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5 Best Free Web Hosting Services: They Are Good By 2021

If you are looking for free web hosting, you have to be careful. Some of them fill your sites with ads and they look cheap because of that. Others have limited memory or overall poor performance. You definitely want to avoid that your website is often inaccessible due to failures.

Some free web hosting providers also try to keep costs down and therefore the security is not always up to date. The servers may be bad or the software used may be out of date. In the end, you need to know which ones you can really trust.

That's why you have to do your own research. Our experts have tested several dozen free web hosting solutions and present you with a list of trustworthy providers.

What to look for in the best free web hosting solutions

In our test of the free web hosting solutions, we paid attention to the following points:

  • 100% ad-free hosting. Even if you don't have a budget for premium hosting, you need a website that doesn't look cheap and is littered with advertisements.
  • Enough storage and bandwidth for a simple website. You definitely need enough storage and your website shouldn't down because of insufficient bandwidth.
  • Installation of WordPress and other CMS software. Simple website builders work well for some purposes, but you might need more. Your free web host must offer easy installation options for advanced applications - especially for WordPress.
  • Simple administration interfaces. If you want a hosting solution that allows you to easily manage your files and other aspects of your web hosting package, it is best to use a control center such as cPanel.

1. InterServer - hosting where the price stays the same

If you need unlimited SSD storage, InterServer is an excellent choice. The company sometimes also offers the best security functions to protect your website from harmful data traffic and hacking attempts 24/7.

But it gets even better. If you have a website that is infected with malware, InterServer cleans your website files before they are moved to its own servers. Most hosting providers charge money to clean up compromised websites. With InterServer, however, Inter-Insurance is included free of charge. You can read why users value the company so much.

Not free, but unlike most hosting providers

InterServer is not free of charge, but it has a decisive advantage. Most hosters lure you in with low monthly hosting costs. But if an extension is pending, then the prices suddenly rise sharply. InterServer has a price guarantee. This means that the prices will stay the same if you renew your current package. So you always know in advance what to pay for.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can register with InterServer completely risk-free. You can choose whether you want to pay monthly, every six months, annually, every two years or every three years.

What do you get when you host InterServer?

A lot! For a cheap hosting provider, InterServer offers a lot of impressive features. These include:

  • Unlimited fast SSD storage
  • Over 450 one-click apps
  • Free SitePage website builder
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Intershield security - including virus scanner, a machine-learning firewall and its own malware database
  • Inter-proxy caching and Cloudflare - this has a positive effect on speed and security
  • Inter-Insurance - removes malware and restores your website
  • Price guarantee
  • Free moving service
  • Weekly backups
  • Automatic updates for WordPress
  • Free SSL certificates

2. Wix - best website builder with free hosting

Wix is ​​our first choice if you're looking for an easy way to host your website. You don't have to worry about SSL certificates or puzzling over how to install WordPress. It's incredibly beginner-friendly and offers hundreds of templates for you to choose from.

The whole thing becomes even easier because the Wix interface is available in German. That's why configuring your website is a breeze.

Using Wix's fully customizable drag and drop editor, you can create a website in under an hour.