Will the US support the impeachment of Dilmas?

Dilma Rousseff's last rebellion before impeachment proceedings

In the letter that Dilma Rousseff read to journalists in Brasilia, the suspended president wrote that she would support a referendum for early elections should she be acquitted by the Senate. She also advocated electoral reform to "deeply change" the system that most Brazilians believe is rotten.

So Rousseff struck softer tones. "I listened to my government's criticism of the mistakes I made," said the politician. She accepted this criticism with "humility and determination". This is the only way to look ahead again. In view of the "irrefutable evidence", the Senate had to acknowledge that she had not committed a crime that justified her impeachment.

"Covert Coup"

The Brazilian president was removed from office by parliament for an initial 180 days at the beginning of May. The politician of the left-wing Workers' Party (PT) is accused of spending money without the approval of Congress and tweaking budget figures to improve her opportunities ahead of the 2014 presidential election. Rousseff himself sees the impeachment process as a covered coup by the conservatives in parliament.

After the end of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, their trial begins before a formal tribunal of the Senate, which could end with the final removal of Rousseff. The vote in the Senate will then take place in September, which requires a two-thirds majority.

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