Why do people use emojis so often

People who use emojis more often have more sex

For some they are the downfall of the cultural technique of writing, for others they are simply a means to an end to communicate more effectively on the Internet: Emojis divide spirits. Two current studies now establish an interesting connection between the use of the colorful pictures and interpersonal relationships. In short: if you use emojis more often, you have more sex.

Two studies with a total of 5,600 singles

The researchers from the Kinsey Institute of the University of Indiana and the Department of Psychology and the Department of Gender Studies at Lake Forest College in Chicago surveyed a total of around 5,600 US singles in two studies. A study examined how emojis and emoticons are used in communication with potential partners, the motives behind them and whether there is a connection with the frequency of dates and sex. The second study looked at whether frequent use of emojis led to more sexual encounters.

For this purpose, the participants were asked how many first dates they had in the past year, how often they had sex and how often they had further dates with the same person. The use of emojis with these dates was also asked.

Better expression

The first study found that 30 percent of the more than 5,300 singles surveyed regularly used emojis in their communication with dates. The reason given was that the images offer a better way of expressing yourself than purely text-based messages. In this survey, emoji use was also associated with more first dates and more sex. The second study with 275 participants found that the frequency of emoji use among these study participants did not correlate with the number of first dates in the last year. However, there was a relationship between follow-up dates and sex with a person. Specifically, those people who used more emojis after a first date were more likely to have sex with that person, and the dates were more likely to lead to steady relationships.

According to the study authors, examining emoji usage can provide more socio-psychological insights into the digital world. More and more people are looking for partners online and therefore communicate with one another via the network. Purely text-based conversations are difficult due to the lack of facial expressions and gestures. Emojis help express affection and emotions and build intimate relationships faster. (red, 8/20/2019)