Russia in the current century, as he saw 2019, and is it worth taking his predictions literally?

Who plays?

There were legends about the Soviet mentalist, and his performances were sold out, but the phenomenon itself did not consider his gift to be exceptional. who what hey? A great magician, clairvoyant and prophet, a simple illusionist or a banal deceiver? You can argue endlessly, but the fact that Messing is an extraordinary and gifted person who perfectly possesses the levers of psychological influence is invariable. Living proof of this is Lebensweg one of the most mysterious figures of the last century.

Wolf Grigorievich was born on September 10, 1899 in the Polish-Jewish town of Gura-Kalwaria (at that time Pass Velvel Gershkovich the Russian Empire). As a child, he suffered from somnambulism, but a devout father who dreamed of teaching one of his four sons to be a rabbi quickly cured the child with potent folk remedies from sleepwalking. An ice water basin was installed on the boy's bed, which precluded nocturnal adventures. Desperate poverty, the strict disposition of Chapter 7 and the reluctance to devote life to the Church prompted her to flee to Berlin. During the trip the ability to hypnotize appeared for the first time. The stowaway on the train hypnotized the conductor and successfully reached the destination. A series of events followed that helped develop talent and acquire exceptional skills:

  • messing, who was working as a messenger, passed out and fell into a sluggish sleep.
  • the remarkable resurrection in the morgue brought the young man together with Professor Abel, who taught the community the basics of psychology and introduced him to the famous Impresario Zelmeister.
  • work in the exhibit museum with demonstration of imaginary death and telepathic tricks;
  • appearances in European circus troupes as a fakir;
  • acquaintance with Freud, Einstein and other famous people

After the death of his family in Maidanek, the illusionist fled to the Soviet Union in 1939, where he lived until his death in 1974. He made a dizzying career as an actor of the state concert and, according to rumors, Stalin's personal advisor.

Predictions fulfilled and amazing miracles

There is information that Wolf Messing was a strong-willed man and during his stay in Europe began to condemn the actions of Nazi Germany in every possible way. He predicted the death of Hitler, for which he was persecuted. In Russia, a telepathic person repeatedly warned that the Führer was planning to attack the USSR. "Looking to the Future" also glorifies the following predictions, which sounded word for word:

  • day of the end of the Great Patriotic War;
  • death of the leader of the nations;
  • the dates of his own death and the turning away from the life of his beloved wife Aida;
  • collapse of the Soviet Union and collapse of socialism

In addition to the well-known prophecies, a huge legacy of the audience's favorite has been preserved, including speculation about Russia, the coming century, World War 3, Wolf Messing's predictions for 2019 and the years that follow, and interesting factsconfirming the strength of his talent. It is known that the famous fakir, a talented psychologist and telepathist, was repeatedly involved in solving crimes, escaped from the punishment cell, forced the police to obey his will, treated people and brilliantly passed the "Stalin test" and robbed the state bank (after the experiment, the money was returned and taken to the Kremlin without ID.

The 21st Century and the Future of Russia through the Mouth of the "Sleeping Prophet"

As a member of the Propaganda Brigade during World War II, and then shining on the concert stages of the USSR, Messing helped the front and wholeheartedly devoted himself to the Soviet people. His predictions pointed to something closer. The main competitors in the battle for leadership will be in the United States and China. That the confrontation will lead to 3 World War, the seer did not literally mention this, but warned of the likelihood of a terrible development of events. The current realities did not hide from him either:

  • strengthening the military potential of the Russian Federation;
  • the emergence of innovative weapons;
  • regional conflicts of global importance

The latter will repeatedly provoke confrontation between the great powers and most likely lead to a revolution against the shadow government. The insurrection will bring 100 years of peace, prosperity and cultural revival, but before that, humanity will suffer great losses. If it does break out, it will not be possible to avoid catastrophes on a planetary scale and the extinction of most of the world's population, but a true leader will come who will lead the rest to build a new society and determine the vector of development for that next millennium.

