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1 5 YEARS DEBUG PERFUME HEFTY DAVE TARRIDA FILESHARING PROGRAMS FLASH-VJ-MIXER 243 REVIEWS MONTHLY NEWSPAPER July MARCH EUR 2.80 Switzerland: SFR 5.50 ELECTRONIC LIFE ASPECTS 61 MUSIC MEDIA CULTURE SELF-DOMINATION CULTURE. The animation film is growing up. There is even an Oscar waiting for him. And with "Waking Life", Richard Linklater's independent counterpart to films like "Spiderman", he has his latest aesthetic sensation. The geeky animation revolution, not expensive, but certainly not lo-fi. JT DONALDSON California at the House. California is in the house? Labels like Seasons or Panhandle shout unmistakably: But how! The end of the Californian wasteland in the motherland of electronic dance music, now house is being redesigned under orange trees. Right in the middle of it all is JT Donaldson, the professional from Dallas. MILLE PLATEAUX The design for the label. Mille Plateaux is one of the most style-conscious record labels, also in visual terms. No wonder that they hire a programmer for their website and the Clicks & Cuts CD cover, the Viennese girl "Lia", who especially appreciates the lyrical moments in the programming languages. FILESHARING 2002 Who is sharing? Who rules How are you? PANORAMIC VIEWS THROUGH GUCCI GLASSES Daniel Wang and what is left of disco. TEXT: SASCHA KÖSCH TEXT: ALJOSCHA WESKOTT Sharing doesn't have to be popular with everyone. After Napster left us a long time ago, although it finally belongs to BMG, and Audio Galaxy also went to the RIAA's eternal hunting ground a few days ago, file sharing with Gnutella, Kazaa, Morpheus and many more quickly developed. Systems that are still online today, despite many complaints, because they not only shared the files, but mostly also the search for them. File sharing has become a network that is difficult to find and yet omnipresent. But behind this apparent freedom to be able to download tracks anytime and anywhere, because music is running through your head, there is not just a bunch of sophisticated distributed computing software, but a whole culture of mailbox companies, open source enthusiasts, music lovers, legal disputes, portals and communities. While the exchange of cracked software on the Internet has always been more of a case for the public prosecutor, file sharing almost seems like a religious denomination. The children of the free culture find their religion almost taken for granted here. And what some still consider to be a mistake, a transition period or a neglect of the music industry has long since become as hegemonic as browsers or mail programs and for most simply a welcome update for one-sided radio programs and music television. For this, of course, television newspapers such as the file sharing portal Zero Paid, separate file sharing channels for electronic music such as Soulseek are required, but a new type of user of these systems is also required. Because with the file sharing program you suddenly become your own server administrator. And we need new visualization strategies such as minitasking so that we can even imagine what is actually going on in file sharing networks. And the music industry also needs file sharing. She begins to use the file-sharing systems in which all her users are located as an advertising platform and to adopt their conception in her online distribution systems. A De: Bug Digi ethnologist overview of the largest collective event on the net including hangovers, backflashes, stomach growls and fresh ideologies, always on the trail of our favorite species: the file sharers .... continue on What about disco could be left? Perhaps a ZDF night studio installation of burning filter, happy and disco house records that rotate in the electric fireplace. At this point at the latest, however, the switch should be made as quickly as possible. Better to fill up with scattered Studio 54 snippets somewhere. But even better: meet N.Y.C. boy Daniel Wang. Because: The sun doesn't always shine on TV. Only he seems to know what to do after the orgy, how new material can be created from lost disco impulses, how retro aesthetics can be put out of the way. Let's put it simply: A new master of ceremonies has come to the cities of the Empire, how nice that it has come American, who admits: "We aren t that innocent anymore" and by that means: WE MAKE NEW EVENTS! He's been doing that for a while: as a "Balihu" label inventor, theremin virtuoso, DJ, musician and advocate of Environ sound design and, not too long ago, of the Disco Nouveau school. Wang managed to overwrite the tamed disco monster, a re-writing in the best sense of the word. Instead of romantic disco-disco chains, instead of kitsch and misunderstood whispers of love to a musical era, Wang focuses on wondrous sound worlds in order to discover a beauty that renounces chaos and yet cannot be tamed. It has almost become a trace of the avant-garde house. Morgan Geist in the neighboring Environ universe also likes this. While a few boutiques have already been recaptured there via Metro Area in order to hold even more awesome consumer festivals, Daniel Wang is working on brand new shopping baskets in order to be able to draw on the full. A perfect double pass .... continue on CONNECTING PEOPLE file sharing software at a glance. You also want to be involved where David defies the Goliath? Where friends shake hands and files from web node to web node without the major industry interfering? Here is the start: all important file sharing programs at a glance. Download now. Media. PICTURE REVIEWS ... FILESHARING: SOULSEEK ELEKTRONIKA EXCHANGE EXCHANGE ... DESIGN AGENCY: WE WORK FOR THEM ... VISUALIZATION OF COMPLEX NETWORKS ... OVERVIEW: FLASHMIXER FOR VJS ... MUSIC TECHNOLOGY: HARDWARE CONTROLLER FOR LOGIC ... DAVE TARRIDA Bass under the Palace Pier. Not bast rock, but bass rock. And that in the Brighton No Future style. Dave Tarrida, both as an entertaining DJ and as a producer, seeks the honest charm of precisely kicking darkness in techno. The extra portion of deep bass power for the honest rocker in you. Muck ahoy. Culture. STAGE: BLANCA LI AND HERBERT IN BORDERLINE ... FILESHARING: MUSIC INDUSTRY AND FOR FREE CULTURE. THE FILESHARING PORTAL ZEROPAID ... FILESHARING: KAZAA USABILITY ... POETRY SLAM IN THE CINEMA: PINERO ... BOOK: 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE ... RECONNOITRE.NET Art comes from Coden. Browser art according to Tom Corby and Gavin Bailly from "" break up the traditional web interfaces of commercial browsers and turn the "raw material" of the Internet into a political and aesthetic demand. Enlightenment and transparency through total deconstruction. Music. BLAKTRONICS ... DECOMPOSED SUBSONIC ... THE JOY OF DANCING ... HEFTY ... MAPSTATION ... KAIDI TATHAM ...

