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Do you think you spared yourself enough during the lockdown and are now going all out? We got you, Hero: We're all hot for training! This is exactly why a little more mindfulness than usual is now required. We have taken additional precautions to protect you from overtraining and provide you with 5 tips so that you can train as effectively as possible while remaining supple, rested and injury-free.



Admittedly: It is not easy to control yourself in order not to start again directly on superhero level. The high pace and heavy dumbbells beckon! We decided to make our workout more moderate for two reasons: On the one hand, the Corona requirements require it. On the other hand, moderate training is ideal to slowly get used to the training load of our Cardio & Strength units. Get on your own Fitness level pick up. We then build up your strength and stamina piece by piece.



Our workout schedule enables you to train theoretically every day - and without risking overtraining. This is ensured by the daily changing focus on the different body parts. Mondays: Arms & Core. Tuesdays: Butt & Legs. Wednesdays: Chest, Back & Core. Thursdays: Butt & Core. Fridays and weekends: full body. In addition, ten Resident Heroes await you for their individually designed workouts. thesis Diversity of focus and style will save you from overloading your body too one-sidedly. Use it!



“Wonder Woman”, “Mighty Hulk” or “Rick’N’Roll”? It does not matter whichshake You choose: They all supply your body with important nutrients that it needs most urgently right after your workout. It contains, among other things, important amino acids, minerals such as potassium and magnesium, good carbohydrates and high-quality proteins. They support the Muscle building, fill the Energy and electrolyte storage your body up again and speed up yours regeneration. Fuel smart, Hero!


Mindfulness is probably the most important approach to avoid overtraining from the outset - also to recognize and cure it in good time. The following 5 recommendations will sensitize you to your body.



Do you come to us on foot or by bike? Then you have made more than just a valuable contribution to Mother Nature: You have got your circulation going, increased your body temperature, warmed up your muscles, made tendons and ligaments supple and that Risk of injury minimized. The residents will target you with you in the first few minutes of your training session Mobilization exercises Prepare for the upcoming sets and stretch with you afterwards.

The speed of execution is not important here: mobilize yourself consciously, cleanly and in a focused manner. Feel into yourself, judge yours Posture, stability and balance out. If you get back on your bike after your workout, jog or walk home, that's it Cool down Perfect. Take the time at home to stretch and pause for a few moments to top off your workout. You help your body to remove waste products, to optimally supply your muscles and tendons with nutrients and to regenerate faster.


No question about it: the aim of our workout is that you gradually increase your performance. The following applies: Don't force it. You can start right away in high pace and with heavy weights and, if your body gives you the signal to do so, at any time Pace and weight vary. Our residents always offer you different ones Levels and also modified sets. For example, you cannot find the right alignment for lung jumps? Feel that you are touching the wrong foot or are out of balance? Use your common sense, hero: In such moments, for example, find the right alignment with properly executed lungs and come back to the lung jumps in a controlled manner.


Attention to detail, Hero: You can not only achieve progression with faster and faster sprints and heavier dumbbells. progression also means to keep working on your technique and to carry out the sets cleanly, consciously and purposefully. If your technique is correct, on the one hand you will be able to control and fix muscle parts that are Training stimulus put exactly where it belongs. This is how you train as efficiently as possible! The right technique will save you from falling into bad posture or putting too much strain on yourself, which can often have painful consequences. Listen carefully to the residents and watch what they say. Use our mirrors as an alternative by standing up parallel to them and correcting your posture - for example in dead rows.


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The formula is simple: no recovery without recovery Increase in performance. The more you challenge your body, the more Regeneration phases he will need. If you ignore this fact and continue to train despite the pain, you disturb it Super compensation cycle your body, so important Healing processes and your Muscle growth. Your progress and Level of performance will stagnate - in the long run you will miss your training goal. What's more, you risk serious injuries that will force you to pause longer. You don’t want that. Stick to a smart recovery plan - consisting of enough breaks between the individual workouts, enough sleep, a mobility routine and a balanced diet.


During intense sporting activities, it makes sense to eat a low-acid diet. The more alkaline foods you have on your nutrition plan, the more you support your body in regeneration and increasing performance. If you reduce the consumption of alcohol, meat, industrial sugar, wheat flour and dairy products, you will relieve your body immensely. Selected vegetables provide your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals - as well as vegetable protein. Water accelerates the healing processes in the muscle-fascia tissue and complex carbohydrates replenish your glycogen stores.

We are passionate about delicious, sports science cuisine! On the subject of nutrition, we therefore regularly supply you on Instagram and our blog with expert advice, diets and numerous recipes. Get inspired!