Prophetic quotations from verbatim speeches

Was with Germany"I see tanks with red stars on the streets of Berlin!" (From a speech in the NKVD club in 1940)
Day of the end of World War II“I don't see the year, but the war will end on May 8th - that's for sure” (1943 at a meeting in the Novosibirsk Opera House? ")
The Fiihrer's case"If Hitler turns east, he wants them!" (Wolf Messing made his famous statement at one of his public appearances in Warsaw in 1937. Hitler was furious, declared Wolf Messing his personal enemy and appointed a reward of 210,000 Deutmarks on his head.)
Death of Stalin"The death of Stalin is not far away and he will die on a Jewish holiday" (And so it happened on March 5, 1953, when the entire Jewish world was celebrating Purim, the leader of the nations died of a cerebral haemorrhage in his official residence, in the Near Dacha).
3rd World War"There won't be a new war, but there is a revolution that will change the world."
About Russia"This country will become an international leader together with the USA and China."
21st century"A difficult and contradicting but fateful time full of bloody conflicts"
Ukrainian question"Because of a small piece of land, a big country will experience a crisis that can wreak havoc around the world."
Own downfallBrass went for treatment, turned to his house and whispered, "Well, that's all Wolf, you won't come back here." And so it so happened that, despite the fact that the operation was successful, the predictor suddenly had kidney failure. He was gone on November 8, 1974
Death of a womanIn July 1960, he said to doctors who had promised that his wife with cancer would be in remission again: “Don't be silly! She wants them! "(Died on August 2nd)

Wolf Grigorievich Messing - a mysterious person ... He made predictions with astonishing accuracy.which drew the attention of both citizens and government officials. He received the RSFSR Honored Artist title for achievements demonstrating the ability to read minds. However, this is only a small part of what has caught the public eye.

A bit of history

Wolf was born on September 10, 1899 in a small town near Warsaw. The parents were Jews. From early childhood, the boy noticed unusual visions, others learned about them. At first they paid no attention to Messing's conversations, but everything that was predicted came to life. Wolf met in Berlin with Professor Abeland also Impresario Zelmeister. Thanks to the help of these people, the seer was able to develop and demonstrate his skills. In 1939, with the outbreak of World War II, the telepath was able to move to the USSR. Master's relative died in concentration camps. Concert activities in the USSR continued.

With the money Wolf received from the performance, Wolf bought two fighters and handed them over to the Union Army pilots. One of the most interesting pages in the biography of the magician is his acquaintance with Stalin.Wolf prophesied the fall of the plane in which Vasily, the leader's son, wanted to fly, thus saving his life. Brass also gave the exact date on which the war will end.

Hitler declared the fortune teller a personal enemy and promised a good reward to those who destroy the seer. The basis of the enmity was a prophecy published in the newspapers. The clairvoyant foretold Hitler's death if his army went east. After entering German troops Wolf had to flee to Poland in the USSR. So he became a Soviet fortune plate.

Brass could not work with Khrushchev. From Russia The telepath only did this based on his own visions. The guide insisted on tailor-made prophecies. Brass received less and less permission for concert activities, fell into a deep depression that eventually turned into paranoid. A long-standing leg injury required an operation. The operation was successful, but the clairvoyant suddenly had kidney failure and swollen lungs. Wolf died on November 8th.

Unusual childhood of the seer

Wolf suffered from sleepwalking from early childhood. His father Gregory saved his son from the problem. A basin of cold water ... As Brass got out of bed, he lowered his feet into the water and immediately woke up. At the age of six, the boy was sent to a cheder (a school in the synagogue) to study. Another talent made itself felt here - an amazing memory. The boy easily remembered the texts of the Talmud. The father therefore wanted to see a respected rabbi in his son sent for training in Yeshibot.

Wolf did not want to follow the path of the clergy. In his second year, the boy ran away educational institution ... When he arrived at the station, he got on the first train to leave and hid under a bench, as he was traveling without a ticket. As the inspector approached, Wolf handed the inspector a normal piece of paper and stared intently in the eye. The controller not only did not drop the stowaway, but also offered to sit down more comfortably.

In Berlin the boy began to work as a messenger, his income was meager. The body, exhausted from lack of sleep and food, could not bear it. When Wolf fell in the middle of the street, doctors who came to pick up the body pronounced him dead. The child was taken to the morgue, but one of the trainees had a slight heartbeat, which he reported to the mentor. It was Professor Abel.

Fiction or reality

Wolf Messing didn't see visions as magic, for him it was a physical ability. In 1965 the seer's memoir was published in Science and Life magazine. Thanks to the publication, many myths about the fortune plateThis information needs to be debunked:

After a while it became clear: Messing was not involved in the memoir.