2 <2> - DE: BUG Imprint DEBUG Verlags GmbH Brunnenstr. 196, Berlin Editor: Advertising management: Subscription: Fon :, Fax: Editor: Alexander Baumgardt, Mercedes Bunz, Jörg Clasen, Jan Rikus Hillmann, Sascha Kösch, Fee Magdanz, Riley Reinhold, Anton Waldt, Benjamin Weiss Editor: Mercedes Bunz (mrs .Marcus Hauer Thaddeus Herrmann Jan Joswig Sascha Kösch Anne Pascual Sven von Thülen Clara Völker Review Editor: Sascha Kösch Photo Editor: Ole Brömme Editor New York: Nico Haupt Editor Vienna: Anton Waldt Editor Lüneburg: Heiko Gogolin Nils Dittbrenner Texts: Ingrid Arnold, Florian Brandlmeier, Mercedes Bunz, Verena Dauerer, Nils Dittbrenner, Anett Frank, Katja Hanke, Marcus Hauer, Nico Haupt, Thaddeus Herrmann, Sascha Horsley, Christophjacket, Jan Joswig, Jarrett Kertesz, Markus Klug, Sascha Kösch, Heike Lüken, Joachim Landesvatter, Aram Lintzel, René Margraff, Kay Meseberg, Anne Pascual, Janko Roettgers, Olian Schulz, Pit Schultz, Sven von Thülen, Clara Völker, Anton Waldt, Alexis Waltz, Benjamin Weiss, Aljoscha Weskott, Heiko H. Gogoli n Phot os: BGZM, Ole Brömme, Claudia Burger, Nadja Klier, Noshe, Kai von Rabenau, Claudia Rorarius, Christian Werner Reviews: Stefan Heidenreich as sh, Thaddeus Herrmann as thaddi, Jan Joswig as jeep, Sascha Kösch as bleed, Clara Völker as caynd , Felix Denk as felix, Christian Meyer as meyer, Anett Frank as anettf, Sven von Thülen as sven, Christophjacket as cj, Andreas Brüning as asb, René Josquin as, Heiko H. Gogolin as Bub, Nils Dittbrenner as BoB, Anne Schreiber as anne, Kay Meseberg as came DEBUG Ultra Beauty Operators: Jan Rikus Hillmann Tjoss May Andreas Sachwitz Sales: ASV Vertriebs GmbH, Süderstrasse 77, Hamburg Fon: 040 / Fax: 040 / Own sales (record stores): Fon: You can subscribe to: Sven von Thülen, Clara Völker / Debug dates: due date August edition: de-bug online: Managing Director: Sascha Kösch Marketing and advertising management: Mari Lussmann, Simon Kathmann, Andreas Sachwitz Fon: 030 / / The advertising price list January 2002 ViSdP applies: the editorial office DEBUG File Sharing:, Column A BETTER TOMORROW TEXT: ANTON WALDT Despite the fact that it is noticeably warmer and one or the other displeasure should actually dissolve into favor, “Terror” and “Cult” continue the parade of the misguided. International animal rights activists have switched to the efficient protection of reserves in Central Africa by means of mercenaries, mostly South African mercenaries, who are paid according to standard wages. Because of the deterrent effect, the killing of poachers is not only accepted, but pushed ahead. In the domestic climes, meanwhile, the terror breaks its course, especially as child and youth protection. The Stoiber Federal Council does not want pedophiles to step up in the churches but in the data networks, for which all connection data for all those communicating (landline, mobile phone, SMS, mail and surfing) should be stored as permanently as possible. With that he is actually super at one with the Schily government, but they want to take the measure themselves. This heap of surveillance shit is crowned by the EU Parliament, which almost at the same time decided to undermine the actually exemplary European data protection guidelines beyond recognition, even if that is initially worded more pleasantly in the decision: The member states are allowed to use data protection "only" to fight crime or to protect public or national security, "if this measure is necessary, appropriate and proportionate within a democratic society." Proportionality is in very bad shape these days, as the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Ms. Bergmann, impressively demonstrates: “Me I watched 'Counter Strike' and similar games and found them terrible," said the crawling and wooden toy expert. FIVE YEARS ON ACID VOTES FOR FIVE YEARS DE: BUG Thomas Venker: Idealism and enthusiasm - unfortunately you don't notice that in many print media these days. The De: Bug for it all the more. OK then. Linus Volkmann: Nice format, looks like a newspaper. Venker: And very inspiring. The fact that not only the usual suspicious music promo themes are looped through, but ... Volkmann: ... theory and the tinkering, which Jean Pütz was called "Hobbythek", find their place is great. Thomas Venker & Linus Volkmann / Intro Electronic music and electronic aspects of life are meanwhile daily business and not only in Berlin-Mitte or in the Belgian quarter in Cologne. In year 5 after the first edition of De Bug was published , notebooks, PADs and MP3 players s are part of the standard repertoire of connoisseurs who are enthusiastic about music and technology, and terms like Final Scratch or Pitch Control are no longer part of the vocabulary of the Happy Few. Of course, it is true that there has been a veritable and vital scene for out-of-the-ordinary, experimental music with artists as diverse as Steve Reich, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno or Faust for over 30 years, but a first breakthrough in the mass-compatible sense was techno and its kind siding. House, Detroit and Marshall Jefferson came soon after, and with bands like Depeche Mode at the latest, electronic music reached the mainstream in the mid-80s, bringing tens of thousands of people together in football stadiums around the world. (To be continued under Mute Deutschland Wussup De: Bug, Many Happy Returns! All the Braindancers at Rephlex Master Control would like to say cheers for all your interest and support in these past 5 years! Our German ain't too good but it's clear that, like ourselves, you all love a whole world of music and strive hard to promote musical creativity and entertainment. And you provide important facts and information at the same time! That sounds simple indeed but it's too rare in today's popular journalism - so here's to the future! Peace out. Grant Claridge / Rephlex Every month we buy the new edition of De: Bug. We were very proud when we appeared in De: Bug for the first time. We drive a silver Volkswagen Lupo, on the rear of which we are Not only to be able to distinguish it from other vehicles parked at the respective destination of our journeys, to have attached a De: Bug sticker. This also plays into the silvery. Others have already seen us on the road a Recognized in our De: Bug s ticker. Thomas Meinecke and Michaela Melián / freelance writer and voluntary self-regulation In times when many newspapers are trying to make a living from advertisements that don't exist and companies have to advertise their junk in newspapers (but they don't want to or can 't) some of them Therefore, for their part, there is almost no longer, the opinion press, which still really lives off its many subscriptions and readers, should actually be the laughing third party, insofar as it can only lose in the general decline what it has never had: crumbs from the table the primary economy. It's just stupid if the opinion of the opinion press is one of the unconditional progressiveness, because in a market economy that means looking for progress where it is concretized as a commodity, since it can be read off there and then (partly rightly) on it can hope that he might at least occasionally blow this form - which he nevertheless needs, if only because not that many others are available. De: Bug is a progressive newspaper, always has been, and therefore lives abstractly (rather than from record advertisements) from the readers who the paper calls on to participate in progress, even if they can only be found in the fact that the readers themselves produce records. Specifically, however, this paper is of course still happy about the record advertisements, you are not stupid. Wait a minute: Wasn't abstract wealth from money, more specifically that with use value? But here it all looks the other way around! And De: Bug is to blame! And can take it! Since five years! But hello: this attitude is extremely complicated in many