How much money does IMVU

IMVU - virtual world 3D, chats and parties

Take part in the world's largest community experience with IMVU! Download the app and create your very own personal avatar, make new friends, take part in virtual parties and experience a whole world in 3D!

How about meeting people all over the world to celebrate, host an event, take part in a virtual chat with friends, or go to a virile meeting? Create avatars and join millions of people in a completely free virtual game!

IMVU is more than a life simulator. IMVU is virtual life in a 3D world with an avatar that you create according to your style!

You can create 3D avatars, create your own animated emoji, and send funny posts in chat rooms. Your dream life awaits you at IMVU!



Go on a virtual date. You can meet new friends from all over the world. A whole virtual reality awaits you in the metaverse of the IMVU.



Create your dummy version! You can create personalized avatars to make friends and have fun playing our virtual game. Buy as much as you want and dress your avatar according to your style!



Take your friendships to a new level in our life simulator. Talk to friends and use your personal animated WithMoji. Have fun with the online parlor game and interpret the role you want to play in your virtual life.



Chat with friends from all over the world! Meet new people from near and far. The 3D chat offers you comprehensive conversations that are more than instant messages.



The virtual chat offers a range of emojis and functions and gives your 3D avatar 3D life in the virtual chat room. Your virtual life awaits you at IMVU, have fun with this incredible 3D game with a personalized avatar!



To host a live room, you need a hosting subscription. Then you have your own public space for millions of users. Throw a big party and share your fun with others in our virtual game!

You can find the requirements and conditions here:

• Payment is made via your Google Play account when you confirm your purchase.
• Your subscription will automatically renew every month 24 hours before the subscription period expires.
• Your Google Play account will be charged to your credit card unless auto-renewal is canceled at least 24 hours before your subscription expires.
• The automatic renewal can be canceled at any time via the Google Play account.
• The audition part that may be offered free of charge and not used expires if the user purchases a subscription to the respective publication.

The respective prices for renewal are:

• Monthly subscription of 1 Live Room token, host emblem and 2000 credits at US $ 4.99
• Monthly subscription of 2 live room tokens, host emblem and 2600 credits at US $ 7.99
• Monthly subscription of 3 live room tokens, host emblem and 3600 credits at US $ 9.99

For chat rooms with 3D Avatar on older devices, follow the steps below.
• Call up the main menu in the upper left corner
• Call up graphic options
• Call up "3D Total"

Then you can experience in your favorite chat room and the life simulator in 3D!