Why do people eat fish

Where does the Fish Friday ritual actually come from?

Nutritionists recommend eating fish dishes once or twice a week. One portion should consist of 150 to 200 g of fish fillet. The healthy food strengthens the heart, brain and immune defense. But is that the reason why fish are served on Fridays in many canteens? Where does the fish Friday come from? What is behind the Friday eating tradition that our grandparents gave us to take with us? Here are the answers to all of these questions.

Whether a healthy diet or nostalgic childhood memories of cherished traditions - both are good reasons for a delicious fish meal. But the fish Friday has completely different roots. The meaning has religious origins. So the fish was and is a symbol for the early Christians. If you take the first letters of the Christian creed, the result is the Greek word for fish: "Ichtys". The early Christians painted a fish on the doorstep to show other Christians that they are welcome here. In the course of time, another meaning came into play: In the Christian tradition, every Friday is a day of remembrance of Good Friday, the anniversary of Jesus' death. In memory of this, the Catholics in particular fast on Fridays. In Christianity, fasting is defined as not to eat meat. This is based on the opinion at the time that only the meat of warm-blooded animals was considered "meat". And so Friday became fish day everywhere in the Christian regions. This tradition has been preserved over time and will probably also be with us on Friday for the next time.

While our grandparents still remember these roots, the term “Fish Friday” is enjoying new popularity today - even without religious reference. If you go to a restaurant on Fridays, you will mostly discover fish on the menu of the day. The influence of Mediterranean and French culinary art can also be felt here. For some time now, fish has also been very highly regarded by nutritionists. This makes the fish Friday a tradition again in modern times. Traditional German cuisine with, for example, “Fischfilet Müllerin Art” is on the rise again. Fish is particularly present in canteens on Fridays and makes a good contribution to conscious nutrition.

Of course, many varieties of fish also taste excellent on any other day. But eating rituals are cherished occasions that we all enjoy and remember. Fish Friday is also the perfect way to start the weekend with a nice event. Further information or recipes for all things fish Friday can be found in our collection on Fish Friday.