respects and therefore deserves to be rewarded in an equally complicated way, for example with a rather utopian shift in the mass distribution of creativity in the world. So everyone should read De: Bug, all De: Bug readers should make records and advertise them in De: Bug, the abstract wealth of the newspaper that a Federal Minister for Family Affairs Ms. Bergmann: I looked at 'Counter Strike' and similar games and found them they terrible. is more concrete, should grow more and more obscene, but then turn into concrete, which would actually be much more abstract than the concrete abstract, and from which you will then buy another world, that's it. Dietmar Dath "We can do anything we like as long as it is UNIMPORTANT. But in all IMPORTANT matters the system tends increasingly to regulate our behavior." Happy anniversary from Ted Kaczinski. Chris Korda on the subject of self-control When, just a few months after it was founded, Buzz renamed itself De: Bug, I was initially irritated: Buzz was such a great word for the newspaper, but I thought De: Bug was pretty stupid. In the meantime I only have blue-yellow associations with the first word, but with De: Bug I don't think of a menu bar of my Mozilla browser, but of one of the three real journalistic innovations of the nineties (Diedrich Diedrichsen) and the other two mean significantly less to me. In addition, it is the only publication, as far as I know, that repeatedly affords itself the luxury of reprinting record reviews twice. Congratulations, De: Bug! Heiko Hoffmann / Groove Since I landed in berlin many a fine freedom has come my way. Of all these frees, tis them free leaves to which I am exposed that I have always been partial to. Ai tis the ones that come in a handy dusty paper form, like your fine 'buggins' that I now take time to tip a nod. I look longingly at your well placed smudges thinking "one day, I'll understand all this" thanks for the incentive to get learning your language. bugs Jamie Lidell De: Bug employees look their best in Barcelona at 7:00 a.m. Greetings and all jute for the fifth. Henning Heuer / Ladomat The U.S. music press could learn a lot from German electronic music magazines like De: Bug. For example, they could learn to put us on their covers! Congratulations on five years of covering hot music. We wish you many more. And if there is a shock, Ms. Bergmann must also be banned, even if the responsible authorities refuse because they have not grasped the signs of the times and still think something of proportionality. The inverse side of the first-person shooter madness is demonstrated by the US Army, which recruits new recruits with funny shooting games at gaming fairs and at the same time the main obstacle to entry into the Army ("the danger") through weapon systems like the first real ones Air combat robots (Boeing X45) will soon be completely abolished for US soldiers. Our favorite gun handler Möllemann would certainly have been delighted with the cute weapon system, which recently completed its maiden flight and can deploy 1.36 tons of bomb or rocket load in an action radius of around km, but unfortunately, unfortunately, it should be a side effect of his sideline activity as a politician cannot offer this baby to his Arab buddies. That is obviously the price for the successful import of "feschism" from Austria. For a better tomorrow: Schily and Stoiber as poachers in the Congo, parachute runs for fascists, otherwise only sip blood virtually and pull it off, after all, it's summer. Peace, Morgan Geist Environ NYC its friday here in san francisco! i hope its not too late in german time! here it is! we love mercedes benz! we love de bug, but please, can t you start writing some of the articles in english?! punk without pogo forever! Alex and the Chix on Speed ​​I feel as an artist who is heavily involved in a genre of electronic dance music that De: Bug is an incredibly important publication for the underground electronic dance music lovers of Germany.The reasons being that De: Bug takes what they do seriously and at the same time it is apparent that they have a passion for the type of music they are reporting on, they don't just follow the latest trends they invest time and energy into what is really happening in the world of electronic music. It is always a pleasure for me to take part in articles for De: Bug, I feel a confidence that the person interviewing me has done their research and allows me to speak freely and honestly about what I am about and I know I will not be misrepresented. This publication is interested only in the facts and not interested in controversy. EN: BUG time to BIG UP YOURSELVES !!!! Respects DJ Storm The credibility of a magazine could only be established through the passion and the generosity of it's working team. Debug magazine in fact is quite simple but very effective almost like a good receipe you never get tired of tasting from time to time. - 9 curious and supportive journalists - 2 devoted chief editors - 4 talented graphic artists - 3 patient programmers - 2 marketing cracks That's all it takes really to make it happen. I want to simply say thank you to everyone at Debug for being so supportive of the artistic community and for being so passionate about it. You're not only covering art you're also writing history. You are a voice for many of us, a voice which gives us the strenght to keep on doing what counts the most in our lives, expressing ourselves. I think what you've achieved is noble; you have established a healthy relationship of trust with both readers and artists. I wish you and I wish us many more years of Debuged journalism. Marc "Akufen" Leclair

3 looks like a newspaper and smells like it - but still exists without disregarding objectivity, passion, honest discourse and relevance ... the little lion is the solution to the riddle. And that's my companion on the poodle sofa in the early night, on the drive home from hungover Cologne or sick at home on the Hamburger Berg. Always so fresh that you can hardly believe it. Killer. Lawrence / Dial Records What's this? ask my children. A newspaper for electronic aspects of life, I say, so that they leave me alone. I see. Both drop their Lego and pull around at it. Why does she look like Haribo? Tschinn-Tschinn on the design! Dragon has good reason to party! The reference to the electronic aspects of life is certainly dignified: De: Bug wants to cover everything that can determine the multimedia world of a contemporary woman interested in music. Anton Waldt's column "A Better Tomorrow" is a very positive fixed point in this rather complex variety of topics, which is always up-to-date examined and plowed in an unusually profound way. Thank you and congratulations on De: Bugstag! Electric Indigo It's nice to be there when the loudspeaker crunches every day. The bass is deep, the surfaces rough. Merci for life-affirming circuits and pastel pixel clouds. While the veiled poetry of the record reviews, for example, made us discover some of the heroes of the delicate tones, we also liked to lurch through the sparkling charm of stories about computing power, simulation experience and listening cubes. Music is a marvelous animal and it is very seldom seen deep in the forest. Stefan Schneider / To Rococo Rot Relevant and self-sufficient, especially bypassing the usual paths, tries to keep issue by issue open (quite contrary to most of the other "trend techno-mags", who are only interested in the next hype of tomorrow , when this but actually passed again a long time ago), while De: Bug credibly manages to authentically exemplify an acutely existing "electronic life". In addition, De: Bug simply kicks * ace *. period. Andy Vaz / Background Records Every beginning of the month, when our hostel father, the Viennese Norbert, brings fresh De: Bug (2.80 euros) into the poodle for them De: Bug is definitely the coolest name for a magazine. But is the name still