People with anorexia often become scurvy

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B 4 Caries Caries creates holes in the tooth enamel. The dentine is attacked. The dentist grinds out the damaged area and seals the hole with a seal. Join 1 Collect information about the disease scurvy with the help of the Internet or a dictionary. Describe what causes the disease and the symptoms. 2 Find out what measures can be taken to cure the disease. Think about the preventative measures that can prevent this disease. 3 Why was scurvy a common disease among seafarers in ancient times? In which parts of the world do you think this disease is still common today? 25 Human Summary Anorexia, eating and vomiting addiction (bulimia), binge eating disorder and obesity are known eating disorders. Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar levels are increased. Caries, gastritis, stomach ulcer, stomach cancer, gallbladder and appendicitis are diseases of the digestive system. The most severe form, type 1 diabetes, usually occurs in childhood. Insulin cannot be made because insulin-producing cells have been destroyed by the body. Therefore the hormone has to be supplied artificially and food intake has to be strictly controlled. Type 2 diabetes can occur as a sequela of malnutrition and obesity as well as in old age through the natural aging process of the organs. If the disease is recognized in good time, a low-sugar and low-fat diet and sufficient exercise can help in some cases. The blood sugar level must be constantly monitored and - if necessary - insulin must be administered artificially. What diseases of the digestive system are there? If acids attack the tooth enamel, bacteria can penetrate. These destroy the dentin and cause inflammation of the tooth root. Caries can be avoided by careful dental care ( B 4). Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining. It can be triggered, for example, by a bacterial infection or by an increased production of gastric juice. Mental illnesses can also cause gastritis. If small areas of the gastric mucosa are usually already destroyed, it is called a gastric ulcer. If cells change pathologically, this can lead to them multiplying and dividing in an uncontrolled manner. In the process, healthy tissue can be displaced or destroyed. One then speaks of cancer. Cancer can affect many different organs, including the stomach. If left untreated, stomach cancer can lead to death. Gallbladder inflammation occurs when, for example, gallstones prevent the bile from flowing out. The inflammation is extremely painful. Nausea and high fever may require removal of the gallbladder. Food components that are difficult to digest can sometimes get stuck in the appendix and cause constipation. The appendix can become inflamed (appendicitis) and break through. Signs of this are severe pain in the lower right abdominal area. A "ruptured appendix" is a medical emergency and must be treated immediately. For testing purposes only - - Property of the publisher öbv

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