What am I doing 46

What do the Landtag candidates from constituency 46 actually do on election day?

Daniela Evers (Greens)

After the family breakfast, the applicant of the Greens wants to take part in the vigil of the Solar Forum Hochschwarzwald in Titisee on the occasion of 10 years of tsunami disaster and SuperGAU in Fukushima. This is not a date for an election campaign, but has been a regular date since 2012. “At lunchtime, depending on the weather, fresh air or first cleaning up the 'campaign desk' - the last few weeks have left their mark. In the afternoon around 4 p.m. we will vote at the polling station. "

And after the election? “Shortly before 6 p.m. I have an appointment with a colleague in the parliamentary group. Traditionally, on election night we always go to the first round of posters - good for the nerves and distraction until reliable numbers come up. From about 7.30 p.m. I will be at home with my husband and two children (17 and 22 years old) - election parties as traditionally with the urban and district greens in Freiburg's “Waldsee” are not possible. Let's see how we organize the evening - maybe with a little cego between the forecasts. "

Jennifer Sühr (SPD)

The SPD candidate, Jennifer Sühr, will first dedicate herself to her family on election day: "After a leisurely Sunday breakfast, I'll go on a trip into nature with my family." About the vote she says: “Unfortunately, I couldn't do it anymore, to vote by postal vote. I will vote right at 8 o'clock. "

And in the evening? “I follow the election results on the internet and on the news. We have a digital meeting with party colleagues once at 5:30 p.m. and then again at 8:15 p.m. "

Daniel Rottmann (AfD)

AfD candidate Daniel Rottmann says: "I will probably start the day with a cup of coffee, the verse of the Moravian Brethren, Psalm 14 [...]." visit in Ulm. Then family is on the program: "In the afternoon I'll be with my parents for a coffee because my father's birthday is on election Sunday."

And in the evening? “I will certainly follow the first projections in a family context. Otherwise, as a constituency sponsor for the constituency there, I have an office nearby, in which I will cheer on the counts until I know who will belong to the faction of my party in the next state parliament. "

Published in the Waldshut district