the program? If I read something three times and still don't understand, it may be because of me: tired, stupid, or disinterested. Or on the writer: tired, arrogant, disinterested. As an old 68er I still know that language is an instrument of domination. I also know that language deliberately excludes. [...] De: Bug always looked more professional than the paper actually was. The designers are professionals too and have developed their own style: classic typography [...] in a radically four-color offset dress. That means, you can finally color fonts and you can print all colors in all mixtures in the finest gradations. Most editors-in-chief still believe that writing is black, as a law of nature, so to speak. So the sheet looks good, and definitely sets the tone. But the more complex, controversial and contradicting the content becomes, the more you can see the discrepancy between graphics and text. There is no final editing and a correspondingly large number of horrific separations, because they distort the meaning [...] For me, it is not about a know-it-all, but rather the question of how far language can and must change . And what role the visual design plays in this. Well, you know how it is, we always have to make our books colorful so that someone can read them. Do they also have something for Gameboy? I can ask, but now they're still sleeping. Are they sleeping now? Why do they get up so late? I look at the clock, it's one. Because they're up all night. Because of Gameboy? Yes, something like that. Sven Lager / Writer De: Bug was like a noble pot of cultures for me right from the start. Only the most cultivated dishes were prepared in it, in order to be refined with the most glorious spices, picked only from the most carefully selected meadows of the purest creation. I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the five-year existence of this luxuriously typed fine restaurant. Gourmet Schorsch Cameroon ****** / Goldene Zitronen, Sylvester Boy My darling, the De: Bug Dragon, has recently started drinking a glass of sparkling wine - how sweet! That's how it is: classic but with a subtle sense of humor, dignified and yet cute. Can this little animal stand as a symbol for the De: Bug? The daily newspaper format and material is classic and an excellent idea: a refreshing alternative to the competition, which is clearly oriented towards "lifestyle" categories, a coherent appearance even without serifs, now even cooler ... In other words: cheers and a newspaper is created. At the beginning everyone doubted that this was even possible without a large publishing house in the background. The moment was great when the first edition was out and you saw people on the street with the newspaper under their arm. It's also nice that the De: Bug appears in places where you don't expect it: as filler material to plug holes in the window. In a shop to blind the windows during the renovation work. Such a newspaper goes strange ways. Oh, and it's still fun to read! What would we do without the monthly aspects of life. Vicky Tiegelkamp / Playframe We're only three; the De: Bug five and rides the bigger bike with it ... any questions? Self-analyzing musing, the De: Bug is probably a collection of similarly pathological fellows who still KNOW. "The one record that nobody knows, that I was allowed to hear first," is still relevant, not just for me. Autistic unite! It's also great that you can get Club Mate and Orangina around the corner - just 30 meters! ... And also that they are all so nice. There are people who think things like that are stupid ... I don't. Half of my Journo Dream Team comes from Brunnenstrasse. :). tak and bless bless. Thomas Morr / Morr Musik De: It's Bug's birthday! yep yeah. De: Bug saved the music world! With every issue again and again tension and curiosity: What was picked, filtered and pre-digested for the inclined readership. Yes, for Oceanclubradio as a source of information and for Monika Enterprise, De: Bug is irreplaceable as a critical organ. Long live De: Bug! Gudrun Gut / Monika Enterprise, Ocean Club De: Bug is my monthly dose of well researched info and thoughts about all things digital ... Not that I'm completly into new software, internet discussion-groups or computer games, but having information / articles on print in this compressed format is right up my alley ... Wired is pretty ok for more in-depth articles about specific subjects, but most important: Being into the above might never had happend to me, was it not because of the interesting takes on artists, labels and new movements in music that you are guarenteed on every page ... a very rare experience in the world of published thoughts about the music of today. De: Bug is truely unique, and I'm lucky enough to have been teached german welll enough to understand most of whats written in there - An english written version would be able to take over the world ... :) Thomas Knak / Opiate You could of course talk about De: Bug for a very long time, about as long as De: Bug also speaks long and reliably about "electronic aspects of life". But you can of course also try to get to the point, in the spirit of De: Bug. De: Bug is almost the only medium that tries to seriously and, above all, credibly deal with all areas of "electronic aspects of life", always selling eyes and ears to tourists for double that, we beat him often knocked out with a warm bottle of Astra (1.90 euros) to take it from him (whether Bodenstandig 2000 is in it this time?). Not without having delighted the fat Austrian with a grateful kick in his fat ass, we headed for the toilet. Quickly put on the green reading glasses and off you go, the journey into the "rattling, cranky, dubby-eccentric, alienated and time-stretched chatty, ultra-urban, comic-like, neat and tidy downstairs, hovering foggy, tragically pretended , pseudo-analog, snotty, English-krautige, English-krautige, casually high-rise, traditional Asian, small-chunky, Berlin-dubbb-baked, bit-crushed, comfortably resonance-fed, rectified, slit-eyed "letter music "from the best music newspaper in the world. Oh scary. No toilet paper. Oh fuck it, the fat man has to go to the kiosk again ... Gerd Ribbeck / Golden Pudels Club Hamburg made everything the same with colored areas and the text "the visible language" only used as a decorative gray value, then sentence structure and choice of words do not matter. But if language is to convey content and concerns, then we should remember that fuzzy formulations are an expression of fuzzy thoughts. An understandable sentence still has a verb and a subject, and if yo u consider that, you can also use "cool" words that do not help the content, but indicate belonging to your own tribe. Something like that is called "tribal communication". De: Bug has to decide: great, but equalizing layout with well-intentioned essays that fit better in a school newspaper (there are many of them), or big topics by good authors (which can be read more and more often in the paper ) in a professional design that the content celebrates instead of itself. There is no other paper for electronic aspects of life far and wide, so we need De: Bug. Could the anniversary be an occasion to start over? (The unabridged text is available at = 8-) Prof. Erik Spiekermann It is best on the train: Those who read it next door are immediately suspect: intellectual know-it-alls, sleepless ghosts from the last party, bred music nerds and focus of my observation for the next few hours of driving. David Linderman / Fork.Unstable.Media Of course i know De: Bug, the only german magazine i read even though i don't speak nor read any german. Vladislav Delay / Luomo Five years on acid! That means? Five years of DE: BUG. Is it celebrated or how? Yes, on Friday 5th July Where? Kino International, Karl-Marx-Allee 33, Berlin. How to get there? U-Bahn Schillingstraße U5 S + U-Bahn Alexanderplatz. With acid? No, completely different: Chris Korda from Gigolo Records preaches live on the main floor. Luomo from Force Tracks turns the disco on. What's still up Main floor DJs are Bleed, Felix Denk and Sven.VT from DE: BUG, ​​including Exponence and WMF Residents. Keep rummaging! In the lounge, colors from sound electronics or ~ Scape play live. Does he play all the time? No, the lounge DJs are Kazi Lenker and Thaddi Herrmann from DE: BUG and City Center Offices. Cool, and who illuminates it? : End. Come