A couple of unconfirmed facts

Some of the unverified but strange facts include:

Messing's predictions about Russia and other countries were of interest to different groups of the population, so much information about the life of the seer appeared.

Reasons to believe unconditionally

There has been much controversy surrounding a figure as hideous as brass. The prophecies have and continue to arouse both admiration and suspicion. Arguments in favor of the fortune teller are fulfilled predictions:

Everyone decides for himself whether it is worth trusting.

Prophecies for the 21st Century

The unstable situation in the world forces people to heed the prophecy to understand what is happening. There is no proven evidence that the seer made predictions about events in the world for the 21st century. However, there is some information that has not been verified:

The medium also believed that the 21st century would mark the beginning of the leveling of the confrontation between Russia and the United States. Friendly relations between countries can be established.

False prophecy

Wolf Messing stood out for his extraordinary truthfulness and was a responsible person. He only predicted when visions would come. There was no mistake in the telepath's practice. But even a small mistake negatively affected the visionary's reputation.

Once, after a performance, a woman approached Wolf and held a letter from her son in her hands. Communication with him was then interrupted how did you get to australia... The medium said that the text of the letter was written by the hand of a person who died. The Seer's next visit to the city was not very pleasant. The son, whose death the mother had endured, returned home. When the investigation into the circumstances began, it turned out that the letter shown to Master was actually written by a man who had died at the time, and the woman's son had to seek help because he was illiterate. Since then, Messing's prophecies have been believed again and the medium's reputation has been restored.

Last vision of events

Because of the accuracy of the predictions, I would like to believe that the final vision will come true. When asked about the Third World War, the medium was answered in the negative. Regarding Russia, he said there will be peace. At present, this prophecy can be considered irrelevant unless armed conflict in different parts of the world is eradicated. However, the Masters revered the talent that the prediction of the world will come true, local conflicts will subside, and global confrontations will be avoided.

The legacy of the great master

In different ways people perceive such a person as a fortune teller Wolf Messing. Many people are skeptical of prophecy, largely due to the presence of a mass of unreliable materials created for the purpose of speculating about the personality of the medium. And not everything that Messing says has become in the public domain. According to unconfirmed information, there was after the death of the seer found many manuscriptste with data on the future of different states. Now the documents are saved in the archives of the special services.

Messing argued: Everyone has telepathic abilities, only the degree of their manifestation is different. A person has to develop a gift. The medium has only one student - Olga Migunova. According to unconfirmed information, Wolf Olga gave an encrypted prophecy with data about the future of humanity. The information has not become available to anyone, so it is impossible to talk about the content or authenticity of the message.

Olga Migunova and Wolf Messing met in Gelendzhik. Olga, a medium listed here, was 16 years old at the time. Suddenly the seer asked the parents to take the child out the door to wait there for the performance to end. The girl, he said, was disturbing the session. It turned out: Olga has unique hypnotic skills, and Messing can help develop the gift. The family council decided: pedagogical institute Olga will complete by correspondence, the main education will be given to brass. Migunova is now President of the International Hypnosis Academy. She opened a health center where patients are admitted.

Even if the attitude towards Wolf Messing was ambiguous, it is impossible to deny that this person has superpowers. He himself said: There is no magic in visions. He could read minds thanks to a person's muscle impulses. The ability to foresee is much more interesting because not everyone has a chance to discover the future. Are there any terrifying ones prophecies about the fate of the planet and statesIt is impossible to answer with complete confidence. When you consider that some of the manuscripts are in secret archives, it becomes clear: the great master left a message for future generations who will eventually become the property of humanity.

Attention, only TODAY!

The biography of Wolf Messing is interesting for millions of people because about 50 years ago all of Europe spoke about him. During his life he met such eminent people as Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein who considered him the most outstanding fortune teller of the 20th century, and earned the hatred of Adolf Hitler, who at the time also achieved a fabulous reward for his head appointed the status of Stalin's personal fortune plate.

Oddly enough, it was the "Leader of the Peoples" who had a hard time getting along with people who valued the abilities of the Polish mind and repeatedly used Messing's predictions about the future for his own ends. On his orders, Wolf was allowed to continue his concert activity, where he could demonstrate his talent to the crowd.

Basic information

Despite the diversity of talents, the ability to convey visions played a key role in the life of a clairvoyant. It is noteworthy that Wolf himself, whose predictions baffled the whole world, did not even know at first that he could see the future, nor was he too carried away with predictions later on.

