MIT Pune is an autonomous college

The top 10 engineering colleges in Pune

Pune is the preferred study destination for any aspiring engineering student due to the availability of reputable technical colleges. If you are also planning to study engineering, the list below is shows the top 10 best engineering colleges in Pune.

Pune is considered an important city in India which is known as an important educational and it's hub in India. With the increasing number of colleges in Pune, it seems that the city is gearing up to make quality education easily available to most of the people. Students, mostly from northern India, came to the city in search of better educational institutions.

Pune has tried many cities to make the best educational boom in India its own identity. The colleges in the city already offer quality education to students who want to become good engineers and build excellent careers in the field of engineering.

Pune is a popular city that is often related to education. The reason is numerous top notch educational institutions conveying administration, medical and engineering training are located here.

Pune has several technical colleges, indulged in quality-oriented technical education. A comprehensive list of the top universities has been presented here. The aim is to make the students aware of the current image and to help them choose the best college for themselves. The presence of companies that recruit students from the colleges, the placement ration in the colleges is comparatively high.

Some of the top technical colleges in India are in Pune:

10th Army Institute of Technology (AIT):

The Army Institute of Technology offers engineering course only to those who each parent has served in the Indian Army. The college offers admissions through AIEEE.

(9) DY Patil College of Engineering:

This school is located in Akurdi and has a large campus spread over 50 hectares. Different currents of mechanical engineering such as measurement and production technology are offered in the university. The college offers decent placement assistance. Many top universities can be found on the university campus offering internships.

(8) Pune Vidyarthi Griha College of Engineering and Technology:

Founded in 1985, the college was established to provide high quality technical education to financially disadvantaged students that deserves to be educated. Bachelor engineering degrees are offered in streams such as electronics and telecommunications, IT, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. It is the only college in Maharashtra that offers a degree in printing engineering.

7. AISSMS College of Engineering (AISSMSCOE):

All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society College of Engineering has the advantage of the location in Pune. It offers engineering courses in eight streams and organizes several events at the national level.

(6) Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering:

The college is part of the STES (Sinhgad Technical Education Society) and is known for strict discipline and participation. The placement scenario in the college is top notch and the student score is brilliant.

5. Vishwakarma Institute of Technology:

VIT is another autonomous college in Pune affiliated with Anna University. It was granted autonomous status in 2008. Engineering disciplines offered at the university are electronics, computers, civil, mechanical engineering and their derivatives.

(4) Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT):

Founded in 1983, MIT boasts a sprawling 17-acre campus. The college was also granted autonomous college status. The college gives admission to the students to secure the top positions in the MHT-MEZ and AIEEE. Top employers from India and the world like Wipro, Microsoft and Nvidia visit the college campuses.

(3) Pune Institute for Computer Technology:

PICT is a private engineering school and is known for its computer science department. It was the first private college to introduce computer science in the state of Maharashtra. Various multinational companies visit the campus to offer internships.

(2) College of Engineering Pune:

Abbreviated as COEP, this college is famous in Pune and around the country. It is an autonomous institution affiliated with Pune University. The college was founded in 1854 and is one of the oldest universities in Asia. The college offers different streams of technology.

1. Sinhgad College of Engineering:

The college is named after the famous fortress and Sinhgad Technical Education Society is affiliated. The students here get global exposure to how society multiply worldwide. The college's civil engineering department is well known and has 11 laboratories.

Pune is celebrated as the hub of technical education as many multinational companies and Indian corporations as possible have offices in Pune. The city also offers various facilities that enable students from all over India to pursue engineering from the prestigious Colleges of Pune.

Bio author: The author is a qualified computer engineer working with a telecommunications company. He loves to blog about technical education and dealing with niches.

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