4 <4> - DE: BUG HipHop MITTE KARAOKE TEXT: RENÉ MARGRAFF CENTER COURT DISCO Is the whole world a football? The 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea dictated the heartbeat and lunch breaks. In the middle of karaoke it doesn't matter. Their long-announced and long-awaited album is finally here and is called Aufschlag Mitte Karaoke. Ambiguous as always. It is not clear whether they secretly dream of following in McEnroe's footsteps, would have preferred to become tennis stars or continue - as is so often the case at night - wanting to hit a dance floor. One thing is for sure: They are the totally live hits. Rumor has it that one of her performances in Lithuania was so legendary that since then, WARNING! DON'T DRINK Blaktronik's TEXT: ANETT FRANK Don't scream. Talk and let the beats do the talking. This is the political and not unpatriotic motto of the Oakland duo Blaktroniks, who also put a stop to all musical rules on their fourth LP and try to seduce in a hybrid and relaxed manner. Blaktronics, Seduction at 33 1/3, is out on Moving Records. WEB LINKS Aufschlag Mitte Karaoke appears on WMF Records. The maxi first serve with the hot top hit panda bear (among other things in a very nice Ego Express interpretation) has already been released. Second serve will follow soon. Everything on WMF Records too, of course. Eastern European tour groups, consisting of at least one person, open up here once a month (sic!) To get used to wearing a T-shirt at one of the notorious concerts of the two Berlin pop presidents. Good cue ... The best piece of clothing that I was able to get hold of last year shows the Berlin bear, who, after a night of sleep, is stumbling around hand in hand with the television tower, apparently megalomaniac. Promo shirt in the middle of karaoke, of course! When you wear this, you can never get through the night without talking to strangers. The only annoying thing is that there are still people who think Mitte Karaoke has something to do with Berlin Mitte Boys. No. Because these are the ones who need a paddle to smear themselves with sun lotion! Quite far away from the astral bodies of the two young stars. However, they also expect good physical effort from their fans. Dominik, yes exactly, the dark curly hair that reminds us of George from the Five Friends gang caught me once on one of those help-I-go-today-best-just-to-the-bakery-and-quickly-get- home Days and said very charmingly: Hui, but you have a really nice pimple on your forehead and then still greasy hair. To be brave of you to assume that way. Hrmpf. Dear readers under 25: Dress up and follow them all over the country. The tour is coming up and who knows ... maybe one of you will soon be able to greet Dominik or Feed on your sofa and watch a little sweetheart with him. Hands up who knows the answer: What do George Bush, Destiny's Child, Tiger Woods and Blaktroniks have in common? Skin color? No, US President Bush, despite his senior African American advisors Rice and Powell, still stayed white. Country of origin: USA? Maybe comes closer to the matter, but is not decisive. Your American belief in globalization? Not bad, but aligned too differently. After all, the golfer Woods with his main sponsor Nike embody global hypercapitalism, President Bush with his anti-terror crusade global hyperpatriotism, Destiny's Child with its mixture of chastity, sex, Disney and Christianity the global hyperescapism and Blaktroniks with their pop location politics best sides of hyperglobal Oaklandism (there's bound to be trouble for this word creation!). Then it's your connection to Germany in the end, isn't it? The answer comes closest: All four parties were in their various functions as guests in Germany towards the end of May (and in the case of Blaktronik until the beginning of June). And with a handful of ideas about what the culture, economy and politics of the world power USA can and should look like. LIVING IN THE USA In this team, Blaktroniks, with their live shows reduced to the two heads Edd Dee Pee and X-Ray, should represent the most moderate worldview. Measured, for example, against the all too clichéd Christian homage to the R&B all-girl band Destiny's Child, the Blaktroniks jargon speaks - a mixture of retro-acid loops, salsa-comfortable drum'n'bass drum fever and Edd Dee Pee's frenetic but not uncontrolled chanting - a pagan language. Compared with the rhetorical excesses of their president and some of their compatriots, who roar at every opportunity U.S.A., their remarkably gentle heating up to the revolution is expressed in a reluctance that could do much for the transatlantic relationship. But to be considered unpatriotic: They guard against that. And they certainly do not see themselves as protagonists of a counterculture movement à la sixties, which should be obvious with their strong connection to San Francisco. The air is not yet completely clear for the dissent in the USA. X-Ray: With all the WWI level propaganda, it can get a little dangerous. Compared to Mos Def, we are also quite light. Nevertheless, I am aware of the corrupt channels my tax money is channeled into and I accept the consequences. After all, I like and stand by where I live. Just won't you shout 'U.S.A.' at a baseball game hear calling. We create a flow of sound waves and, as in any flow, there are trace elements in it. FISHING IN OAKLAND The fact that people don't shout fits in with the overall concept of the band at the moment. The title of their current LP on Moving Records, Seduction at 33 1/3, gives an idea of ​​their program: It's about seduction. And whether this is judged politically, sensually or purely musically, Blaktroniks deliberately leaves that to the listener. We create a flow of sound waves and, as in any flow, there are trace elements in it. So if you fish too deeply, you may well lose out on something political. We also see our responsibility in addressing certain topics, like on the piece `` Emaciated Shadow ''. Our method is just different. Gentler. Serene. When you yell at someone, you are often yelled at yourself. With our method, we could even make a completely instrumental, political record. If you also look at the comparisons that the band has made from a total of four LPs in their career, you will be happy to take that away from them: the most obvious one can be the analogies with the extraterrestrial, Afro-American sound experiments of Jeff Mills, Sun-Ra, Parliament and Funkadelic or recognize explicit references to the eighties diva Sade in the hit fais moi Fremdir. The fact that they are said to be Barry White or even Bruce Springsteen as sources of inspiration on the other side of the Atlantic may leave you with a lack of understanding at first - even among the Blaktronikists involved.But when you take a second look, you shouldn't be surprised. Especially when X-Ray defends the focus of their artistic work, their live shows, as a suitable addition to his other work as a system administrator because of the raw experience. And in the case of Edd Dee Pee, you don't have to look any further than his live performances (which are clearly characterized by the fact that he hangs from his equipment like an umbilical cord) to notice that his personal understanding of politics is based on two factors: Edd Dee Pee as the seductive broadcaster of his musical hybrid. And the fact that there is only one rule to be observed for him: that there are no rules. Just survive!