Soviet science denied the possibility of the existence of telepathy, and therefore Wolf's formidable abilities have never been studied in detail. Modern researchers admit the possibility that there are some unknown brass predictions, but they are so impressive that under the heading "Secret" they are still hidden from the masses of people.


Wolf Grigorievich Gershkovich (brass) was born on September 10, 1899 in the small Polish town of Gura Kalwaria, not far from Warsaw. The boy's Jewish family was very large and poor. Wolf had to work hard since childhood.

It is noteworthy that his childhood was spent under the close supervision of his parents, who feared that a boy suffering from sleepwalking could seriously injure himself while he was sleeping. Even so, his father had found an unusually simple way to cure Wolf. To do this, he put a basin of water near his son's bed, and when the boy, who was about to get out of bed, put his feet in it, he woke up immediately. Over time, a similar method gave a flawless result - Wolf was completely cured.

Studying at the Cheder

As religious people and to the point of fanaticism, Wolf's parents observed all holidays and fasts.

When the question about Wolf's education arose, he was immediately sent to the synagogue school, whose religious atmosphere made for a great influence on the child's fragile psyche. It is noteworthy that the impressions Wolf received in the classroom only intensified at home because of his parents' fanatic, which not only made the boy extremely pious, but also had a disastrous effect on his nervous system.

Wolff easily remembered the prayers that other children were given hard enough. This was the reason for his meeting with Sholem Aleichem, who advised his father to continue his son's education in Yeshibot. Still, the boy himself did not show such a desire, and then Wolf's parents decided to resort to a small deception of the benefit of their unreasonable son, who did not know what, in their opinion, fell to him happiness.

Transfer to Yeshibot

The father persuaded his friend to play the role of a messenger of God before Wolf, and when the boy went home and bought cigarettes for his father in the store, he saw a tall figure in white who told him that his future was To serve God . After this incident, the boy informed his parents that he was ready to continue his studies.

The institution where it was now necessary to continue training was in another city. After Wolf got rid of the excessive influence of his parents, he calmed down and his psyche gradually returned to normal. In his sophomore year he saw a man in the yeshibot who looked vaguely familiar to him. The boy recognized him as the "messenger of God" whom he met near the house. He suspected that his parents had cheated on him and immediately ran away from school but did not want to return home.

The first manifestation of the gift

With a capital of nine kopecks, Messing, whose predictions would later make him known to the whole world, went to the nearest train station and, after getting on the first train, got under the bank. As it turned out later, the train was going to Berlin. The inspector inspected the passengers' tickets, noticed the boy and asked him to show the ticket.

Afraid of being thrown off the train, the boy handed the conductor the first piece of paper he came across, hoping that he would regret it and allow him to move on. One can imagine Wolf's surprise when the conductor not only took the piece of paper with the utmost seriousness but, after hitting it, asked in surprise why the boy went under the bench.

Move to Berlin

The train the boy was traveling on went to Berlin. He was always hungry and got a job as a worker in a visitor's house. Despite the heavy workload, he received extremely little money, which meant that he had to save almost everything, which ultimately led to a hungry faint.

The boy was taken to the hospital, where the doctors declared him dead from starvation. Nobody would have known Wolf Messing's predictions about the future of Russia if one of the students who did an internship at the hospital morgue hadn't noticed that Wolf's heart muscles were still contracting, albeit very weakly.

The boy's body was examined by Professor Abel, amazed at the amazing phenomenon that was extremely popular as a neurologist in Germany at the time. Wolf didn't wake up until the third day. The professor told him in detail not only where he was, but also how much time he spent without moving. Little did Wolf then know that meeting Abel would play a key role in his life.


When examining the boy when he was unconscious, Professor Abel pointed out that his body behaves very differently from most people in a state of lethargic sleep. He was very interested in this case and, with the help of his colleague Schmitt, offered the man to undergo a series of paid experiments in which he had to go into a state of total paralysis as soon as he got stronger Doctors could fully investigate his phenomenon ...

Wolf, he agreed with practically no hesitation, because he received 5 marks a day for such a simple job, which was a fabulous sum for him at the time.

Working with the professor, Wolf began to think about the nature of his gift and gradually develop himself.

