How can I sexually annoy my teacher

Taboo subject: what to do when you are in love with your own teacher

The thought of him wakes the butterflies in her stomach and makes getting up seem half as bad. She hurries. The first lesson is particularly important to her. Because there she has literature and theater. At him. The sight of him and his voice make her daydream. Elif * is a little in love - with her teacher. Nobody should know. Because that would not only burden the student, but also her 'favorite teacher'. Elif can only imagine the whispering behind her back and the disapproving looks in the playground. But he, too, could quickly get into trouble from above, even if he is not interested in her beyond the professional level.

Pupils as "protected subjects" of their teachers

Sexual acts with “wards” under the age of eighteen are prohibited under Section 174 of the Criminal Code. The wards - the pupils - are subordinate to their teachers for upbringing or training and are therefore dependent on them. In order not to exploit this addiction, sexual acts are prohibited. Maren * is also in love with a teacher. But unlike Elif and many other students, she lives out her 'dream' because her feelings are reciprocated. She and Thomas * met during the summer holidays at the local gymnastics club and have been together for almost a year. He is a PE teacher and applied for a transfer for Maren when it became clear that he should come to her school for the coming school year. Their relationship is therefore not a problem. Though Thomas is a teacher, but not hers and therefore Maren is not his protector and is not dependent on him in any way relevant to grades. With Elif, on the other hand, her teacher's career could be at stake. Warnings, his release and even a prison sentence of up to five years could be the result of a love affair.

Teacher married to former student

Despite these dangers, relationships between students and teachers do actually take place. Mostly in secret so as not to endanger anyone - until the student in question leaves school. Sometimes, however, such partnerships also reach the public as minor scandals. As in the case of Hans B. and his then 15-year-old student in Bavaria. When the romance was exposed, Mr. B. was suspended from duty. Today he is married to his now 21-year-old ex-student and convened an appeal against the verdict in March.

Talking to others helps

Elif's crush, on the other hand, seems hopeless. In a special internet forum, she cries herself out and is comforted with girls who are similar. It is important to her to be anonymous here. You can also count on being understood. She doesn't have to reckon with sayings like: "Just forget him!" Or "Hey, he's really old, you're not normal." If you feel the same way as Elif, you can of course also confide in good friends. It mostly helps to talk to someone about the situation and hear what the other thinks about it. If you do not want to tell friends or your parents about the forbidden crush, you can also use the offer "number against grief". You are anonymous on the phone and can talk to the advisors on the other end of the line about your problem. The consultants must have listened to many people with similar concerns and are so good at giving tips on how best to deal with the situation.* The names were changed at the request of the editors.

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