5 <5> - DE: BUG House AGAINST THE MUSK FRAGRANCE OF THE MARLBORO MAN Perfume Under the signet Perfume, a loose bunch of house-enthusiastic discourse theorists come together in the 7 - format to set to music with a joke that is suitable for dancing, why they much rather leaf through picture books than Legs apart to ride Mustangs. Beltz & Gelberg-Verlag yes, Marlboro rodeos no. Always partying. TEXT: ANETT FRANK DUFTE STIL-POP-SINGLEMANIA I'm happy. To know that Christian Flamm was just there and put the new perfume (which makes me happy), the fifth again, into the compartment is just unbelievably huge. Not to mention the anticipation that I've been carrying around with me for a few months now and that expresses itself in the fact that I completely loved the promotape POPLIFE, EVERYBODY NEEDS A ... Since the first encounter with this wonderful label output, I've been blown away (there has to be a bit of pathos), but that's no wonder either. About three years ago, Perfume # 1 presented itself with Christian Flamm and Markus Selg aka (parttime) diamond robbers. The right portion of the song in the house was enthusiastic, with the effect that the bumpy, sprinkled pop attitude with melody-loving catchiness intentionally winks back in order to find each other well. And Jan Cazarra was currently the second new discovery. Just sold his new album I ve come to see you once again on Ladomat, he interprets the legendary Prince hit Poplife on the first perfume flipsite a bit snottier than in the 80s. everybody needs a thrill poplife - a lot can be done with punk flavor. That rocks the old ham a lot and comes out hotter than the original. Anti-capital political songs in a happy house cloak Capital political song in a happy house cloak. I can only demonstrate demonstratively: Keep it up! Top! For your commitment to the good and the hygiene of common sense and manners, I love you! And all the others who are behind this basic attitude with the label. I only think back to Nightshift, like the two (Marcel Der Parfüm-Kontakt can be established via Kompakt, who also sell the singles. The editions vary around the copies. As far as I know, the first two releases are already out of print and will probably also be not reissued. Perfume # 5 is available from approx. DISCOGRAPHY - Perfume 1 / Christian: He fell in love, diamond robber: Today it stays light for a long time, Jan Gazzara: Pop life, Petöfi: Hamburg - Perfume 2 / Peace: Tonight, Peace: Tomorrow morning, Diamond Robber: Necklace, Diamond Robber: Diadem - Perfume 3 / Nightshift: Bob, Fezer: Way out, Petofi: Tu t'en, Petofi: Goin 'up -Perfume 4 / Jusko Trust: Uptown, Jusko Trust: Hey Production, Jusko Trust: Movie Mountains, Jusko Trust: Karriere -Parfüm 5 / Roccness feat.Superdefekt: Edwoog, Roccness feat.Riesselman: Halmbalz, The Christians: You were mine, The Christians: I was yours.oldschool in the cassette recorder stuck, press 4 and me I am happy as a small child that it fina lly gets its long-awaited toy as a present. Just one more thing to clarify: apart from this one cover story, Jan has nothing to do with the label, as it may have wrongly given the impression elsewhere. But even without this location, the man is good. With the second, Peace joins the diamond robber. A successful combination of disco-lounge-vocal-pop in a looped sample atmosphere that screams for Egoexpress. And effectively decorated living room house when the diamond robber unpacks his tiara and necklace. THE HUMANIZATION OF ISMS On a follow-up release, the Berlin duo Jusko Trust (Judith Hopf and Jesko Fezer) also released their mixture of anti-Hüppauff vs. Markus Selg) two years ago at Popkomm, at the locations of the spirals of memory , in Studio 672 in Cologne put on an obscure stage show. And with us they were with their rattle sticks. Variations included. So you could see her mummified in the panorama bar and doing action with half a meter high platform shoes. It's their way of dealing with the exploitative concept of capital and property through various avant-garde ideas. VIRTUALLY UNDERSTANDING THE NETWORK Hardly more than two Label employees live in a city. Anne and Marcel come from Hamburg, for example, Christian and Markus live in Berlin. Marcus Tomsche (Petöfi / Fa) is active from Cologne and Roccness (Markus Rossknecht) starts in Barcelona. Once an idea has matured again, communication is made via the network of technical possibilities. This is also the case if you are thinking about the cover design. There doesn't seem to be a uniform approach here, that wouldn't go with perfume either, but perfume has always been called: Format 7 up to now. When it comes to perfume, it is least of all about making a profit, having success or showing off, but rather about equality, self-realization and passion. You have the feeling of listening to a single large circle of friends who are mainly maintained virtually. TA DAA! BREAKTHROUGH NOT EXCLUDED The charm of the living room flair as a reduced variant of a sprawling, cranked up house night has by no means gone, and yet one sometimes wished to hear one more piece of perfume in the clubs. I do not question that this works. Finally, I am able to present a new little slice from Christian (d) and Roccness. That makes me feel easy going all along. Poppy, fluffy and very charming: that's why I love the little sweet 7 es from Perfume. They were always something very special!

6 PICTURE REVIEWS Product Placement / Shoes TEXT: STEFAN HEIDENREICH Photo 0: AP, F.A.Z, Dili, East Timor OH BONDAGE, UP YOURS! Royal Elastics take the risk and win TEXT: JAN JOSWIG The Australian leisure shoe brand Royal Elastics has made laceless sneakers a fashion item. They do not rest on their laurels. Now they are back with a new collection and new ideas. Post-colonial conditions. The world welcomes its newest member state: a former Portuguese corner of what was until recently an Indonesian island, now the youngest and at the same time the poorest country. The United Nations workplace program will run for a few more years before the patches of jungle are duly left to Australian and Japanese sweatshop operators. The fat UN-Nissan takes up two thirds of the picture. The child bends down and doesn't even reach the height of the rearview mirror. When it's gone, he sits down on the floor and waits for the next one. And if the UN leaves, maybe he'll be able to help move the chrome-plated chairs in front of the bar in the background. The little one has to save water. When he grows up, he'll try to get across the ocean to Australia - to where the Sprite bottle came from, where the sneakers that his compatriots patch up are sold, and where the car he cleans is built may. If he's lucky, the police lock him there in a barbed wire-armored prison camp in the desert. No, nobody can help it. Not the driver of the car. Not the UN. None of us will ever go to East Timor because there are no Komodo dragons there. sh Here it comes, the revenge of the shoelace. The Australian casual shoe brand Royal Elastics created a classic five years ago with its laceless Elastosneaker, which may not completely scratch the status of the Romika canvas slippers (at least I have never seen Alec Guiness in Royals), but which is right on the sneakers etc. -Exhibition got an exposed showcase space. If suit pants suddenly stopped falling only on Budapest leather shoes, then the distinguished, simple royals were owed to a model that you could not expect from Royal Elastics or any shoe brand at all. So much visionary chutzpah is needed first. Price and Adler obviously made the right decision when, when they merged with the American sneaker manufacturer K-Swiss in 2001, they insisted on keeping everything in their own hands when it came to design. With their new flagship model Chedal they have something like the Mr. Hyde to their Dr. Jekyll launch model created. The (that? That?) Chedal (a horse on a pedestal? Not in the mood to look up) is a soft stretch fabric sneaker in a rugged crumple design, the most striking detail of which shows - yes, what? Exactly: shoelaces! But, ha, not in the conventional binding function, how boring would that be? No, just as bondage-wise as in the secret Mr. Hyde