Circus work

By constantly training the gift, the boy was able to raise his consciousness to a new level. After completing his research, Abel, who bonded with the boy, hired him to hire an impresario, Mr. Zelmeistr, whose main job was to employ Wolf in the famous Bush circus, where he was given the post of fakir. His job was that while he pierced him with sharp objects, he had to mentally switch off his sensations of pain. In the last part of the program, an artist appeared on stage and portrayed a millionaire.

Then "robbers" appeared on the stage who murdered the rich man and distributed his "jewels" to the audience with the request to hide them in some part of the hall. Then Wolf came on stage, who, to the surprise of the audience, unmistakably indicated their location. This number brought Brass his first success with the audience, who were amazed at his talent.

End of circus activities

Despite the outbreak of World War I, nothing changed in Wolf's life. He was still performing in the circus. The only change concerned the program of the performance. Now the "robbers" took the things out of the public eye and offered them to the boy to distribute to their owners.

During the time that Messing spent at the circus, he not only managed to earn public favor, but also made a name for himself. In 1915, a trip to the first independent tour organized for him by his impresario was marked for Messing. The performances brought him overwhelming success, thanks to which he was able to end his circus life forever and begin an independent life.

Acquaintance with Freud and Einstein

During a tour in Vienna, Messing's performance was attended by Albert Einstein and, interested in the unusual abilities of a 16-year-old boy, invited to his home. At Einstein's house, Wolf was met by another person, the owner's friend, Sigmund Freud, a talented doctor and psychologist who developed his own theory of psychoanalysis. Einstein told him about the outstanding teenager and he wanted to see him in person.

It was Freud who suggested Messing to conduct a series of experiments, thanks to which he became Wolf's personal inductor and conveyed his mental commands to him. Later, Messing, whose predictions almost always came true, became known around the world.

Military service and meeting with Piłsudski

He went on a large four-year tour during which he visited all the major European countries. In 1921 he returned to Poland rich and famous.

When he grew up he was called up for service in the Polish Army ... Where one day, on the orders of his commanding officer, he was given an appointment with the entire company, Wolf's skills were put to the test, whereupon Pilsudski, who was quite superstitious, met with one He made a personal request to Messing, which Wolf himself is silent about, only to mention it in passing in his memoirs.

Life in Poland

Through personal acquaintance with the head of the Polish state, brass was not charged military service ... He again began experiments in the field of psychology. He hired a new impresario and continued to tour European countries.

People turned to the famous clairvoyant with private inquiries - to solve problems in family relationships, find stolen valuables, and much more.

One example is the case in Count Czartoryski's castle - he helped find a diamond brooch that the idiotic son of a servant hid in a stuffed bear.

Hitler's "personal enemy"

Messing Wolf Grigorievich, whose predictions often turned out to be true, said in one of the Polish theaters in 1937 that Hitler would die if he began to move his troops east. The Führer learned of this prediction quickly enough, since all Polish publications published it immediately.

Hitler's hatred intensified even more after a conversation with his astrologer Eric Hanussen, from whom he learned that Messing is not a charlatan and indeed has amazing abilities. Once two clairvoyants crossed and tried to penetrate each other's thoughts. Despite the fact that they parted almost immediately, Eric felt a complete loss in this silent duel.

After this story, Hitler announced that brass was now his personal enemy. As much as 210 thousand marks were awarded for his capture.

The conquest of Poland by German troops

After the German army had crossed the borders of Poland of the year and thus marked the beginning of the Second World War, Messing decided, knowing from the rancor of the Führer, to flee Poland.

The place where he spent his childhood was soon occupied by the Nazis, who organized a ghetto in it. Wolf Messing managed to move to Warsaw from his home village and all of his relatives - his father and three brothers - were arrested and died in Majdanek. At the same time, Messing himself was glad that his mother lived no longer to see that terrible day and did not see the agony of her relatives, who had died much earlier of a broken heart.


In the Polish capital, Messing fled to one of the meat dealers. Despite the observed conspiracy, Messing is arrested on one of the days.Wolf tried to convince the fascists that he was just a poor artist, but one of the posters that were massively pasted on the streets of the city identified him by a German officer.

Confused, brass didn't have time to use his amazing skills. He was taken to the police station and locked in one of the cells. Only there did Wolff realize that if he could not escape as quickly as possible, he would soon be killed. Psychologically, he was able to use his amazing gift again - all Germans who obeyed his mental order gathered in his cell. Brass himself, who had been motionless before, got up, went quickly outside and locked the camera with a bolt.

