What is French Banana and Tartines Beurrees

Paris: the café revolution

Liveried waiters, woven chairs and small round tables on the terrace, a large zinc counter for the quick black man standing up: this is how the Parisian coffee house culture became as it is in the Café du Dôme from Montparnasse or the Café de Flore of Saint-Germain world famous.

But now is the Anglo-Saxon coffee culture also arrived in France's capital. With flat white, mocchacino and other creations that match the grand crème other petit noir Compete.

Boutique café instead of chain

Forget the chains like Starbucks. Instead, he discovers pioneers like Nicolas Clerc, the owner of the Télescope Caféwho gets his beans from Africa, Nicaragua and Central America and roasts them himself.

The landmark of his trendy little café in 5, rue Villedo (1st arr.) In a yellow transport bike that is on the sidewalk. Nicolas banished croissants and cheese plates to nirvana, he's got a caffeine kick banana bread other chocolate chip cookies.

Chic and clean in white

It presents itself as Café 2.0 Coutume in the 47, rue de Babylone (7th arr.), where the mostly young audience stares and types at the iPad while sipping latte ... Watching people and street life, this old Parisian popular sport is minimalist clean in concrete in the one by CUT architectures and white-styled restaurant.

It is also a nil for everyone who is one tartine beurrée or want to enjoy a baguette. You can use gourmet sandwiches or instead Scones order with homemade jam.

And there is one for the youngsters Babyccino, Milk with plenty of foam, in the cup. The brown beans are roasted here by none other than Antoine Netien, Meilleur Torréfacteur de France 2011.

Very stylish bean

Very British with scones, sausage rolls and hearty sandwiches and yet enchantingly French is the little one Café Ten Belles by Thomas Lehoux near the Canal Saint-Martin. (10, rue de la Grange aux Belles (10th arr.).

The Broken Arm(12, rue Perrée, 3rd arr.) Is a small café with an elegant boutique: minimalist fashion for real fashionistas. Loustic (40, rue Chapon) serves the caffeine kick as a Grand Crus experience - with Honduras Nacimineto, Kenya Kapsokisio, Kenya Mutheka, Honduras Caballero or Colombia Finca Tamana.

The small coffee roasteryCafé Lomi (3 ter, rue Marcadet) not only trains barristas, but also dares unusual creations. This is delicious, even if it doesn't sound like it café fromage.

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