life. As if miniature cowboys had tried to encircle Royal Elastics with a lasso. The lace is tied across the instep, under the sole. Maybe it's the visualization of the good ol 'keel and the cowboys are pirates? Very adventurous at least, as you can hear here. And to get this adventurous so ambivalently chic that one is half afraid to go to the vernissage with a DJ in the loo with the Chedal, Royal Elastics support Streetwise One, an international street art / graffiti exhibition in London, which is open from to. WEB LINKS fault. And No Logo readers were happy that they had an alternative to the anti-PC monopoly Nike that was not a stopgap solution. A shoe for dogmatic Apple users, that's it. But it was clear to the two company founders, Tull Price and Rodney Adler, that they would not be able to repeat the recipe for success endlessly. Something had to happen. half but also very proud of being so ahead (oh dear God, let it be ahead and not going wrong!) that the others will not be able to honor it until tomorrow, the fashion lovers, that is, to tickle exactly the point where fashion becomes existentialistically significant. With the chedal at a lonely arrogant height, which actually only cries out insecurely narcissistically for recognition. The recognition that you have more sensitive aesthetic sensors. And that is precisely why the bluntly amoral fashion victim cannot be, because the development of sensors at such a difficult level requires moral superiority. But what Mitmischen. You will be redirected to: The youth should be interested in politics again. That is what Uncle Thierse wants. A marketing person, who is then allowed to work for the propaganda department of a quota party during the hot election phase, has talked him into a preliminary campaign. The fuzzy feet show: we are in the middle of the picture, we are affected. You have to explain a law to the kids: e.g. telecommunications secrecy [...] Unfortunately, the small print has been left out, and unfortunately the list of small print exceptions to telecommunications secrecy has grown rather long since information has become increasingly evil. Don't worry: as long as she only flirts, gossips, gossips, everything is fine. What to do with a sluggish sovereign named Volk under advanced marketing conditions? Half a year ago the end of the fun society was announced across the country. Now the classic reconciliation return: You don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but a little serious is good. The customer must remain available, otherwise he will not buy anything. A paradoxical advertising requirement: interested people without changing their views. Get a little attention, but not too much. First mix in a little "with, but then equally well". sh With their new flagship model Chedal, Royal Elastics have something like the Mr. Hyde for their Dr. Jekyll launch model created. FROM THE SWAMP, ON YOUR OWN HAIR And something happened. When Royal Elastics are back on the light blue pedestals in shoe stores that run Zero 7, then it is above all the possibility of embarrassing failure. And that would make you the most unfortunate fashion victim per se, which is not only amoral but also tasteless. With the Chedal, Royal Elastics has once again, for the second time, achieved the exceptional achievement of turning the trivialized game of fashion into an Olympic discipline from a time when there were still offended gods and javelins. And where triumph and dust-eating were very close together. A discipline worthy of only the most fearless fashion gladiators, truly royal. Adventure up your life. Wear Chedal and imagine you were Alec Guiness in Romika pogoing up yours in the video for X-Ray Spex 'Oh Bondage, up yours.

7 Mod. Bitgravity / Alpha clones DELIGHT is a dolphin playing in the pool of friendship. Take a ride on the dolphin and let him swim free. Then cook the dolphin on the barbeque of love. Dolphins taste good.

8 <8> - DE: BUG DIGITAL ART SOFTWARE IS MIND CONTROL COME AND GET SOME Software meets art in Gameboy_ultraF_uk TEXT: SEAN HEALY The principle of browser art should have been known since the net art duo JODI or the web stalker from I / O / D: transparent , Designed and immersed web interfaces of commercial browsers are taken apart so that the raw material of the Internet, the programming language, network protocols, links or the structures of a website come to light on the computer interface. Transparent programming is also the political-aesthetic demand of the London-based strollers Tom Corby and Gavin Bailly from reconnoitre. Jean Poole collects Sky Noise Polaroids in Australia and can ollie a poodle WEB LINKS Software is mind control. Come and get some, is the motto that Tom Corby and Gavin Bailly would certainly put ahead of their work. They create artificially intelligent automatisms and unsettle the behavior of the user towards the web interface in order to uncover surprising potentials by deconstructing well-designed interfaces of Gameboy games. Because: you can turn the inside of a game inside out. DEBUG: Where does the longing for this deconstruction come from, for this digital dirt? RECONNOITRE: To quote director Robert Whiteman: 'We just want to understand what threatens us.' We use the conventions that exist for interface, interactivity and productivity, but at the same time work against them. We want to show how much software and program codes influence the ways in which we receive and exchange information. And how indirectly and mediated we can only perceive the world in this way. Software code is anything but neutral, it is socialized and culturally shaped. Its production is an area that artists only need to occupy. Rendering of the games is unpredictable. It looks something like this: Whole games are broken down into backgrounds and interface elements. Or they appear as fragments of the binary game code. Texts appear as a jumble of letters and binary data. The memory breaks up into parts of the screen as the inside of the game turns outwards. The changes in rendering behavior are triggered by user interactions and are manipulated by a cellular, automatic metabolism that causes the rendering phenomena. We call the bit rot. As a homogeneous and over-designed McWeb, but restructures the information it finds. So it shows the hidden structures of the network, its programming languages, links and other protocols. The web is a complicated ecology, a piece of beauty in itself. We thought that should be celebrated. DEBUG: What inspires you as an artist to work with program codes? RECONNOITRE: The interesting thing about code is that it puts the artist in a very powerful position if he can understand and use it. If you are able to code, you can work at a very high level. This opens up the creative process and enables the generation of new artifacts, ideas and possibilities. It means that you have far greater control over your work than you are dependent on other people or programs. Now I'm offending a few people, but when I say code, I don't mean Shockwave or Flash. Ready-made solutions like this lead to ready-made work. Flash and Shockwave force you to produce with the possibilities, software code is anything but neutral. Like people, he is socialized and culturally shaped. Its production is an area that artists only need to occupy. DEBUG: What exactly is Gameboy_ultra F_uk? What made you break up a Gameboy? RECONNOITRE: For us, the focus is on the fact that the games are based on code - the interface, on the other hand, is only one side of the language. Obviously, with a deconstructed interface, it's difficult to play the game at all. In this sense, it is definitely anti-immersive, as it calls into question the transparency of the interface - which is actually the declared goal of good interface design. So the project is not a game at all. We work with renderers that can be downloaded anywhere to play old arcade games like Asteroids. What we made of it is a modification of an open source Gameboy emulator. So we didn't change the games, we just messed with the emulator that loads the games. The change to the code causes the DEBUG: Your software Moody Renderer turns the user into a software DJ who mixes