After such a strong nervous load, his strength ran out completely, he could not even go down the steps and leave the building. Then he decided to take a risky jump out of the second floor window, just hoping for luck, and she did not disappoint. Playing with injured legs was picked up by compassionate people and taken out of town under hay shock. After easily regaining his powers, Messing crossed the boat and landed on the territory of the USSR.

The beginning of a new life

Of course, he crossed the border at his own risk and peril. The knowledge of the Russian language was minimal, which is why it was quite difficult for him at first. However, thanks to his phenomenal memory, he easily got along with his studies. Despite the fact that Messing was not very well known for his performances in the USSR, there was one person (head of the arts department Abrasimov) who supported his attempts to start life from scratch.

Risking his successful career, he gave the order to include brass in the artistic brigade that served the residents of the Brest region. After that the life of the psychic gradually began to take its usual course. In 1940 he was sent to Minsk, from where, after several extremely successful performances, he went on tour through the territory of modern Belarus.

Acquaintance with Stalin

Fame over Wolfe as the most interesting and a mysterious person continued to spread throughout the USSR. Therefore, Messing was not too surprised when, at one of the concerts in Gomel, several people in uniform caps took him with them in the middle of the concert and apologized to the audience. In his memoir, Messing recalls that the following event played a crucial role in his life. As it turned out later, the people took him to Stalin, who got Wolf Messing's individual predictions about the future of Russia. After meeting the "Leader of the Peoples" face to face, he said he had carried him in his arms and, when he saw Stalin's surprise, explained that it had happened on May 1st during a demonstration, causing a rather tense situation was defused .

According to Wolf's memoir, he met the head of the USSR more than once. At one of these meetings, Stalin invited him to see if he really had the skills people were talking about, and Messing agreed. The essence of the first check was that the clairvoyant acting on the bank clerk can get money without a check, and Wolf did an excellent job of doing this. He showed the older cashier a blank sheet of paper "after he had familiarized himself" with which the latter gave him the required amount of 100,000 rubles. The NKVD officials, who watched the experience from the side, immediately returned the money to the bank. The elderly cashier who realized what had happened was hospitalized with a heart attack.

However, Stalin was not convinced of this test. He suggested that the cashier conspired with the telepath. So he gave Wolf an even more difficult task - to enter the Kremlin without documents, but the telepath coped perfectly with it. He later replied to the "Leader of the Peoples" questions that he had inspired the guards, that he was Beria.

In his memoirs of his meeting with the "Leader of the Peoples", Messing briefly mentions that Stalin was most interested in his life in Poland and his opinion of the most prominent people of the time.

The prediction that Stalin's son saved the life

Wolf Grigorievich considered predicting about Russia as his hobby and almost never kept a record. However, in his memoirs he points out that thanks to his gift he was able to save the life of Stalin's son Vasily. The fact is that the young man would fly to Sverdlovsk by plane. Wolf warned Stalin of the impending disaster and asked his son to take the train. It is noteworthy that the plane really fell from a great height

Acquaintance with Khrushchev

In the late 1940s, the telepath will meet Nikita Khrushchev, who has repeatedly spoken about Messing's true predictions about the future of Russia. During Wolf's trip to the Ukraine, Comrade Bulgarin himself flew after him, who at the time was Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. His main job was to get brass to Khrushchev as soon as possible. As it turned out later, a high-ranking official who had a number of classified documents with him disappeared in Moscow. When Stalin found out about the missing papers he was furious and gave only three days to find them.

Wolf was taken to the missing officer's office, where he was led: he saw a village with a river and a rickety bridge. Local historians helped find the place where Wolf described in detail what he saw. The documents were eventually found next to the deceased official's body.

After the death of the "People's Leader", interest in Messing's talent waned considerably. The fact is that he had a conflict with Nikita Khrushchev, who did not forgive the telepathist for refusing to speak at one of the party congresses with a speech written in advance for him. Khrushchev wanted people to hear Wolf Messing's predictions about Russia, in which he had to explain that he had seen Lenin in a dream who allegedly asked for Stalin's body to be removed from the mausoleum.

Brass said that he does not believe in spiritualism and does not communicate with the dead. After such a categorical rejection, Wolf immediately ran into performance problems. People who wanted to hear Wolf Messing's predictions about the future in person wrote him many letters, but after Khrushchev banned his concert activities, the clairvoyant fell into a depression. He tried to hide from people, especially since he got serious health problems at the same time.

