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Speed ​​limit 130 would reduce the number of road deaths by 20 percent


With an appearance before the federal press conference in Berlin, the GdP state district of North Rhine-Westphalia, together with the Verkehrsunfall-Opferhilfe Deutschland, the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) and several environmental associations, launched a broad alliance for a general speed limit on motorways and country roads. While the environmental associations are primarily relying on the fact that a general speed limit can significantly reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic, the GdP focuses on reducing the number of road traffic casualties. With a general speed limit of 130 km / h on the motorways, there would be at least 20 percent fewer deaths and serious injuries.

"The police union is expressly committed to Vision Zero," said GdP state chairman Michael Mertens before the federal press conference. “Our goal is that nobody has to die on our streets anymore. That is why we have been calling for a speed limit of 130 km / h on motorways for years. It does not matter whether a speed limit is specifically 130 km / h or less. It is crucial that each limit stands for fewer accidents. "

A look at the current traffic accident trend shows how great the pressure to act is. Despite increasingly safer vehicles, the number of deaths and serious injuries on the motorways has increased by over 20 percent over the past ten years - from 4,896 (2008) to 5,904 (2018). The fact that we are not making any progress in road safety on the motorways is due in large part to the fact that Germany is the only EU state without a general speed limit on the motorways. While more than three people die per 100 km of motorway in our country every year, in other EU countries (e.g. the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria) it is less than 1.5 deaths per 100 km of motorway.

Before the federal press conference in Berlin, the GdP state chairman also reminded that the autobahn is the place of work for many police officers, but also for many construction workers and road maintenance workers. "A speed limit would also help them because it makes their workplace safer and less dangerous," said Mertens.