and recomposes the software. How far have you got with it and how the hell is that supposed to work? RECONNOITRE: When we talk about a software DJ, it's a metaphor to describe an attempt to incorporate language and put it together. It's about creating an interactive semiotics through the user interface and image in order to create new artifacts. Autonomous processes represent another important part of our work. Most of our work is based on the use of simple AI structures - i.e. artificial intelligence - to inject stubborn and destructive tendencies into software ... the user interacts with the software and manipulates it them, but the software does the same thing; as the name suggests: Moody Renderer. DEBUG: You also developed your own browser? Why? RECONNOITRE: Reconnoitre 1998 is the browser we are best known for. It is a 3-D browser that uses a kind of cut-up technique for the web pages that you load with it. We developed it to find alternative metaphors for navigating and describing the Internet. In this sense, it offers an alternative to the conventional, flat, page-like structures that are used on the web, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. It does not present the web that the developers of the program tell you to do. DEBUG: What do you love about open source software? RECONNOITRE: Our support for open source software is based on the fact that old virtues of cooperation and participation go against entrepreneurial obsession with control and the implementation of closed systems. It's very political, it's visionary and very exciting. Strictly speaking, the Gameboy_ultraF_uk is free software and therefore falls under copy left. Everyone has the permission to use the program, to copy it or to change it. It may be passed on, but no restrictions may be imposed on it. Everyone benefits from the fact that the code is freely available. This means that the Gameboy project can be seen as ready-made code that has been subjected to an artistic invasion.We are happy about all the people who change it somehow - as long as they make it available to the community again. DEBUG: They say yes: information wants to be free. But artists, musicians and developers want to eat. How should the next generation of creative people pay for their food? RECONNOITRE: It's hard for filmmakers, musicians and painters. And it will be even harder. Inevitably, people find their own way of doing what they do, but very few artists can actually make a living from their work. The new generation of artists who can program are in the unique position that their skills are applicable in jobs and very lucrative. So you really shouldn't have any trouble finding something to live on. For everyone else, I'm afraid it will remain the old story of struggle and generally poorly paid jobs. How good that we can program. DEBUG: Do you have any advice for all of the would-be programmers? RECONNOITRE: Don't disappear into the black hole of programming! Read a lot! Go to exhibitions! Do sport! And don't forget to go out and meet your friends!

9 <9> - DE: BUG expressive dance TANZ DEN MESINNUNGSAUSSATZ Blanca Li's electronic dance project Borderline / Grenzzüge with music by Matthew Herbert Borderline / Grenzzüge is the second work by hip choreographer Blanca Li at the Komische Oper in Berlin. And as hip as she is, she has chosen Matthew Herbert Herbert as a composer to musically accompany her fun social criticism at the hip 12th grade level. TEXT: ARAM LINTZEL Crossing the border, Li's first production at the Komische Oper was just a slip-up: The dream of the Minotaur appeared as a cheesy, pompous humoresque, working with cheap symbols, in a Pierre & Gilles aesthetic. However: in a democracy everyone apart from Jürgen Möllemann deserves a second chance. Especially since - that was well paid attention in the social studies class, congratulations! 160 CLICHES PER MINUTE So in borderline. This clumsy social criticism, which has gotten to the point, is aesthetically implemented here in a sophisticated music video aesthetic. Further performances of Borderline / Grenzgang can be seen on June 30th and July 12th in the Komische Oper / Berlin. You don't have to be a cultural pessimist to find it crushing how the dark sides of the so-called fun society are denounced in borderline. In the middle of Berlin is the Komische Oper, a strange box that until recently many did not really know what was happening there. Then at the beginning of 2002 the choreographer Blanca Li came to the Komische Oper to give it glamor, sex and pop in general. Suddenly the house became better known, both tabloid and feature writers reported extensively on Blanca Li and her daring past as a model roaming the international scene clubs. In addition, the Andalusian choreographer had made a name for herself with some really great music video choreographies for, among others, Blur, Daft Punk, Gorillaz. Blanca Li's hip history and media presence made her choreographies excited. In principle, everything could have turned out very well. THE WORLD IS BAD Perhaps, that's not the only way I talked to myself before visiting the premiere of Borderline / the actually tempting - Matthew Herbert produced the music for the borderline show that started in early June. That sounded good and promising. In order to maintain hope, however, one had to abstract from the Li quotes scattered in advance. It announced a kind of political revue at the 12th grade project days level: wars e.g. are sick, especially if they are financed by our so-called 'civilized' world. What is sick is that our lives are determined by consumption, while on the other side of the world people starve to death ... In addition, there is the phenomenon of loneliness in the big cities, anonymity in our society ... etc. pp. Nothing can be said against that, sometimes it even looks really neat and catchy. But it doesn't really want to work on stage, the international dancers are hardly allowed to use the depth of the space, the choreography remains unplastic and strangely two-dimensional. The same applies to the narrative dramaturgy: Instead of surprises and questioning, one sees human, all-too-human in pi-pa-pop format: people bathing, people eating, people dancing. Knowledge value: no time at all. To make matters worse, it is peppered with an unspeakably clown-like circus humor. You don't have to be a cultural pessimist to find it devastating how the dark sides of the so-called fun society (decadence, individualization in front of the TV, eating disorders, fitness terror, etc.) are visualized and denounced in Borderline . Because what is done on the front stage in clichéd body movements between convulsion and construction is of no significance, video projections with refugee camps, anti-globalization demonstrations and war missions can be seen in the background. The banal message: All of this is also in the world. There is nothing more. BLOODED BODY The decisive weakness of the piece, because it is medium-specific, is the body movements (which should be the most important thing in ballet). Not because of borderline and such: the ballet movements that Li thought up do not go beyond anything, do not even touch any border - on the contrary: the bodies look like stupid cliché bodies; purely illustrative they move to the Herbert beats. Given the funky criticism that Li thinks he is exercising on normality, what is actually terrifying is her empty, hypernormal and affirmative depictions of body, love, sex and interpersonal communication. Blanca Li is rightly booed after the premiere. The question remains: what on earth did Matthew Herbert get into? His subtly noisy House Musique Concrète, which was hard driving in the second part in the radio boy sense, was the only consolation in this harrowing uninspired drama in addition to the sometimes beautiful costumes. Thanks to Isabelle Graw All that remains is the hairstyle NEO.POP PART TWO STREETDAY 1ST JULY DISC A MECHANICAL MIX DISC B MIXED BY GUNJAH INCLUDING TRACKS FROM NORTHERN LITE, FISCHERSPOONER, GOLDEN BOY WITH MISS KITTIN, TOK TOK BR, AND MÄRTIN. CONSUMER INFORMATION BUY THIS MOTIVE UNDER TOURDATES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION UNDER