Messing's predictions about Russia

Messing's biography is full of many interesting events, but in fact it is not so rich in episodes in which Wolf would mention another fate of THE USSR. Even so, some of Messing's predictions about Russia's future have survived to this day. For example:

  • Wolf predicted the end of World War II and gave the exact date of its end as May 8, 1945. This became known to Stalin, who believed in Messing's predictions. The year for Russia turned out to be extremely difficult, however, Soviet troops did not stop the offensive and still reached Berlin. As you know, the act of Germany's surrender was signed on May 8, 1945, and May 9, 1945 became the official date for the celebration of the victory over fascism. This holiday is still revered as one of the most important in Russia. Brass even received gratitude from Stalin for such an accurate prediction. It is noteworthy that brass himself did a lot to win. Despite the fact that his salary in the USSR was significantly different from what he earned on tours of Europe, he still gave all of his savings to building several military aircraft. The first was built in 1942 and the second in 1944.
  • During one of the speeches in the NKVD club, in which everyone present wanted to hear Wolf Messing's predictions about Russia with their own ears, the clairvoyant was asked what he thought of the Soviet-German pact. After a brief consideration, the clairvoyant said he had seen tanks with red stars on the streets of Berlin. Somehow, Messing's predictions about Russia got known to Germany, confusing the Soviet government about what had happened.
  • Thousands of people wrote letters to the seer asking him to tell what happened to their relatives, but he flatly refused to answer them.
  • One of the most prominent predictions made by a telepathist was the prophecy of Stalin's death. During a personal meeting with the "Leader of the Peoples", Messing asked him to reduce the persecution of Jews and, after receiving a tough rejection, said that the chief of the USSR would die on a Jewish holiday. It is noteworthy that Stalin's death coincided with the Jewish holiday of Purim, which fell for years.

Predictions about Ukraine

Oddly enough, Wolf Messing also mentioned future events in Ukraine some 50 years ago. Predictions about Ukraine were limited to the fact that despite all attempts by the people to start a war, there will not be a third world war. The fortune teller announced this at a concert in Uzhgorod and tried to warn people even then of the consequences that their hasty actions could lead to.

I would love to believe that incredible person, as always, it will be right, and all attempts to start World War III will be in vain.

Private life

A year before the end of World War II, after a speech to the workers and wounded in Novosibirsk, a young woman turned to Wolf and accused him of addressing people wrongly in the opening speech before the concert, to which Messing was directed girl to read it aloud next time ... This is how Wolf met his future wife Aida Mikhailovna for the first time.

For a long time she went to all performances with him, but her health deteriorated with age. During one of the examinations, doctors diagnosed her with a cancerous tumor. Despite the pain, they continued to tour and flatly refused to go to the hospital. Brass returned home after one of the concert tours and had to carry her out of the train in his arms because Aida could not walk alone. The greats of science of the USSR, Nikolai Blokhin and Joseph Kassirsky, came to their home urgently. Despite all his convictions, Wolf confidently declared that nothing would help Aida - she would die at seven o'clock on August 2, 1960, and unfortunately, as always, he was right.

After Messing buried his wife, he fell into a deep depression. He was no longer interested in life and hardly forced himself to do at least basic things.

From that day on, Wolf began to perceive his abilities as a curse. For about a year he did not leave the walls of his home and communicated with anyone except his dogs and his wife's sister, who looked after him all the time. Over time, the pain of loss subsided and Messing gradually resumed the concert program, believing that it would be much easier for him to communicate with people.

In the 1960s, he was awarded the RSFSR Honored Artist title, which he was delighted to receive because he believed that specialists would finally begin to study his phenomenal skills. However, it turned out that this prediction was not meant to come true.

last years of life

At the end of his life, Messing was very worried about his legs, which he had injured while fleeing the Nazis. An urgent operation was required, which was carried out by one of the most famous doctors in the USSR - V. I. Burakovsky. Before leaving for the hospital, Messing, whose predictions almost always came true, stood in front of his portrait and announced with several witnesses that he would never return home.

Despite the fact that the operation went well, Brass's kidneys suddenly fail and his heart stops. The great telepath died on October 8, 1974. And Messing was buried in the Vostryakovsky Cemetery in Moscow, where anyone can visit his grave.